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Prayer Digest: September 2020

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for September 2020. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Bee Bee: Please pray for Xiao Qi, she will move to KL to study at a university in September. Pray for God to help her adjust to varsity life and find a good local church and have the courage to share the gospel with her new friends.
02Zhi Yuan (JB Project Servant): Pray for God to help me learn self-discipline and arrange time to draw near to God while serving at YFC. Ask God to help me study the scriptures eagerly and serve him only.
03Nyet Lee: Please pray for my siblings and I as we navigate how best to handle my mother's dialysis treatment. Recently, she became emotional and refused to go for her regular treatment. She needs to go three times a week, but decided to go only twice. This will adversely affect her health. Pray that we might know how to deal with her emotions and help her see the importance of this treatment.
04Yick Ken: Please pray for my uncle’s family. My eldest uncle passed away on August 30, ask God to comfort his family. Please also pray for my mother, that God will comfort her sorrowful heart, that in the midst of suffering, she will find hope and assurance in Jesus, who is the resurrection and the life.
05Bee Bee: Please pray for my students Zi Qin, Zi Qian and Shuo Yan. Thank God, they finished the "Discovery Journey" material and expressed interest to continue learning more about Jesus Christ. Next, I will study the book of Mark with them. Pray that God will continue to work in their hearts so that one day they too will call him Father.
06Siew Nyok: Please pray for a volunteer, Colin. Because of the epidemic, his photography work was affected and he lost his job. Pray for God to open doors for Colin as he is now training to be an insurance agent.
07Mei Yann: Please pray for the volunteer Qi En, who just graduated from university and is looking for a job. Pray that she will find a suitable job and be able to balance work life and church life.
08Mei Yann: Please pray for the non-Christian Qian Yu. She is a young student, so she has many questions every time we study the Bible. Pray for wisdom as I try to teach her Bible in a helpful manner.
09Siew Nyok: Please pray for Colin. His uncle suffered a stroke and is unable to walk. Pray for God’s grace and mercy to be with his uncle, and that he may come to understand that only Jesus Christ can give him forgiveness, redemption, peace and healing. Pray for God to give Colin strength to take care of his uncle with patience and love.
10Jia Yun: Please pray for Xin Qi. I am following up on her with two other Christian students, Hui Wen and Dorcas. Pray that she will come to know Jesus Christ during the follow-up process, and also that Hui Wen will actively participate in helping Xin Qi in her journey.
11Jia Jun: Please pray for the online evangelistic program Escape Plan-Plan R. Pray that God will lead the staff, volunteers and students to actively invite non-Christians to participate and spread the gospel to them. Pray that God will lead the media evangelism department to have the wisdom to supervise and promote this program.
12Kok Siang: Thank God, our media evangelism team has launched a new online evangelism game - Escape Plan R - which is based on the escape game concept. It can be played like a board game, as long as the students are free. We can play with students at any time, and there is no need to create several groups to play. As long as there are 1-5 people, you can start the game. Please pray for this evangelistic game. Pray that more students can participate and the gospel can be heard.
13May Kuan: Please pray for me as I follow up with Christian students Yi Xuan and Hai Tian. Yi Xuan is 15 years old and started to participate in YFC's ministry through our creative evangelism training. Hai Tian is 13 years old and a student in Malacca. She has been involved in our ministry since she joined Project Serve 1 last year. Currently, we are doing devotion together using Zoom. Please pray that God will establish their faith and give growth to their spiritual life.
14Wee Shyan: Thank God that we have completed the theme message and Bible study materials for this year’s “Project Serve 1” training and we are currently making final preparations. As we do so, pray for God’s help as we consider potential issues, especially since this training will conducted online, so that we can work towards solving them.
15Hong Liang: Pray that God will lead me to finish the promotional videos for "Escape R Plan" and "Project Serve 1" according to schedule.
16Jia Jun: Please pray for the new believer student – Qi Zhe. He is 17 years old and I am currently reading Mark’s Gospel with him. He has a willingness to learn more about Jesus. Please pray that he will continue to yearn for God's words so that he can know what it means to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.
17Jia Yin (JB Project Servant): Please pray for my grandmother who has senile dementia and has restricted mobility. She has not heard the gospel. Pray that I can find different ways to talk to her about Jesus’ life, teaching, death and resurrection.
18Shin Yi (JB Project Servant): Thank God, I was accepted by University of Technology Malaysia (UTM). I will start my course in October. Please ask God to give me wisdom as I handle the various admission procedures.
19Nyet Lee: Recently, a Christian student I have been following up has been facing a lot of pressure. She is a slow learner, and feels stressed about her Form 4 subjects. She has been crying frequently, not wanting to go to school and even considering suicide. Thank God, her mother's understanding and comfort helped dispel her suicidal thoughts. Please pray for her, asking that she learns to rely on God when she is under pressure. Please pray for me too, that I might know how to comfort and encourage her.
20Shin Yi (JB Project Servant): Please pray for the non-Christian student Wanting and I are following up. Her response after going through the "Discovery Journey" material was choosing not to believe in the Lord. However, she is still interested to continue learning about Jesus Christ through the Gospel according to Mark. Ask God to give me wisdom as we study the Bible together.
21Jia Yun: Please pray for the personal evangelism team. Pray that God will give us wisdom so that we can know how to continue promoting personal evangelism among Malaysian Christians.
22Sy Wei: Please pray for my sister, Sy Pey, who is an elementary school teacher. Pray for God’s help as she strives to be a good role model for students in her work. Pray that she can leave a positive impact on her students and be a witness for Jesus in her workplace. May her colleagues come to faith through her faithful living as a disciple of Christ.
23Zhi Yuan (JB Project Servant): Please pray for my parents and my friends with whom I want to share the gospel. Ask God to give me the courage to preach the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection to them.
24Wee Shyan: We have been invited to conduct an online creative evangelism workshop for the Melaka Methodist Church on September 27. Pray that our teaching will be clear and smooth, so that the Christians participants can apply the techniques and methods they will learn.
25Yick Ken: Thank God for giving me the opportunity to continue participating in the "NextGen" training camp with colleagues, volunteers and friends. I am grateful for the chance to revisit this model again. Please pray for my personal growth, that God gives me a heart that loves his words so that I can constantly seek to know him and grow in my appreciation for the Bible and become a mature Christian. I also ask God to lead me to become more and more proficient in this Bible study technique so that I can help others savour the beauty of Scripture.
26Sy Wei: Please pray for my mother, Esther Gan. She is 72 years old, she has the "three highs" and I pray that God will give her a healthy body so that I can continue to serve God without any worries. Also pray that God will protect her heart so that she can love and fear God!
27May Kuan: Please pray for my brother, Alex. He has been in a drug rehabilitation center for 4 months. Now he is gradually adapting to the center's life and his condition is stabilising. He recently shared about his ideas regarding career, relationship, housing, etc. Pray for God to help him see the sin in his heart, and may the Lord Jesus rule his life. Pray that his life will truly be changed, and he will be transformed by the love of God.
28Siew Nyok: May the Lord help me understand how to promote evangelism under the new normal. Pray that the Lord will protect the staff, volunteers and students who are faithfully doing youth evangelism.
29Kok Siang: Since August, I thank God for the opportunity to meet with Hao Xian and Wei Hong in a cafeteria near their school to study Mark’s Gospel together. I am also grateful for Wei Hong because he is willing to spend time with Hao Xian and help him to get to know Jesus. Please continue to pray for Hao Xian, that he can also believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Lord of his life.
30Jia Yin (JB Project Servant): Please pray for the new Christian juniors in my university. Pray for God to give the seniors wisdom to know how to reach them, build relationships and help them think seriously about what it means to live as Christians at university.