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Prayer Digest: October 2015

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for October 2015. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest October 2015 here: English中文

DayPrayer Items
01Mei Yann: I will move to my brother’s new house this month. Pray for me that I can adapt to the new environment, be a good testimony to my brother and his wife (they are non Christians) and create the opportunity to share the gospel with them.
02Kok Siang: Thank God, 22 Christian volunteers and students helped in the Mid-Autumn Cafe event on 16/9. Through this event, we got to know them more in terms of their attitude, skill and knowledge in evangelism. This helps us to know how we can mobilize them or equip them better for our future events and to help them to grow in their personal walk with God. Pray for them that they will continue to learn and be faithful to serve God and practice what they have learnt in their lives.
03Kuok Han: Please pray for the follow-up after the Mid-Autumn evangelistic event on 18/9. 2 students accepted Christ and 5 are interested to know more about Christ. Pray that we can meet them for evangelistic bible study and they will be keen to know God.
04Chin Nee: Please pray for me. I feel tired because the ministry has been busier lately. I am also busy preparing for my wedding and new house. At the end of September, my epilepsy and mental state has worsen. Pray for my health that I can continue to prepare and organize different things.
05May Kuan: Please pray for KL YFC’s “Drop in Station” (using YFC office as a platform to reach youths). Currently, we have about 20 non-Christian students joining. Thank God! Some of the students bring their friends to join. Pray that through this, we can build friendship with them and share the good news to them.
06Kai Boon: Please pray for Malacca personal evangelistic campaign. Thank God, 15 Christians are joining this personal evangelistic campaign. Every Friday, we go out to reach young people and share the gospel. Please pray for it.
07Kai Boon: I will undergo nose surgery on 12/10. Pray for me that I can recover soon and have good health to serve God. Pray for my doctor, Dr. Raja Nardan, that God enable him to carry out this surgery.
08Sy Wei: This December, 4 YFC mission teams will go to Serdang Christian Church, Labis Methodist Church, Kota Bharu Methodist Church and at least 3 churches in Ipoh. Please pray for the preparation. Meantime, we want to partner with local churches in youth evangelism. Pray for the partnership between the staffs and mission team members.
09Chin Nee: Thank God for Yi Tian (Johor volunteer). She has settled down and started her study in Taiwan University. Pray for her spiritual growth and studies. Pray for us as we have online bible study and encourage one another.
10Please pray for the volunteers and student in YFC. Pray for them that they will work hard with us in youth evangelism and they will grow spiritually in God’s word and trust and obey God.
11Bee Bee:Please pray for the publicity of the “Champion’s Trophy” evangelistic event in Johor on 14/10. Pray for the students who are still considering whether to join our event that they would sign up quickly.
12Chin Nee: Thank God that we ran “Champion’s Trophy” for Christians and got to know 24 new Christians. We hope to mobilize them to join this evangelistic event which will be held on 14/10. Thank God that these Christians are willing to invite their friends and also take part as crew in this event. Pray that we can mobilize more Christians to work in youth ministry.
13Kok Siang: Please pray for our preparation for Labis mission trip which will fall on 30/11 to 6/12. Kuok Han (JB Staff) will be supervising the church youth’s committee on the evangelistic event which we will hold on the third day of our mission trip. Pray that this can help them consider further how each role is related to evangelism and also help them to have good attitude to learn and grow. Pray for me as I need to oversee the mission team. Pray that God will grant me wisdom in decision making and to work out all the plans.
14KL YFC has already started planning for TOUR8. One main reason for planning this early is our hope of increasing the number of Christians involved in the work of youth evangelism, and that this will indirectly also help us to mobilize more Christians in the ministry. Pray as we apply to some places we need to use, and that the management will give us permission to use these places.
15Sze Ern: I will marry Chin Nee on 16/1/16. Right now we are preparing for our wedding. Pray to God that I can arrange my time for the preparation and also continue my ministry in Cheras. I will end my service in YFC at the end of December. Pray to God that He will provide people to continue leading and equipping the Christians at Cheras area.
16Chin Nee: Please pray for Jun Hong (Johor volunteer). Ask God to give him love and patience for his father. Pray for his father that he can stop drinking and work hard. Thank God that his mother accepted Christ recently. Pray that Jun Hong and his brother-Jun Kit can influence their father to know God.
17May Kuan: Please pray for Zhi Tong and Zhi Cen that they still influence their non-Christians friends to join evangelistic program and the KL ‘Drop In Station’. They are still young Christians. They seldom have quiet time with God. Ask God to give them willing hearts to know God more and grow in His word.
18Pray for the staffs as we develop different approaches to youth evangelism. We need to develop different methods to reach the different types of young people today, using methods that suit their interests and needs.
19All the YFC staffs will meet in KL for a staff retreat on 19-21/10. Pray for us as we discuss our plans for the 3 centres. Pray that through the planning we will equip and train more Christians to work with us in youth evangelism.
20Kuok Han: Please pray for the Christian student that I follow-up, Ieran. I got to know him outside his school. Although his family are Christians, they do not go to church. Pray for him that he will continue to desire for God.
21Bee Bee: I am in charge of Johor YFC Project Serve 1 training. We are aiming for 40 Christians to join this training. Pray that the churches or Christian that we invite will have interest to join and learn. Pray for the staffs as we prepare the training that it will be clear.
22Nyet Lee: Due to the haze issue, the outdoor evangelistic event – Tchoukball workshop which was supposed to be held on 16/9 had to be postponed to 24/10. Please pray for the event that God lead students to participate in this event. And pray that the haze will not influence our program.
23Kenny: Please pray for my ministry in YFC administrative department. As I do not have background in this area, I have to learn from the beginning. Pray for God to give me wisdom and a learner’s attitude to learn this from Soh Yin.
24Bee Bee: I am in charge of JB Project Serve 1 and mission trip to Serdang. Ask God to give me wisdom on how to supervise and do things clearly, that I will keep learning and understand every detail clearly.
25KL YFC has a one-day training for group leaders in Project Serve 1 on 10/11 which we were supposed to hold on 21/9. Pray for the Christian students who come that they can learn the book of Mark and learn how to help their group members in the training.
26Pray for the first evangelism training to be held on Saturday (31 October) for the youths of Serdang Christian Church as part of the preparation of the people for the mission trip on 8-12 Dec. Pray that the youths in this church will have the burden for evangelism, would be willing to be equipped and actually share the gospel.
27Continue to pray for the volunteer Bible studies in KL at Petaling Jaya and at Cheras (we use Balakong Lutheran Church for this Bible study). Pray that the volunteers will learn through this study and also be reminded from God’s word to live obedient lives that glorify God.
28Jia Yun: Please pray for the Christian students that I follow up Wan Ying. She is the only child at home and her parents are rarely at home because of work. Therefore her relationship with her family is poor. Pray for me that I can build close relationship with her and teach her to learn the word of God.
29Nyet Lee: on 31/10, we will hold a Christian meeting to invite students to join the prayer meeting (English Group). Our target is to invite 20 students to participate and share Project Serve Training with them. Please pray for this.
30The Project Serve 1 training at 3 centres is on 23-27 November. We will discover the amazing life of Jesus Christ from the book of Mark. Pray for the churches and the Christians we publicize to that they would be interested to join and learn.
31TOUR8 planning meeting will be held today. Pray for good progress in the plans.