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Prayer Digest: October 2018

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for October 2018. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest October 2018 here: English中文

DayPrayer Items
01Nyet Lee: Thank God for leading the evangelistic event “Wild Wild Wet” on September to run smoothly. 2 students accepted Christ and 7 students expressed interest to know Christ that day. Ask God to help us to follow-up these students, especially the two students, Shu Juan (Peralihan) and Keberan (Form 3) who accepted Christ. Pray for these students to continue to be willing to know God.
02Hui Ling: The student Jia Hong, who is followed up by volunteer Hilary is starting to study the Gospel of Mark. Ask God to keep him to study the Scripture and to know God.
03Sy Wei: Please pray for the follow-up work for Board game and Water Park evangelistic events. Pray that we can bring people to God. Pray too that God will move these students who show interest to know Him that they would be willing to listen to the truth and understand the truth and accept Christ.
04Nyet Lee: Please keep praying for my mother. After she started dialysis, her blood sugar and blood pressure began to fluctuate. Because of this, she will feel dizzy, discomfort and have cold sweat. The doctor is observing her condition and will prepare suitable medicine for her. Please pray for the doctor to find out the problem and for my mother to adapt to life with dialysis.
05Peter: Please pray for the staffs and me as we are planning for Johor’s 2019 ministry planning. Ask God to help us to know where to improve for the ministry.
06Mei Yann: Please pray for the non-Christian student, Hui Xin that I am following-up. She used to be interested to know Christ, but she is getting less interested recently and even broke our appointment. Ask God to help me to know how to get to know her. Ask God to move her heart to keep her interest to know Him.
07Jia Yun: Please pray for me as I am evaluating and planning for Johor Personal Evangelism department. As God to lead me to evaluate from different perspective and know how to develop plan to mobilize Christians in evangelism.
08Hui Ling: Jia Xin, Yong Qi, Yong Jie, Yu Lin, Ming Xuan, Yi Yi and Qian Kun are students who need to be followed up at this stage. Ask God to open their eyes and ears to listen and learn His words.
09Yick Ken: Pray for a Christian student, Khar Jian that I am following-up. Ask God to help him continue to grow in Christ and serve God faithfully. Also ask God to give me wisdom to help him to grow and to know God.
10Bee Bee: Please pray for me as I am evaluating and planning for the follow-up department. Ask God to let us keep mobilizing students and volunteers to join in follow-up work.
11Han Kee: Please pray for non-Christian students, Yong Jian and Cheng Nan that I contacted in KL Basketball event. I am planning to keep playing basketball and share the gospel to them. Pray for me that I will get a chance to have bible study with them.
12Mei Yann: Please pray for me as I am evaluating and planning for Johor evangelistic event department. Ask God to lead me to assess this year's evangelistic events correctly and whether these events are suitable to continue. Ask God to help me to find events that would attract non-Christians so that they can hear the gospel.
13Jia Yun: Please pray for me as I follow up non-Christian students, Huai Ze and Andy. We have finished studying “Discovery Journey”, but they choose themselves instead of God at the end. Thank God that they are still open to know Jesus Christ. I will keep studying the Book of Mark with them to help them to know God. Pray that I can continue to teach them the Scripture.
14Bee Bee: Please pray for the preparation for “Project Serve 1” training in Johor. Ask God to lead us to arrange time to prepare for this training and pray for this training too. Also pray for the group leaders’ training on October 15.
15Kok Siang: Thank God that our KL YFC staffs have done our ministry evaluation for 2018, and we have set the plan and goal for 2019. Pray for us as we want to nurture more Christians to partner with us in youth evangelism. Pray that God will grant us passion and rely on Him to complete what we have planned.
16Wee Shyan: Thank God that Jia Yun, Mei Yann, Peter and I have completed the first lesson of “Project Serve 1” training. Ask God to help us to prepare the next 5 lessons’ materials in this limited time.
17Kok Siang: I am in charge of “Project Serve 1 - Sermon of the Mount.” Currently the response from publicity is quite slow. Pray that God will prepare more students to join. Pray for our committee to have wisdom and strength to prepare for this training.
18Peter: Please pray for me as I am preparing for the 2 lessons to teach Christian students to know how to study the Bible in November “Project Serve 1” training. Ask God to lead me to prepare and teach the Christian students clearly.
19Wee Shyan, Please pray for my sister-in-law. Her expected date of delivery is at the end of October. Ask God to keep her and the child safe in childbirth.
20May Kuan: Please pray for the publicity of the “Project Serve 1” training at KL area. Ask God to get more ministry students and youth from churches to sign up quickly. Pray too that the staffs have wisdom to arrange for the interview of the youth from different churches.
21Siew Nyok: Please pray for the publicity of the “Project Serve 1” training that will be conducted in November 26 till 30 during the school holiday at Malacca area. Our target is to equip 10 Christian group leaders to lead the 30 Christian students. Ask God to lead the ministry students to sign up. Ask God to lead staffs to prepare for this training.
22Please pray for staffs gathering in Malacca for 3 three days staff gathering for 2019 ministry planning today until Wednesday. Ask God to lead the staffs to know how to conduct evangelism work next year clearly.
23Yick Ken: Please pray for me as I am studying and preparing for the “Book of Matthew” (Scripture we will study in ‘Project Serve 1’ training). Ask God to help me to understand God’s word and able to teach the Christian students clearly.
24Kuok Han: Please pray for SMKJJ1's evangelism next year. Ask God to prepare more Christian students to preach the gospel in school.
25Kok Siang: Pray for me as I am in charge of the TOUR evangelistic event. Benedict and I need to design the game concept. Pray that God will grant us creativity and have practical ideas to design it. Pray that this will reach out to more non-Christian students to join.
26Pray for the salvation of the staffs’ families. Most of the staffs’ family members have not accepted Jesus Christ. Ask God to let them know God and accept Him. Also pray that the lives of the staffs can influence the families to know Christ.
27May Kuan: Please pray for the evangelistic event “Food Hunt Walkthrough” that I am preparing. There are 3 ministry students in the event organizing committees. There are Khar Jian, Jia Chyi and Ethel. They will be supervised by 3 other staffs. Ask God to prepare 45 non-Christians to sign up this event. Pray too that we will plan the game idea and route clearly.
28Pray for the Christian students we are following-up. Ask the Lord to help them understand the word of God and influence others in the school to know God.
29Kuok Han: Please pray for my wife and I. Ask God to give us wisdom and energy to take care of our son.
30Pray for the health of the staffs. The weather has changed a lot recently, and staffs the need to meet students outside schools. Pray that they will try their best to take care of their bodies so that they can continue to serve.