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Prayer Digest: September 2019

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for September 2019. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Nyet Lee: Please pray for the University Bible Study Group to be held in Malacca from September 2-5. Ask God to help these college students prepare and learn Bible study skills with humility. Please also pray for Siew Yoon and Piang Hong, the volunteers who will lead the Bible study group, and ask God to give them wisdom and strength to lead this Bible study training.
02Nyet Lee: Thank God, the “Bao Bao 30 Life Experience Camp” was successfully completed and we mobilized Christian students to evangelize 18 non-Christians. Please pray for the follow-up work. Our staff have started to contact the students. Ask God to lead them to meet us willingly.
03Siew Nyok: Ask the Lord to lead the Malacca staff (Siew Nyok, Nyet Lee, May Kuan, Sy Wei) to review our 2019 ministry in September. We also begin to look forward to the goals and plans of the 2020 Malacca ministry, please pray for wisdom.
04Yick Ken: Please pray for the student Bible study in KL today. Thank God, we’ve had the opportunity to mobilize Alex and Pei Shi to participate in this group. I also thank God for letting more students participate in this Bible study class. Ask God to help and lead us to grow in the Bible and continue to know God.
05Sy Wei: Thank God for keeping the "Bao Bao 30 life experience camp" and ensuring it was completed smoothly. A total of 18 non-believers participated; one accepted Christ and 11 were interested in knowing Jesus. Please pray for them. In addition, I also thank God for the 22 Christian students and volunteers who participated in this camp. I hope that after this camp, they will have a stronger commitment to evangelism and be willing to continue serving with us in the future.
06Wee Shyan: Please pray for the volunteer camp on September 7-9. Ask God to help the volunteers equip themselves in the Word of God through this camp, that together we may win more teenagers for the Lord.
07Jia Yin (Johor Project Serve 2 Student):
Ask God to lead me back to university and join brothers and sisters in participating in church ministry and to take the time to care for the new batch of students.
08Sy Wei: During the “Bao Bao 30 Life Experience Camp”, Grace, a Christian, and I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with the two students. They were Rui Xin and Le Ying (Form 2 students). It was their first time hearing the gospel and they expressed interest to know more about Jesus after we finished sharing. Therefore, I will continue to contact them. Please pray for them, that the seeds of the gospel can sprout and grow in their hearts.
09Yi Xian (Johor Project Serve 2 Student):
Please pray for me as I go to college today, pray that I can adapt to the new environment and find a good church.
10Jia Yin (Johor Project Serve 2 Student):
Please pray for Xiao Wan, the student I am following-up. We just finished the third lesson of “Discovery Journey.” Ask God to touch her heart and that she would be willing to continue to spend time to know Jesus Christ and to believe in Him.
11Kok Siang: Thank God that I can complete the MYFC 50th anniversary video. I will start to redesign our MYFC website with the help of a volunteer, Yan En. Pray that we can cooperate to complete this project.
12Bee Bee: Thank God, my sister-in-law gave birth to her second child on August 18. Ask God to help her husband and her to have the wisdom to teach their children biblical principles.
13Yick Ken: Please pray for the Christian student, Yik Hou I am following up. At present, Yik Hou has started his SPM trials, so we will suspend our Bible study during this period. Please pray for me, ask God to give me wisdom, and continue to accompany him during his preparation for the exam. Please also pray for Yik Hou, asking God to give him wisdom to know how to revise and prepare for the exam. Pray that he can continue to go to church and spend time to know God during his exam preparations.
14May Kuan: Please pray for the Christian students, Li Song and Xin Yue. We are studying the Gospel of Mark together now. Ask God to give me wisdom to guide them to learn the Word of God. Ask God to lead them to arrange time to pursue His word despite being busy with studies.
15Nyet Lee: Currently, I am following up with a Form 2 Christian student, Andrew. Thank God, he is eager to learn and willing to take time to study the Bible with me and participate in ministry. I am encouraging him to evangelize his friends. Pray that this student can continue to grow in the Word of God and learn to share the gospel to friends.
16Bee Bee: Please pray for the Christian student, Xin Jie I just met. Ask God to lead me to take time to get to know her and build a strong friendship and challenge her to participate in our ministry.
17Jia Yun: Please pray for the non-Christian Zhi Ying that I am still following-up. I just finished studying the Gospel of Mark with her. She is also interested in continuing to know Jesus, but she is not ready to believe in the Lord because of her family. I am currently using resources from “Our Daily Bread” to help her know Jesus. Pray that we can continue to meet and that she can continue to know Jesus Christ.
18Kok Siang: Thank God that we have restarted our volunteer Bible study in the Cheras area. Currently, Siew Ling and I are leading the Bible study. Pray that God can help us while we do our preparation. Pray that we can first be renewed by God’s word so that we can lead the Bible study clearly.
19Mei Yann: Please pray for the students who will be taking their PT3 exams. Ask God to give them discipline and wisdom to study, and to be able to arrange time to maintain a close relationship with God.
20Yi Xian (Johor Project Serve 2 Student):
Please pray for the Christian, Amy and non-Christian, Jing Qi that I am following-up. Thank God that we just finished the "Discovery Journey" material. Amy is willing to continue working through the "Basic Christian Living" material; Jing Qi is interested in studying the Gospel of Mark. Ask God to help them grow deeper in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
21May Kuan: Please pray for my service in Malacca. Thank God, I’ve had the opportunity to learn new things and had new experiences in ministry. Ask God to give me grace and strength to continue to overcome my own deficiencies. I am still looking for God's will regarding this matter: which Malaccan church should I commit to worship and serve Him?
22Jun Hong (Johor Project Serve 2 Student):
Ask God to give me wisdom to follow up with Christian friends in my university, especially Yi Qian, Shu Si and Wei Fan. Pray that they can see the importance of evangelism and are willing to preach the gospel to friends.
23Wee Shyan: I will be responsible for the three days of devotion during the October staff meeting. Ask God to help me have time to prepare the Bible teaching.
24Mei Yann: Please pray for Wee Shyan, Jia Yun and I as we prepare the theme message of JB’s “Project Serve 1” training. Ask God to help us understand the scriptures and know how to teach the participating Christian students skills to understand the scriptures.
25Jia Yun: Please pray for me as I supervise the "Project Serve 1" training in November and pray that I can have discipline, foresight and a sense of urgency as I lead the preparations for the training.
26Kok Siang: Pray for my kids – Olivia and Timothy. Pray that God will grant Pui Pui and I patience and love to nurture them, so that they will slowly come to know God and fear Him.
27Siew Nyok: Please pray for the staff and volunteers of Singapore Youth For Christ - YGOS Ministry (Woodland District). On November 25-29, they will come to the Malacca area to assist in our “Project Serve 1” training. Ask God to give the two leaders - Glada and Wilson Peh to have wisdom to lead their staff and volunteers to prepare and organize their activities well.
28Jia Yin (Johor Project Serve 2 Student):
Ask God to help me spend time to be close to God in the new semester, so that my spiritual life can continue to grow and I will keep trusting in God.
29Jia Yun: Please pray for the new Christian – Ying Shan that I am following-up. She was recently laughed at by her friend for her faith in Jesus. Please pray that she can persist in believing in the Lord and rely on God to face the persecution from her friends.
30Yi Jian: I have been involved in YFC ministry over the past 4 years. Thank God for His leading throughout this period. Please ask God to help me live for the Him and continue to pursue progress in my personal growth and in the ministries I participate in.