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Project Serve 2: Add On

Project Serve 2

16 students joined this training from January to March 2015. The students comprised those who sat for their SPM and STPM exams at the end of 2014. Many of the students who joined Project Serve 2 came with the aim of growing in their walk with God and growing in evangelism.

Project Serve 2 training provides the students a foundation as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, and also provide them the tools that would help them begin to disciple others. In the short period of 3 months, they learned to study the Bible, have a quick glimpse of church history, studied some important aspects of theology and went through an overview of the Bible. They were able to put these in practice by sharing the gospel, follow up and for some of the students, conduct sessions in school Christian Fellowships and at church youth groups. All the students were supervised by our staffs so that every student can learn at a pace suitable to their level of maturity.

The theme of Project Serve 2 this year, “Add On”, based on 2 Pt. 1:5-9, challenges Christians to keep growing – in their walk with God, in their personal life, and in their relationship with other people. The areas of focus were in their daily life with God, in basing their lives in the Bible, in the Church and in witnessing.

The students were able to apply what they have learned through the many projects carried out during this training period. For Johor ministry, there was a personal evangelism campaign, followed by a Chinese New Year event and Champion’s Trophy, a RPG game. In Malacca, the students went to help in school chapel hours, conducted events for both Christians ((Valentine’s Day) and non-Christians (Minute to Win). In KL, the students conducted personal evangelism campaign, followed by TOUR7.

Most of the students ended their Project Serve 2 training in March. A few will continue for another 1-2 months. What is more important is that the students would continue to practice what they have learned – to grow as disciples of Christ, and make disciples. Many would be going for further studies when they would have opportunity to meet many people. Our prayer is that they would continue to preach the gospel and be witnesses for Christ.