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Prayer Digest: November 2018

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for November 2018. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Mei Yann: Please pray for the students who are about to take SPM. Ask God to help them not to forget to draw near to God during the exam period.
02Hui Ling: Ask God to help establish the Cheras Ministry team to develop the Cheras student ministry.
03Peter, Mei Yann, Wee Shyan, Kok Siang, Yick Ken and May Kuan:
During 26-30 November, our 3 areas will conduct our “Project Serve 1” training. Pray for us as we prepare the Bible studies on Matthew’s Gospel. Pray that God will grant us wisdom and strength to lead the students to understand God’s word and keep apply afterward.
04Bee Bee: Please pray for the Johor “Project Serve 1” training. Ask God to give me wisdom to supervise, communicate and partner with different people. Pray for the 5/11 Johor “Project Serve 1” group leaders training. Ask God to lead the group leaders to understand the theme message and their roles as group leaders.
05Jia Yun: Please pray me as I will teach the “Bridge to Life” session together with a Christian student, Liew Ting during “Project Serve 1.” Pray that our partnership will be good and that I will know how to guide her in teaching “Bridge to Life” to other students.
06Han Kee: Please pray for the Christian student, Jia Chyi. This is her third year joining YFC. She began to become lukewarm and she felt that serving became burdensome. Ask God to lead me to encourage her with the Word of God, to help her understand her relationship with God and for her to be encouraged from God's Word so that she can continue to serve Him. I hope that Jia Chyi can cherish the opportunity to serve while she is still young. I also hope that in the future, when she goes to work in society, she still has a passionate heart to serve God.
07Nyet Lee: Please pray for the new Christian student, Shu Juan that I am following-up. We are reading the Bible together now, and please ask God to help her come to know Him in a deeper way.
08Peter and Mai Yann: Please pray for us as we are planning to conduct a 2-day 1-night ‘experience evangelistic camp’ for 20 participants in December. At present, we have not confirmed the location, so please ask God to prepare a suitable venue for us. Pray too as we need to consider how to connect the Gospel from the ‘experience game.’ Ask God to give us wisdom to plan.
09Peter: Please pray for Wei Hao, who is 16 years old this year. He has dropped out of school and must work two jobs a day. Pray that I can arrange time to meet him for Bible study.
10Jia Yun: Please pray for Hui Wen, a Christian student I am following-up. We are starting to study the Sermon on the Mount now. Pray that she can continue to commit herself to Bible study and learn the Word of God. Pray too for Ke Xiang, a non-Christian that I am following-up. I thank God for the deep relationship I’ve built with her. We are currently studying the Gospel of Mark. Pray that she can know Jesus through this Bible study.
11Sy Wei: The end of the year is a busy period because it is close to schools’ long holiday. We (Siew Nyok, Nyet Lee and me) are starting to prepare for different things, especially the year end “Project Serve 1” training. We are responsible for teaching the Bible, planning the evangelistic event, training Christians to become group leaders, arranging training content and so on. Please pray for our health and ask God to give us wisdom to complete the work of preparation and teaching. Ask God to give us Christian students so that we can train and equip them to become disciples of Christ.
12Wee Shyan: Please pray for Peter and myself. We are currently looking for a kindergarten for our eldest daughter, Joyce. Ask God to help us find the right school. Ask God to help me maintain a close relationship with Him so that I will not forget to be close to God due to the busyness of taking care of our children and doing housework.
13May Kuan: Please pray for the “Food Hunt Walkthrough” evangelistic event committee members. They are 3 Form 4 students, Khar Jian, Ethel and Jia Chyi and another 2 volunteers who are working adults. Ask God to give us wisdom and the ability to prepare everything before our deadlines. Please also pray for the publicity of “Food Hunt Walkthrough”. There are currently 8 groups of non-Christian students signed up. I hope that God will continue to work so that eventually more than 7 groups of non-Christian students will join this event.
14Kuok Han: Please pray for my wife and I as we continue to adapt to the life of having a child. Ask God to help us to cooperate and communicate with each other to take care of our child.
15Kuok Han: Please pray for one of our volunteers, Kevin. Ask God to lead and help him to have a stable church life.
16Bernice (KL Volunteer):
There are not many Christians in my college, and the Christians I know are about to graduate. They are very busy, so it is difficult for me to meet them. Ask God to help me to know more Christians in college and mobilize them to join me to share the gospel in college.
17Kok Siang: Please pray for me as I am still struggling and adjusting myself to different things (my ministry, church and my family). I am limited and have a lot to improve. I find that my time is very limited while leading the KL ministry. I am working on what I lack – bible knowledge, communication skills, planning skills, ministry knowledge, etc. Pray that God will help me to seek Him more, to know what is important to give and take, and to rely on Him to complete the things He has entrusted me.
18Siew Nyok: Please pray for YFC staff. Ask God to lead the staff to walk on the path that pleases God. Also ask God to enable the staff to overcome Satan's attacks. Pray that in all kinds of decision-making and leadership roles, they can please God.
19Nyet Lee: Please pray for my mother. Since she started dialysis, she is very weak and prone to illness. She saw the doctor last month, and he told us that she had insufficient blood, so she would be more tired after undergoing dialysis and we will need to supply her with lots of nutrients. Pray that my mother's immune system can improve, and her body can be healthier. Also continue to pray for her salvation.
20Kuok Han: Please pray for the “Project Serve 2” training and the “Next Station 10” evangelistic event for next year. Ask God to give me wisdom to know how to arrange time to plan for both.
21Pray for the board meeting tonight. Ask God to let the contents that we discuss about continue to help young Malaysians to hear the gospel and to equip Christians to preach it boldly.
22Han Kee: During the “Project Serve 1” training, I will be staying with a few volunteers and some students. Please pray for us (the group leaders who will stay together) that we can accompany these students during break times to help them use this opportunity to equip themselves and consider their relationship with God during these five days. Please pray for the health of the students and the group leaders, that we can have enough rest during this training so that we do not fall ill.
23Bernice (KL Volunteer): I have 3 non-Christian students, Jason, Jia Yuen and Vern Yi who are interested to know more about Christianity. Two of them will be assigned to another class in the next semester, and the chances of meeting them will be less. Ask God to give me opportunity and wisdom to share the gospel with them.
24Siew Nyok: Please pray for the ministry Christian students. Pray that they will be willing to commit themselves to the Lord amidst their busy lives, and to rely on God while serving and to experience the Lord's presence in ministry. Pray for them to consider ministry roles next year, and for willingness to learn to wait and offer themselves to God.
25Nyet Lee: Please pray for the mission trip to Ipoh in December. From 6-10 December, the Malacca ministry will send a mission team to assist with the children's ministry at Word Place. Pray that the mission trip members be well prepared to assist the evangelistic work happening in Ipoh. Also pray for me as I lead this mission trip.
26Yick Ken: Please pray for “Project Serve 1” starting at all the YFC centers today. Pray that this training will serve to increase the number of young people reached with the gospel through the work of YFC. Pray too for the follow up after the “Project Serve 1” training in the 3 areas. Pray that the Christian students from each area who have been equipped by God’s word continue to have willing hearts to continue to share the gospel alongside us in this grassroots ministry. Pray for the staff as we follow up these students and continue to mobilize them in youth evangelism.
27Bee Bee: Please pray for “Next Station 10” next year where I will oversee the program. Ask God to help me supervise the whole preparation. We are already starting to look for different venues. Ask God to help us find a suitable venue and to attract young people to join this event.
28Siew Nyok: Please pray for our ministry volunteers. Pray that volunteers can be filled with enthusiasm, and they will have more opportunities to share the gospel to lead people to the Lord. Pray that there will be a wonderful partnership with the staff team as well.
29Kok Siang: TOUR 11 evangelistic event will fall on 26 March 2019. The preparation is on-going. Pray that God will grant us strength and the resources that we need, so that we can mobilize more Christians to be part of evangelism.
30Lily (KL Volunteer): Please pray for me to have a good relationship with my friends. Pray that I can bravely use the right way to share the gospel to other UKM students.