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Geared to the Time, Anchored to the Rock!

Project Serve 2 – Run The Race


Christians have used different ways to describe the Christian life. One of it is to compare it to a race. The apostle Paul, knowing that his time on earth was limited, talked about competing like an athlete (2 Tim. 2:5; 4:7). The author of Hebrews, talked about the need for perseverance as we run the race set before us (Heb 12:1-2). This was the concept for Project Serve 2 training that was held from January to March 2014 – to persevere as disciples of Christ while putting aside everything that hinders us while we are focused on Jesus as the author and perfecter of our faith.

13 students, who just received their SPM and STPM exam results in March, underwent this training at our 3 centres – KL, Malacca and Johor. The training combined “classroom” sessions on Bible study, Bible Overview, Church History and Introduction to Theology. We equipped them in youth ministry – Evangelism, Follow-up, Leadership and YF/CF principles. They were also required to practice the lessons learned, especially in evangelism, through carrying evangelistic events, going on street evangelism, planning and running different types of events.

Every Project Serve student set personal targets to share the gospel to a specific number of non-Christians during the 3 months period, while the staffs help them meet these targets. They also had to follow-up students they shared the gospel to – whether these have made conversion decisions or were merely interested. This way, the Project Serve students learned to be responsible in evangelism and follow-up. Most of them were also responsible for some activities – to plan events, help conduct training and briefings, teach at school CFs, etc. In doing this, we were able to expose them to different ministry opportunities and they also learned through the practical experience.

Most of the students completed their training at the end of March. A few has extended their training for another 1-3 months. It is our prayer that they will apply what they have learned and experienced in their lives and ministry situations in future – whether in church, college/university or career. There is still a long race ahead of them.