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Prayer Digest: October 2019

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for October 2019. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Recently, the haze has had a serious impact on Malaysia, especially people’s health. Please pray for the staff who have to go to schools for school ministry every day. Ask God to give them a healthy body to continue serving.
02Peter: Please pray for my family (mother and brother) and myself. My father passed away suddenly on August 23 due to a heart attack. Ask God to help us rely on Him to face this period of grief.
03Nyet Lee: Thank God for the successful completion of the futsal event on 13/9. Please pray for the students who accepted Christ and expressed interest in knowing Jesus during this event. It is difficult for us to follow up with this group of students because they are not willing to come out to meet us. A student even gave us a fake phone number. Ask God to give us wisdom to maintain contact with them.
04Mei Yann: Please pray for the students who are taking their PT3 exam, ask God to let them focus on their studies while not forgetting their relationship with God.
05Wee Shyan: Please pray for the October staff retreat. I will be responsible for the morning Bible sharing for the three days. Ask God to help me have enough time and space to study the scriptures. Pray that the other staff will be motivated by the Word of God.
06All the YFC staff will meet in JB office for a staff retreat from 7-9/10. Pray for us as we discuss our plans for the 3 ministry areas. Pray that we will p;lan how to equip and train more Christians to partner with us in youth evangelism.
07Jia Yun: Please pray for the volunteer, Yi Xian, who fainted while doing school ministry and had to undergo stitches for her wound. Pray that she can recover and have good physical strength as she returns to university to continue her studies.
08Kok Siang: I need to redesign our website, pray for me that I can improve my skills more in web development and become more familiar with it. Pray also that I can find suitable resources to improve our website.
09Sy Wei: The Malacca area has started to publicize the “Project Serve 1” training to churches and Christian students. Ask God to bring Christians to join in this training, and to grow.
10May Kuan: Please pray for me as I participate in the Malacca Youth Ministry. Ask God to give me wisdom and eloquence to improve my English, because the Christian Fellowships in Malacca schools often use English to communicate and explain our prepared material to the students.
11Bee Bee: Thank God, the non-Christian student I am following-up, Qian Ru received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in August. Ask God to help her continue to grow and understand why she believes in Jesus. Pray that I can accompany her and teach her.
12Nyet Lee: Please pray for Samantha, a Form 5 non-Christian who I met at the school Fellowship. Last month, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had a surgery at Hospital University Malaya. Thank God for a smooth surgery. She has now moved back to Malacca to rest and undergo rehabilitation treatment. Pray that she can face the whole treatment, and ask God to lead me and the school fellowship teacher to have the opportunity to share the gospel with her.
13Sy Wei: Please pray for my mother, sister, brother and his family (sister-in-law and four children). Ask God to keep my family, so that they have peace, health and joy in everything. Ask God to lead me so that I can serve God without worries.
14Kok Siang: Pray for Pui Pui and myself. We are happy to see our kids growing up. However, to accompany and nurture them to grow up requires long-lasting patience and a lot of energy and time. Pray that the Lord will help us to teach them with wisdom, love, and patience, and that the Lord will keep their hearts to slowly know and fear God.
15Bee Bee: Please pray for the Christian, Rong Ni, who I am following up. Ask God to let me have the wisdom to teach her to understand her faith and accompany her to grow.
16May Kuan: Please pray for my mother. She recently contacted my second sister and asked us to lend her money to start a hawker business. When we asked for details, she refused to answer and accused us of not trusting her. I told her about her financial ability and asked her to attend the graduation ceremony of the second sister so that we could meet to discuss the business. Ask God to help my mother to stop wanting to borrow money and to return to God.
17Siew Nyok: Thank God, in every year-end holiday, Singapore YGOS staff and volunteers are willing to work with us during the 5-day 4-night “Project Serve 1” training. Every year, their participation has been very helpful to the Malacca Ministry. The Malacca staff can also concentrate on the publicity and preparation to teach the Scriptures. Please pray for the Singapore team leaders, Glada and Wilson. Ask God to grant them wisdom to prepare for the Malacca “Project Serve 1” training.
18Meiyan: Please pray for Yue Heng. She needs to adapt to a new department, which is an aspect of business that she has no prior knowledge. Ask God to give her wisdom to study, and also to establish good relationships with friends of the same department and witness to the Lord.
19Yick Ken: Please pray for students who are going to take SPM, particularly Wen Kang, Khar Jian, Yik Hou, Neo Jun and Wen Xiang. Ask God to help them focus on their studies while not forgetting their relationship with God. Pray that I can accompany and encourage them during this time.
20Mei Jun: Please pray for Polly, a trained teacher. She decided to participate in a five-week short-term service in the Kuala Lumpur and Malacca ministry in November. She hopes that YFC can help her spiritual life to grow and give her the opportunity to participate in evangelism work. Pray to the Lord that she can learn well and grow in this period.
21Jia Yun: Please pray for me. I am currently working on a plan for the personal evangelism department next year. Ask God to give me wisdom to know how to continue to mobilize more Christians to evangelize non-Christians next year.
22Kok Siang: Pray for the Kuala Lumpur ministry, that God will continue to lead it so that it will be renewed and find stability. This is so that we might complete the Great Commission in accordance with God's will.
23Yick Ken: Please pray for me. Ask God to help me to learn to adjust my attitude towards things. I want to learn from Paul's focus on God's grace and leadership rather than my own problems. Also pray that I can improve my attitude towards the Bible, to love reading the words of God and to continue to grow in His word and to draw closer to Him, making my life more like Christ.
24Wee Shyan: Please pray for Jia Yun, Mei Yann and I as we are preparing the theme message for "Project Serve 1" happening at the end of the year. Thank God, we have examined the scriptures with other local staff, and we are now working on the development of Bible study materials. Ask God to give us wisdom as we prepare.
25Siew Nyok: On November 25-29, YFC will conduct our 2019 “Project Serve 1” training. The goal of the Malacca area is to challenge 40 Christian teenagers to participate. Ask God to lead the young Christians from the churches in Malacca to participate, to equip themselves in the Bible, in evangelism and in fellowship during the holidays. Ask God to give the Malacca YFC and the Singapore YGOS staff wisdom to prepare for the Bible studies, evangelistic training, follow-up training, workshops, sports activities, evangelistic event and personal evangelism during the "Project Serve 1" training.
26Jia Yun: Please pray for me to accompany the Christian student Liu Ting to teach “Bridge to Life” during the "Project Serve 1" training. This time she will be responsible for conducting the entire training alone. Ask God to give her the strength to teach well.
27Yick Ken: Please pray for my friend Zhi Yan, who used to be a member of my church. He also used to participate in YFC’s ministries. But now he is facing a struggle with his faith and life choices. He is not attending church and is confused about his salvation. I am worried for him and hope to accompany him in this journey of rediscovering the gospel. Pray that Zhi Yan can overcome his problems and take a serious look at his relationship with God.
28Peter: Please pray for Brandon and Wei Xian. This November, both of them will begin serving in YFC for 1 year. Pray that during this time they will be able to see the needs of youth evangelism and learn.
29Jia Yun: Please be pray for my uncle, about whom I’m very thankful to God. He currently lives in a nursing home in Malacca. Pray that he can rest well there and that one day he can accept Jesus Christ as the Lord of his life.
30Thanks to the Lord, YFC have 11 staff in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Johor. Ask the Lord to lead more Christians who have a burden for youth evangelism to join us.
31Please pray for our board members and ask God to help them with the power of God to balance work, family and church service. We are also looking for new board members and are asking God to prepare the right people for us.