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Geared to the Time, Anchored to the Rock!

Project Serve 1 – 2016 (JB)

I am Wong Shin Yi. I am from a non-Christian family. My brother and I are the only Christians in my family. This was the second time I took part in Project Serve 1 – but there was a difference. This time, I was a group assistant. I learnt to befriend my group members. This is a big challenge for me because I am usually a person who does not talk much with other people. Moreover, I haven’t met them before this training.

When we studied the book of Colossians, I learned about Paul’s attitude in serving God with all his strength. This made me think about my attitude when I serve. At the same time, I also learned to lead songs to praise our God. In this camp, I also learnt to take initiative to talk with my group members, care for them and encourage them to use what they learn from the bible in their lives.

This was the first time I led other Christians to study the bible. I learned to help them understand the bible when they asked questions. They reminded me that whatever I don’t understand I need to ask. When I studied the bible, I used to think that I understand the meaning of the words which I have heard in church, but I realised that I actually did not when I had to explain the meaning. I am thankful I could take part in Project Serve 1 and learning a lot from the bible, besides talking with other people.

Wong Shin Yi, 16 years old, JB