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Prayer Digest: September 2021

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for September 2021. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Kok Siang: Please pray for my parents who live in Penang and my brother who works in Johor. Thank God that they have received the second dose of their respective Covid-19 vaccines. Pray that God will continue keeping them safe from the virus.
02Jia Jun: Please pray for my spiritual life, asking God to help me persist in reading the Bible and praying every day as I serve and rely on the Lord.
03Mei Yann: Please pray for Christian students. Recent exams have been held online, so they might be tempted to cheat. Pray that God will give them a holy and firm heart and not fall into temptation.
04Liew Ting (Johor Volunteer): Please pray for me as I begin class on September 6th, asking God to help me to adapt to college life and at the same time continue to maintain a relationship with God even when I am busy.
05May Kuan: Please pray for the volunteer Hui Xi, thanking God that she gave birth to her baby, Rong En, safely. May God help her and her husband, Yao Zu, adjust to new daily routines as they care for their child. I also pray that God will give them wisdom to raise godly children.
06Sy Wei: Thank God, the two non-believing junior college students I am following up have completed the "Discovery Journey" material and decided to believe in the Lord. Cai Liang converted on Aug 13, Anny on Aug 16. Please pray for them as I encourage them to study the Gospel of Mark together to help them know more about Jesus Christ.
07Bee Bee: Please pray for volunteer, Shi Ying, who will start college in September. He is afraid of the new environment and pressure. Pray for God to help him adapt to college life, that he can rely on God and continue to have a close relationship with God.
08Nyet Lee: Thank God for the opportunity to study the "Discovery Journey" material with a student of Word Place. Please pray for Elaine (Form 1) and ask God to help me to mentor her. She has poor internet connectivity, so please pray for God’s mercy so that our time together can still be fruitful.
09Siew Nyok: Pray for God to protect the work of Volunteer Wei Xian in the National Civil Defence Forces of Malaysia. Because of the epidemic, he frequently goes to hospitals to help with their Covid-19 response. Pray that God will keep him and his teammates healthy and safe.
10Yi Tian (Johor Volunteer): Please pray that I can work well with my new boss. I also hope that I can manage my time such that work doesn’t consume me.
11Jia Yun: Please pray for my uncle, thanking God that he is well taken care of in a center of Malacca. He misses his family and wants to go home, so pray that as family members, we will contact him frequently and comfort him when he feels lonely.
12May Kuan: Please pray for Zhi Wei, a volunteer from Kuala Lumpur, who has already started his university degree. She is busy writing essays and preparing for exams. She is worried that her poor command of English will affect her studies. Pray that God will help her overcome this obstacle as she works hard to complete all essays and exams.
13Yick Ken: Please pray for me as I decided to take steps in growing spiritually. Pray for God to lead me to study His Word well and grow in my knowledge and love for Christ and his gospel.
14Bee Bee: Please pray for Shi Ting, a Christian student I just met. We area studying the “Basic Christian Living" material together to help her understand her belief. Pray that she will hunger for God's Word.
15Pray that God will give Malaysia Youth For Christ a close partnership with the local church, share resources with each other and cultivate a new generation of youth evangelists. We want to lead more young people to accept the Lord Jesus as the Savior and Lord of their lives.
16Nyet Lee: Please pray for the non-believing students I’m following up and building friendships with. They are Arron, Ker Wei and Zi Yang. I have known them for half a year. Pray that God will give me the opportunity to share the gospel with them.
17Wei Hung: Please pray for Cheng Lin and Jian Wei as I mentor them. I hope to help them learn about Jesus Christ and the way to study the Bible through studying the Gospel of Mark together. Ask God to help our Bible study group, Kok Siang, Cheng Lin, Jian Wei and I, that we will not merely understand the Bible, but also apply it in our lives.
18Wee Shyan: I plan to spread the gospel to Guan Yu, my neighbour's son who is 14 years old. Sadly, his parents have never come back home since the MCO last year because they work in Singapore. Pray that God will open the door for me to preach to him, and the Holy Spirit will motivate him to listen to the gospel.
19May Kuan: Please pray for me to lead group devotions with Zhi Qing, Kai Yi, Kai Ying and Zhi Wei. I plan to train them to lead their own groups in the future. Unfortunately, Zhi Wei is less involved because of her studies. Pray for God to help us have a close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in spiritual maturity.
20Kai Xin (Johor Volunteer): Please pray for my family’s health. My father now works and interacts with people outside every day, which is risky. Pray for God to watch over my father’s working environment and protect him from the virus.
21Jia Jun: Please pray for my grandfather’s health, which has recently deteriorated. His cancer is causing his whole body to ache. Ask God for mercy so that my grandfather can have some respite from the pain. Please pray for my second aunt who is taking care of him. She is under a lot of pressure in her heart and pray for God's comfort. My second aunt has not yet believed in the Lord, pray also that she can come to know Jesus Christ.
22Jing Yu (Johor Volunteer): Pray that God will help me treat my family with patience and love. We’re at home most of the time and tensions may rise. Pray that my conduct will honour God and reflect my hope in Him.
23Thank God, we have a group of ministry volunteers who are teachers. Please pray for them as they educate their students and serve God in the new normal. May God increase their strength to face different changes.
24Liew Ting (Johor Volunteer): Please pray for the new believer, Yu Xuan. Thank God, Yu Xuan is willing to become a Christian and has a heart eager for God's words. May God give Jia Yun and me wisdom to lead Yu Xuan to know God and love Him more.
25Jia Yun: Please pray for my online Bible studies with Christians, Yi Le and Wai En. Thank God for their spiritual growth, and please pray that they will continue to yearn for God's Word, and that I will diligently walk with them.
26Kok Siang: Please pray for the physical and mental health of my wife and me. We work from home and help our children with their online lessons. It has been exhausting. Pray for God to help us manage our time wisely so that we can finish our work and have enough rest.
27Yick Ken: I am currently working towards losing weight, and I have started to exercise regularly. This is not an easy task for me, because I know that I am a lazy and lack self-discipline. Pray that I can discipline myself and not give myself excuses as I focus on my health.
28Siew Nyok: Pray that God will give YFC staff and ministry leaders wisdom to lead ministry volunteers and students, that we will faithfully teach them about the person, work, and teachings of Jesus Christ. May we unite in seeking to grow the work of the gospel.
29Mei Yann: Please pray for Cai Xin, a YFC volunteer. She got into the government's matriculation program, so she feels both happy yet anxious. Ask God to help her face this pressure, that she can arrange time to take care of her church’s youth fellowship and her own schoolwork.
30Pray that God will give us new full-time staff who share our burden and conviction for youth evangelism. May God prepare Christians who are willing to participate in the Great Commission entrusted by the Lord Jesus.