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Geared to the Time, Anchored to the Rock!

Project Serve 2: Run The Race (Shuet Zhen)


“Give man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” goes the saying. In these 3 blessed months, my faith has been strengthened because I had a very enriching learning experience when we had sessions on inductive bible study, overview of New and Old Testaments, evangelism, follow-up, discipleship studies, the wheel of life, event organising skill training, leadership training, church history, fellowship, event planning, etc. I also had the chance to apply what I learnt through street evangelism, follow-up Bible studies with students, publicity in various schools in Kepong, contact work, organising evangelistic events (Wu Guan Gao Shou). In these 3 months I experienced full-time ministry filled with various challenges and faced different difficulties. I learnt to firmly hold God’s hand and depend on his grace to stand and walk each day with more strength. Thank God that I could join YFC Project Serve 2 (2014). I want to continue to serve our loving heavenly Father courageously.

Shuet Zhen, 18 years old, from Kuala Lumpur.