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Geared to the Times, Anchored to the Rock!

Use this story to introduce the Gospel

Step 1

Outline a story about Bill, a guy who left school early and struggled to get a job until one day he had an interview for a job in a warehouse as a storeman.

To get the job, he had to pass the test on below. He had to complete the 9x table and divide the box into four triangles.


Step 2

Bill wasn’t too bright at maths but he could answer 9×1 and so he wrote 9. the rest was beyond Bill so to fill in time he thought he would add up all the problems. He counted down the page and counted 8 problems.

To make sure, he counted back up in the page and counted 8 which was correct (see diagram)


Step 3

Finally, he had the box to divide. Remembering that at school he always got a cross when his answers were wrong he saved the employer the trouble and put a cross through the box for him. ( Thus dividing it into 4 triangles )


Step 4

Explain that in life there are some things too important to leave to chance. So it is with God. We can not enter into heaven by chance. We enter into heaven by choice!