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Geared to the Time, Anchored to the Rock!

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Project Serve 2: Run The Race (Jun Hong)

In January to March 2014, I joined Project Serve 2 training in Johor YFC. For me, serving in YFC these 3 months was quite tough, because I am not used to a busy and disciplined life. However, one thing that I will always remember: Only if we are willing to pay the price, will we […]

Project Serve 2: Run The Race (Shuet Zhen)

“Give man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” goes the saying. In these 3 blessed months, my faith has been strengthened because I had a very enriching learning experience when we had sessions on inductive bible study, overview of New […]

e-Action 7: Disciple GPS (28-31 May 2014)

Thank God that I could attend e-Action camp. This was the second time I join e-Action, so I had told myself, “It’s e-Action, I need to learn a lot of things again!” (I am usually contented with the present state of things. If there is a need to add new things, I often complain that […]