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Geared to the Times, Anchored to the Rock!

No pen and paper? Use your hand to share the Good News

Step 1 – Thumbs Up : Good!


A good way to begin by saying God is good. He is perfect and He wants what’s best for us.

Step 2 – Pointer : You’ve done wrong!


We have sinned against God by wanting our own way, not God’s way even though He made us and wants the best for us.

Step 3 – Tall Man : Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ stands tall above all men. Jesus never sinned. Yet He died on the cross for our sin so we stand faultless once again before God.

Step 4 – Ring Finger : For wedding ring


A symbol of love when a couple marries. Every sinner can be brought back to a new relationship with God when he gives his life over to Him.

Step 5 – Last Finger : Farthest from thumb


When we want nothing to do with God and we reject what Jesus Christ has done for us, the distance betwen us and God remains forever.

:: Designed by OAC, reproduced with permission from Singapore Youth For Christ. ::