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Prayer Digest: June 2021

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for June 2021. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Bee Bee: Please pray for my health. My spine hurts and the pain comes, regardless if I’m sitting or lying down. Ask God to heal me.
02Wee Shyan: I will teach Project Serve 2 students the "Magic Arrow" creative evangelism technique on June 4. Pray for God to help me be fully prepared as I practice my presentation, especially since it’s online.
03Nyet Lee: Please pray for my eldest brother-in-law. Recently he had cataract operations in both eyes. Ask God to help him recover quickly.
04May Kuan and Yick Ken: Please pray for the "Escape Plan R" event we’re running in our church’s youth fellowship tomorrow. Pray that the game host can clearly lead the game to facilitate relationship building between team members and facilitate evangelism. Also pray that God will move the hearts of unbelievers to be willing to listen to the gospel.
05Hui Hie (Malacca Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for my brother in Korea and that the epidemic situations in both Korea and Malaysia can be contained so that he can come back to Malaysia for a heart medical check-up. Pray that he will seek God in these troubling times.
06Kok Siang: Please pray for me and my wife Pui Pui. Our home is in Selangor, and the current epidemic situation here is quite serious. Pray that the Lord will keep us safe, and that he will help us be cautious.
07Mei Yann: Please pray for my uncle. He hurt his spine because of work and is frequently in pain. He is taking both western and traditional Chinese medicine to alleviate the pain as he recovers. Pray that God will heal him, and that he will be careful about his diet.
08Wee Shyan: Please pray for our volunteer, Olivia. She entered Singapore last month, where she is pursuing a postgraduate diploma. Pray for God to help her adapt to her new environment, and for wisdom and good health to learn.
09Jia Jun: Please pray for my grandfather. He has not been out of the house for a long time because of MCO. He often feels bored and sad at home. Pray that our family can spend more time with him, and pray that the Lord will give him joy in his heart.
10Wei Hung (KL Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for me to be able to be disciplined in reading the scriptures and in spending time with my family. Pray for me to manage my time well.
11Nyet Lee: Please pray for En Ting, a new believer I am following up. After school starts, her time will be busy and it will be difficult for us to arrange Bible study or do devotion together. Ask God to help me know how to continue discipling her despite these challenges.
12Jing Yee (JB Volunteer): Please pray for my internship, and ask the Lord to lead me to study and grow during this period. Please also pray for my father's health, and ask the Lord to protect him after going through medical treatment.
13Hui Hie (Malacca Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for my non-believers friends, especially Youliang. Pray that God will work in their hearts so that they participate in our online evangelism activities. May God open their hearts to listen to His gospel.
14Siew Nyok: Thank the Lord for leading the 6 ministries students who are participating in our three-month "Project Serve 2" training. I am grateful to see that the staff and volunteers are very careful and conscientious to teach and equip students with the Bible. At the same time, I also see that students are eager to learn. Pray for God to help these students practice the "5G disciple life" – that is, to grow in the Bible, evangelism, fellowship, mission, and service.
15Siew Ling (KL Volunteer): Please pray for me as I lead the missionary work at my local church. Pray for the Lord to give me wisdom to encourage Christians to value evangelism and be willing to spread the gospel to non-Christians. In addition, I also ask the Lord to give my family and I good health and protection from diseases.
16Jia Yun: Please pray for the personal evangelism campaign that will begin on June 18, and ask God to help the evangelism group mobilize Christians to spread the gospel within one month.
17Kok Siang: We will conduct "Seowlympic" online evangelistic event from June 18 to July 16. Pray for the Lord to watch over these events so that more non-Christians can participate in our program, and so that they can have the opportunity to hear the gospel.
18Bee Bee: Please pray for the volunteer Bible study groups we run, asking God to lead volunteers to allocate time to participate in these studies that they may learn and grow together.
19Siew Nyok: Thank the Lord that nearly 100 Christian volunteers and students are participating in our one-month (June 18 - July 16) online evangelism event - Seowlympic. Pray for the Lord to lead and help staff, volunteers and students to actively invite non-Christian friends to join these evangelistic events. Our goal is that every Christian has the opportunity to share the gospel with non-Christians.
20Mei Yann: Please pray for Cai Jun, she has recently felt discomfort in her eyes. She visited a doctor, who diagnosed that intraocular pressure was too high, and it is necessary for her to rest her eyes and not look at electronic screens for too long. Ask God to heal her eyes and that she will take good care of them.
21Jia Yun: Please pray for the Christians I'm following up - Yile and Wei En, we are now starting a new Bible study material - Sermon on the Mount. Pray that God will lead them both to continue to be committed and to study God's Word carefully.
22Liew Ting (JB Volunteer): Please pray for the salvation of my parents, asking God to help my sister and I be a good testimony at home and share the gospel with them. Please also pray for me to prepare the homework for the “Introduction of the New Testament” workshop I’m attending. Pray that God will give me the wisdom to research the information I need and that I can communicate well with my group members during our preparation.
23May Kuan: Please pray for our Kuala Lumpur volunteer, Bi Tong. She feels anxious as she prepares for her STPM exam, which has affected her sleep and relationship with those around her. I have advising her to spend time seeking God and to consider meeting a counsellor. Ask God to help her learn to cast her anxieties to God.
24May Kuan: Thank God, our Kuala Lumpur volunteers, Polly and Ethel are willing to commit themselves to taking up more roles in our personal evangelism campaigns. Please pray for them as they get involved, asking God to give them ideas and creativity.
25Li Song (Malacca Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for my relatives and family. Several of my relatives are front-line personnel and often come into contact with confirmed cases. Ask God to protect them from the virus. I also ask God to protect my family members who are living abroad and that they can return home when it’s safer to travel. Please also pray for my health and that I can maintain an active learning attitude during our Project Serve classes.
26Jia Jun: Please pray for Jarren, a student who has just become a Christian (friend of Chelsea), asking God to lead him to a firm and obedient faith in the Lord Jesus. He currently joins the Youth Fellowship in Chelsea’s church. Pray that he can continue to go and meet Christians of his age in church.
27Li Zhi (Malacca Project Serve 2 student): Please pray that God changes me to be become more servant-hearted. I want to serve willingly and diligently, so that I can proactively complete my tasks and commitments on time. Pray also as I am involved in the preparation of an evangelistic program, asking that God will watch over the program from our planning phase until its completion.
28Sy Wei: Please pray for a bible study group I lead. Every week, I will study the Gospel of Mark with Derrick, Ivan, and Yuze. Pray that they can understand God's word and that their lives will be transformed by God's word. Pray also that they can establish an intimate relationship in Christ as they care for and encourage each other.
29Yick Ken: I am currently focused on losing weight, and have started an exercise routine. This is not an easy task for me, because I know that I am a lazy and not self-disciplined in this area. Pray that I will be disciplined in following my regimen and give myself no excuses as I work towards improving my health.
30Siew Nyok: Jesus said that the harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore, I beg the Lord Jesus to send more full-time gospel workers to join YFC as we fulfil our evangelistic mission of reaching more young people who have yet to hear or respond to the gospel of grace.