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University Students Bible Study Training (Jia Yin)

University Students Bible Study Training
Date: 27/1 / 2018-31 / 1/2018 (Sat-Wed)

UUM – Pei Jun and Jia Yin
UMT – Zhi Cheng and Yan Fei
UMP – Wei Xian and Mee Jiun
UTHM – Jun Hong
Pre-U – Lily

On 27-31 January 2018, 7 undergraduates from different universities and 1 girl waiting for her STPM exam results before applying to study in university spent 5 days together with 3 YFC staffs and a volunteer to study the letter of 2 Timothy, and explored how to obey Christ in university by making disciples. These are their testimonies…

Name: Tam Jia Yin
Age: 21 years old
University: Universiti Utara Malaysia (sem 1)

I wanted to join this training because I did not have Bible study in the church at university. I also find that some Christians around me were not grounded in what they believe and do not understand the Bible. But I also find that they have a longing for God’s Word, so I wanted to teach them what I have learned and to help them build their foundation in the Word of God, which can help us in ministry and service.

During these Bible studies, I learned how to study, think and teach the Bible. I was also encouraged and reminded from the Word of God. People in service often feel scared and tired because they are focused on themselves and the work. 2 Timothy 1: 7 helps me see that God has given us the heart of strength, love, and perseverance, so I need not be timid, even in the face of difficulties and persecution.