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Prayer Digest: November 2020

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for November 2020. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest November 2020 here: English | 中文

DayPrayer Items
01Kok Siang: Thank God for leading our "Escape Plan R" event on October 24th to end smoothly. Please pray for the follow-up. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in everyone's heart, so that non-Christians are willing to know Jesus Christ, and pray that every participating Christian will be inspired to continue to participate in youth evangelism.
02Sy Wei: The staff have begun preparations for our “Project Serve 1” training. Pray for the teachers and volunteers – Wee Shyan, Kenny, Sy Wei, Wei Xian, May Kuan, Liew Qi, Jia Jun, Jun Hong, Siew Ling and Kok Siang to have wisdom. We hope that what we teach will help Christians learn to become disciples of Christ.
03Yick Ken: The Kepong Volunteer Bible Study group just finished studying the Gospel of Matthew in October. We will start studying Ephesians in November. Pray for God to help us be attentive to God's will, and that as we study His words, we will bear witness to His grace in the areas of work, family, and life.
04Wee Shyan: A group of volunteers from Johor recently finished studying Ephesians in October and will start searching for another book to study in November. Pray that God will be guiding us to read and understand His word, and to live it faithfully.
05Please pray for the personal evangelism department. We are currently planning how to develop this department next year. Ask God to us wisdom as we weigh different approaches and strategies to reach more youths with the gospel.
06Jia Yun: Please pray for Liew Qi who is responsible for leading a “Project Serve 1” workshop. Ask God to help her teach faithfully and clearly.
07Wee Shyan: Please pray for me as I prepare the first thematic message of “Project Serve 1”. We have conducted our first rehearsal and made some changes. Pray for God’s Spirit to illuminate the Scriptures so that I can understand His truth rightly, and therefore teach sound doctrine.
08Jia Jun: Please pray for a new believer, Wu Qizhe. I will meet him online on Saturday to read the Gospel of Mark. Pray for God to let him see the importance of reading the Bible so that he comes to know God personally and grow to love Him more.
09May Kuan: Please pray for my brother Alex. He has been in a drug rehabilitation center for 5 months and has gradually adapted to the center's daily routine. He has apologized for the pain and disappointment he caused our family due to drug abuse. We accept his apology but remain cautious as we observe his ongoing rehabilitation. Ask God to help him see his need for Jesus Christ as his saviour.
10Mei Yan: Please pray for the non-Christian, Cai Jun, with whom I am following up. She believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus, but still can't decide whether to become a Christian or not because of opposition from her father. Ask God to help me continue to accompany her and lead her to know Jesus, asking God to work in her and in her father's heart.
11Hong Liang: Pray for God to lead me to complete the next short film I have been tasked to make. In addition to serving part-time in YFC, I also have commitments to produce a short film for a client.
12Jia Yun: Please pray for the "Bridge to Life" training that Junhong and Jia Jun are responsible for teaching at “Project Serve 1”. This is their first paired-teaching assignment. Pray for God to help them instruct Christians on how to preach the gospel faithfully.
13Yick Ken: Please pray that as we promote the “Project Serve 1” training to churches and Christians, God will be bringing people to join. Pray that we will keep improving how we help Christians grow in their faith and in their burden for evangelism.
14Bee Bee: Please pray for the Christian student, Rong Zu, who is going through a spiritually difficult phase. Ask God to comfort him and instil in him a deep love for Him.
15May Kuan: Please pray for me as I follow-up with these Christian students, Hui Ting, Zi Wei and Bi Tong. I hope they will serve bravely as assistant group leaders during the “Project Serve 1” training. They are fearful and insecure about their competence. I encouraged them, reminding them of their progress and how they have helped others. Ask God to guide me as I walk with them, so that they become courageous disciples of the Lord Jesus.
16Yick Ken: Ask God to watch over the KL ministry planning and upcoming evangelism activities, discipleship training, Christian meetings and follow-up work. Pray for God to lead us as we develop our ministry and work towards mobilizing more Christians to participate in youth evangelism.
17Mei Yan: Please pray for the media evangelism team. We are planning a new online evangelistic program. We ask God to give us wisdom to ideate and organise, so that we can make good use of the Internet to spread the gospel during the epidemic.a
18Jia Jun: Please pray for Wei Jie, a student who recently professed faith in Jesus. I am using the "Basic Christian Living" material to follow up with him. Encouragingly, he tried praying for the first time in one of our sessions, thank God! Ask God to help him so that he can grow in his knowledge and love towards God.
19Siew Nyok: Lord, the harvest is plentiful, but it seems like there are few workers. May the Lord move more young Christians to pray and preach the gospel together, so that more people will come to a saving faith as we await your return.
20Kok Siang: Please pray for the media evangelism team. Since the launch of "Escape R Project", we have been working hard to prepare another new online game. Pray that God will give us wisdom to know how to make good use of the media in this age to allow the gospel message to continue spreading.
21Bee Bee: Please pray for today’s group leader training as we enter our final preparation phase for “Project Serve 1”. Ask God to give me wisdom as I supervise the session.
22Liew Qi (Johor Volunteer): Please pray for my relationship with my family. Because I'm always at home, we have more friction with each other. Ask God to help me and give me the ability to love my family and to love those around me with the love of Christ.
23Nyet Lee: Please pray for Yuan Kai, with whom another Christian student and I are following up. Pray that as we work through the “Discovery Journey" material, Yuan Kai will ask questions and deepen both his knowledge, but also his love for Jesus.
24Wei Xian: Because I’ve been working in front of the computer for long hours, and not maintaining a good posture, my shoulders hurt. I am still monitoring the pain and correcting my posture. If the condition deteriorates, I’ll need to see a doctor. Pray for God's protection.
25Liew Qi (Johor Volunteer): Please pray for my physical and mental health. Because of the epidemic, I am now taking online classes, so I study and rest at home every day, and it gets stressful. Please ask God to guard my heart and find rest in Him.
26Nyet Lee: Please pray for me, pray that I can serve God faithfully and diligently in this ministry. Pray especially for me, because I need to use the computer for a long time, which has affected my eyesight. Ask God to help me.
27Please pray for the working friends around us. Due to the epidemic, many people's work and lives have been affected. Ask God to help us care for them more.
28Sy Wei: Four days of “Project Serve 1” training will be held at the end of this year (21-22/12, 28-29/12). This will be the first time we are doing it online through Zoom, so there are many uncertainties and technical issues to consider. Please pray for this training.
29Jia Yun: Please pray for Xin Yao and Shi Ting with whom I am following up. I am currently studying the Gospel of Mark with them. Ask God to help me to establish a strong friendship with them so that I can help them know Jesus Christ more deeply.
30Siew Nyok: Father, we pray that your Holy Spirit will work to bring enlightenment and revival in the hearts of our staff, volunteers and Christian students, so that all your children will flee from sin and the temptations of this world. We pray that we lead godly lives and devote ourselves serving you and spreading your gospel through YFC’s Ministry or any other means.