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University Students Bible Study Training (Tobias)

University Students Bible Study Training
Date: 27/1 / 2018-31 / 1/2018 (Sat-Wed)

UUM – Pei Jun and Jia Yin
UMT – Zhi Cheng and Yan Fei
UMP – Wei Xian and Mee Jiun
UTHM – Jun Hong
Pre-U – Lily

On 27-31 January 2018, 7 undergraduates from different universities and 1 girl waiting for her STPM exam results before applying to study in university spent 5 days together with 3 YFC staffs and a volunteer to study the letter of 2 Timothy, and explored how to obey Christ in university by making disciples. These are their testimonies…

Name: Tobias Teoh Zhi Cheng
Age: 21 years old
University: University Terengganu Malaysia (Year 1 sem 1)

I thank God for letting me participate in this training because I can meet a group of Christian undergraduates who value the Bible. I also learned about my attitude in Bible study

1) I must study the Bible humbly, not to prove who is better. Sometimes I make comparisons to see who is better at preparing the Bible study material, but this exercise helped me to pay attention to my attitude and motivation of studying the Bible.

2) I also learned that Bible study is hard work and time consuming. We need to spend time to carefully observe and understand the Bible.

3) I have to recognize my own problems and accept others’ corrections. The questions others raised about me helped me to pay attention to my problems and grow.