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Geared to the Time, Anchored to the Rock!

Survivor (Sze Yin)

This was the second time I was the person-in-charge for counselling for an event, the first being an evangelistic event in Malacca. I thank God that both times there were YFC staff and volunteers who helped me. I struggled to come up with a gospel link. A gospel link needs to lead to the gospel; it should also be related to the day’s activities; and it would be better if it resonated with the lives of students. This is so that as Christian group leaders share the gospel, it would touch the hearts of the hearers. I had to constantly revise the gospel link I wrote, and it was finalised after a group discussion with the team – mere days before the actual event.

I live quite a distance from the KL YFC office, and many non-Christians registered late for the event, therefore the task of sorting them into groups and allocating a group leader fell to May Kuan. I am extremely thankful for the help she provided. On the day of the programme, our group leaders were excited to share the gospel. A few of them were new to the role, but they were not afraid as they proclaimed the gospel; many also shared their personal testimony with their group members. On that day, 1 person accepted Christ, 9 expressed interest – thank God!

Being in charge of counselling motivated me to want to know the Bible more. That way I am able to better craft gospel links that lead directly to the heart of the gospel.

Sze Yin, Kuala Lumpur Volunteer