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Prayer Digest: August 2021

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for August 2021. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Wei Hung (KL Volunteer): Please pray for my ministry in the second half of the year. I will start working as a short-term full-time staff at YFC from August till the end of the year. Pray for God to prepare my heart to serve and give me conviction to preach the gospel and disciple youths.
02Jia Yun: Thank God, Evangelism Without Limits 3.0 has ended. Pray that God will lead the team to walk with the participating Christians as they continue to do the work of evangelism.
03Jia Jun: Please pray for Wei Bin and Xuan You. They are willing to keep in touch with friends and share the gospel to them by sending text messages. Currently Wei Bin wants to reach his friend, Cheng Yu, while Xuan You wants to share the gospel to Yi Yan and Hui Qi. Pray for them to keep in touch with their friends, and for God to strengthen their hearts as they speak about Jesus.
04Wee Shyan: Please pray for my daughters Joyce and Grace as they study at home because of the pandemic. Pray that God will help them be disciplined and focused as they complete their schoolwork.
05May Kuan: Please pray for Polly and Xue Rui. Polly is helping Xue Rui-follow up with her non-believer friend Jia Yue. She is happy to learn about Christ through “Discovery Journey” and often asks questions about the meaning of life. Pray that God will give Polly and Xue Rui wisdom and love to continue answering Jia Yue’s questions. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in Jia Yue 's heart, helping her to know and love Christ.
06Liew Ting (Johor Volunteer): Please pray for me, as I am mentoring a student, Wen Mei. Thank God because she is interested in knowing Jesus Christ, and we are going through the “Discovery Journey” material. Pray that God will work in her heart so that she can understand and respond positively to the Christian faith.
07Nyet Lee: Please pray for Orang Asli students throughout Malaysia. They must take online classes in their dormitories because of the pandemic. Please ask God to give them discipline and diligence to complete their studies and honour their teachers.
08Nyet Lee: Please pray for my family, especially for my sisters, who will go back to their offices to work. May God have mercy on them, keeping them safe and healthy.
09Mei Yann: Please pray for YFC volunteers who are required to be in their respective offices because of the nature of their work. Pray that the Lord to take care of their safety and protect them from viruses.
10Hui Jie (Malacca Volunteer): Please pray for my further studies. After the SPM results were released, I applied for many scholarships. Pray for God to open a way for me and lead me in the road ahead. Pray for wisdom as I go for scholarship exams and interviews.
11Sy Wei: Please pray for Li Bin, a volunteer, and for me as we mentor Anny. Li Bin preached the gospel to her during “Seowlympic.” After hearing the gospel, Anny decided to believe in the Lord, so we started going through “Discovery Journey” to teach her more about Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in Anny's heart to help her understand the truth.
12Liew Ting (Johor Volunteer): Please pray for my life after the Project Serve 2 training, asking God to give me a heart hungry for His words, and that I will persevere in my Bible reading and in growing my spiritual life.
13Li Song (Malacca Volunteer): Pray that I will continue to grow in my knowledge of and love for God. I plan to continue my studies, but I am confused about which field I should enter. I pray that the Lord will guide my path as I seek to honour him in all I do.
14Kok Siang: Please pray for my wife and me as we both work from home. May the Lord give us patience as we disciple and guide our children to know and love Him.
15Wei Hung (KL Volunteer): Please pray for Jeremy, a non-Christian I’m following-up. Ask God to grant me wisdom in leading him through the “Discovery Journey” material.
16Li Zhi (Malacca Volunteer): I thank God for my good grades in the SPM examinations. I am uncertain about what field I should pursue in my further studies. Please pray for me and ask the Lord to guide me to make the right choice.
17Bee Bee: I thank God for Le Er, a Christian student, for her willingness to learn God’s word and her conviction that Christians need to preach the gospel. Recently, she shared the gospel to 4 friends. Although they they didn’t show interest, please pray that God will work in their hearts and that one day they can understand and believe in Jesus.
18May Kuan: Please pray for me as I mentor a volunteer, Huan Xin, who is following up with her non-Christian friend, Jia Wei. She was willing to study the Bible with us online. She chose not to believe in Christ because she was worried about her parents' opposition. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move her to believe in Christ. Also ask God to give Huan Xin and me wisdom and love as we continue this journey with Jia Wei.
19Siew Nyok: Pray for the Lord to give me wisdom to lead the development of the Malacca Ministry. I want to clearly understand God's vision and mission for how this ministry area can grow.
20Yick Ken: Please pray for me as I work from home, asking God to give me self-discipline and that I will actively complete my ministry responsibilities and seek God in my personal time.
21Siew Nyok: Pray for the Lord to give MYFC’s staff and volunteers the wisdom as we develop our ministry and discuss how we might attract non-Christian students to participate in our online activities during this pandemic.
22Bee Bee: Please pray for Qiu Yan, who has been a Christian for a while. Yet she is uncertain about what she believes and does not regularly attend church. Pray that Liew Ting and I will be wise in teaching her God’s word and accompany her to attend church.
23Nyet Lee: Please pray for these Christian students, Yun Xi, Sheng Er, Zhen Hao, Tian Xin and Charis, who are studying the Gospel of Mark. Pray that God will give them eagerness to learn about Him.
24Jia Jun: Please pray for my sister Ru Xin, who has recently started doing her daily devotions in the morning before class. She reads 3 chapters a day according to our youth fellowship's Bible reading plan. Please pray that she will be consistent and eager in her Bible reading, and that God will grant her understanding.
25Li Zhi (Malacca Volunteer): Thank the Lord that I had the opportunity to share the gospel with my good friends. Nevertheless, they weren’t interested in following Jesus Christ. I am sad, so please ask pray that I won’t be discouraged, but that I will rely on the Lord to care for my friends and be faithful and patient as I continue to speak to them about Jesus.
26Yick Ken: Thank God, my parents, brothers and I have all been fully vaccinated. But I am still worried about my family’s health because they need to work outside the house every day. Please pray for my family, asking God to keep them safe from the virus.
27Jia Yun: Thank God that my parents are fully vaccinated and please pray that God will continue to watch over them, especially my father.
28Nyet Lee: Please pray for the ministry of The Word Place as they plan how to reach Standard 6 students. Pray for God to lead the team and give them clear goals for the future.
29Siew Nyok: Pray for the Lord to give our staff and 13 volunteer leaders the same vision and mission. May we equip themselves to mentor ministry students and other volunteers, so that we can mobilize them to participate in the Lord’s Great Commission.
30Kok Siang: Please pray for the staff in the media department. We will plan and execute a few evangelistic activities in the second half of the year. Please ask the Lord to give us wisdom to plan and effectively promote online evangelistic activities.
31Siew Nyok: Pray for the Lord to move brothers and sisters in Christ who have a burden for young people to join YFC as full-time staff.