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Prayer Digest: October 2020

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for October 2020. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest October 2020 here: English | 中文

DayPrayer Items
01Mei Yan: Please pray for the promotion of the online evangelistic program "Escape Plan-R" so that more people can use this game to spread the gospel.
02Jia Yin (JB Project Staff): Please pray for my new university semester. My course will start in October, but I will not return to campus. Pray that I can still have a good learning attitude at home so that I can adapt and adjust to new learning methods.
03Hong Liang: Thank God that the “Project Serve 1” promotional video has completed as scheduled. Pray that more churches and Christian students can come to hear about it.
04Wee Shyan: I had a teratoma removal operation last month, and it will take some time for me to recover. Ask God to allow me to recover as quickly as possible.
05Zhi Yuan (JB Project Staff): Please pray for the teenager, Zhi Jie, with whom I am in contact. We are currently working through "Discovery Journey" together. I hope that in our time together, he can learn more about Christianity and accept Jesus Christ.
06Wei Xian: I will visit an Orang Asli village in Kelantan from 8-14. Pray for God to lead and take care of our team (currently there are three members). We will teach the local children there and decide if the local area is suitable to organise a mission trip. Pray that God will keep us healthy in our time there.
07Kok Siang: Please pray for our preparation and promotion of the "Escape Plan-R" evangelistic program. Pray that Christian students will be inviting friends as well as serving in these online events. May God give them courage in this area.
08Jia Jun: Please pray for the new believer I am following up, Wei Jie. We are currently going through the "Basic Christian Life" material. Ask God to strengthen his faith and that he continues to follow God.
09Nyet Lee: Please pray for Yi Sen, a Standard 6 student I met. A while ago, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with him, and his response was to accept the Lord. Ask God to help me disciple him despite our inability to meet physically. I can only connect with him through Zoom. He is also very young and I need to speak with his parents and earn their trust.
10Kok Siang: Please pray for the “Escape Plan-R" evangelistic event held by KL YFC today. Pray for God's protection so that the event will go smoothly, and pray that non-Christian participants can enjoy the whole game and will open their hearts to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
11Bee Bee: Please pray for the new believer, Desmond, that he can complete the "Discovery Journey" material and understand the meaning of believing in Jesus.
12May Kuan: Please pray for the personal evangelism ministry in Malacca. Pray that despite the epidemic, the team will still persevere and be wise as we make (non-physical) contact, establish friendship with students and create opportunities to spread the gospel.
13Yick Ken: Pray for God to lead us as we plan upcoming evangelistic programs, discipleship trainings, Christian meetings and follow-up work. Pray for his guidance as we develop the ministry and continue to mobilize more Christians to participate in youth evangelism.
14Jia Jun: Please pray for Jun Hong and I as we will be responsible for the "Bridge To Life" training during "Project Serve 1." Ask God to give us wisdom as we prepare.
15Sy Wei: Please pray for the volunteer, Yi Wei. He finished his "Project Serve 2" training this year and was offered a place in the government Matriculation course to further his studies in Malacca. Pray for God to help him adapt to the new environment, such as living with roommates and new subjects. Because of the epidemic, the school stipulates that students cannot go home, nor can they leave the campus for church. Pray for God to lead him to continue reading the Bible and desire a close relationship with God despite the challenges.
16May Kuan: Please pray for me as I transfer back to Kuala Lumpur in November. May God give me wisdom as I hand over my ministry to the team in Malacca.
17Jia Yun: Please pray for Liew Qi, Shin Yi and I as we prepare for the "Doing Devotions" training at "Project Serve 1." This is their first time being responsible for such a training. Ask God to give me patience to accompany them as they work on their parts.
18Nyet Lee: Please pray for the English “Project Serve 1” training. The school holiday this year is different from previous years due to the epidemic, affecting this year's training. The staff team is now working out our final preparations. Please ask God to help us have clear goals and directions so that we can figure out the most effective and impactful way to conduct this training.
19Yick Ken: Please pray for the volunteers I am following up, Yik Hau and Caleb. They are currently studying at university. Pray that God will protect them as they walk with him every day. Also ask God to lead them to live godly lives, grow in their knowledge in and love for the Bible so that they might be mature Christians
20Nyet Lee: Please pray for my nephew and niece, Jia Hao and Yi Lin. Recently, they have spent a lot of time on mobile games and neglected their studies and other commitments. I have spoken with them about this matter, but they are unwilling to break this habit. Ask God to help my sister and me to lovingly discipline them.
21Jiayun: Please pray for the volunteer, Jing Yu. She has started her Master's program in Chinese Language at Nanjing University in China. Due to the epidemic, classes will be held online. Pray that she can adapt and excel in her studies.
22Siew Nyok: Pray that God will prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading uncontrollably to all states in Malaysia. Pray that Malaysians will cooperate with our government to comply with epidemic prevention measures. Pray that God will give our medical staff safe, joyful and healthy bodies as they work hard to save lives.
23Jia Yin (JB Project Staff): Please pray for my family, friends and relatives who have not yet believed in the Lord. Ask God to help me to be a good testimony when I’m with them and for courage to speak to them about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.
24Kok Siang: Please pray for my wife, Pei Pei. She is entering a busy period at work and needs to handle different issues and communicate with colleagues and her leaders. She feels exhausted, so please pray that God will give her a healthy body, patience and a gentle heart. Pray that she will learn to rely on the Lord as she deals with various problems at work.
25Yick Ken: Please pray for us as we promote our "Project Service 1" training. Pray that God brings Christians to the training and that he will help us make progress in our efforts to lead more Christians to know God and to see the urgency of preaching the gospel.
26Siew Nyok: Pray that God will help YFC's staff to care for one another, seek him in prayer, cling to his promises, and go through every difficulty and challenge. Please join us in praying about this epidemic.
27Kok Siang: Please pray for the health of my parents. Recently my father took some Chinese medicine to help relieve his cough. Pray that he can find some relief and for my mother's sensitive nose. She also often experiences fatigue. Ask God for mercy and healing so that she can have enough rest and find respite from her discomfort. Finally, I also ask God to give them joy to enjoy the daily life he has given them.
28Yick Ken: Please pray for my family members who have not yet believed in the Lord. Pray that I can create opportunities to share the gospel with them, and pray that they will accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Pray that I will be a faithful witness at home, in what I say and do.
29Bee Bee: Please pray for my health. My blood pressure and blood sugar levels have risen. I am currently waiting for a full medical report. Pray that I learn to control my diet and take time to exercise.
30Wee Shyan: Please pray for me as I prepare the theme message of the first session of "Project Serve 1" at the end of the year. Pray that God will give me strength and wisdom as I make final preparations.
31Mei Yann: Please pray generally for SPM candidates who will sit for their exam. Ask God to give them wisdom and discipline as they allocate time to study.