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Prayer Digest: November 2017

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for November 2017. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Siew Nyok: Thank God Malacca project staff, Jia Yih has finish her service in Malacca YFC. Starting today, she will work in Malacca Public Bank. Ask God to lead her so that she can keep glorifying God in her workplace.
02Siew Nyok: Pray to God to grand me strength to keep relying on Him and to serve Him. November and December is a busy period. I need to carry out training and run an evangelistic event. I will also conduct a Christmas Evangelistic event in my own church in Machap Baru.
03Pray for Piang Hong and Mei Yann as they meet Jun Hong at Pagoh today and meet his church leaders and understand his situation better as they seek to help Jun Hong continue in evangelism and influence other Christians in university.
04Sy Wei: Please pray for my health. A few weeks ago, I felt pain from my waist to my left leg. The doctor said it might be affected by the injury from my soft tendon and muscle. This makes it hard for me to stand or sit for a long time. I am still undergoing physical therapy.
05Sy Wei: Please pray for a new Christian, Jesselyn. She is facing SPM this year. Pray to God to grant her wisdom and health to handle the exam. Also pray that she can keep attending church.
06Nyet Lee: Please pray for my mother’s health. She has diabetes, so she has been taking medicine for a long time to control her blood sugar level. The doctor said that my mother needs to start kidney dialysis. When she heard that, she felt very down. Please pray for my sibling and me to know how to face this problem. Also pray for my family’s salvation.
07Bee Bee: Please Pray for students, Xin Yi, Pei Yun, Liu Qi and Yu Xuan who are busy preparing for SPM. Pray to God that they can arrange time to prepare for the exam and allocate time for devotion and prayer. Pray too that I can keep encouraging and accompanying them.
08May Kuan: Please pray for a non-Christian student, Xin Yu. Her mother does not oppose me meeting with Xin Yu so I was able to meet her for “Discovery Journey” through baking cake during the school holiday. Pray to God to grant me wisdom to follow-up Xin Yu and pray that Xin Yu’s mother will not stop Xin Yu to know Christ.
09Kuok Han: Please pray for Christian students, Zi Yi, Di Qi, Di Wei, En Yi, Jing Hang, Dorcas and Xi Rui in SMK JJ1. They have set their target for evangelism for next year. Pray that they can rely on God to share the gospel to their friends.
10May Kuan: Please pray for the evangelistic workshop during the “Project Serve 1” training in KL. Pray to God to lead the organizing committee with the preparation. I hope that we can prepare everything before the dry run and everything can run clearly and smoothly.
11Jia Yun: Please pray for the volunteer bible study group in JB. You Hwee, Chee Cong and Chin Khang are joining. Pray that they can commit to this bible study group and learn well from the book of Philippians.
12Han Kee: Please pray for the 3 non-Christians, Chun Jie, Yu Hoong and Kong Yao. They understand the content after we went through the 1st lesson of the “Discovery Journey”. Please pray for the 2nd meeting, for God to lead me not only to follow-up on them but also to be able to spend more time to build relationship with them.
13Kok Siang: Please pray for KL ministry. We have started planning for next year’s ministry. Next year we will mobilize some volunteers and students to serve closely with us. Right now, we already have two volunteer groups to plan and oversee the evangelism work in Kepong and Chares. Pray to God to help the staffs and volunteers to have a good partnership to develop the ministry.
14Kok Siang: Please pray for next year’s mass evangelistic event “TOUR 10: The Next Chapter”. We have started to plan for the game’s concept and routes. Please for the organizing committee that God grant us wisdom and strength to prepare for this event. Pray too that we can mobilize more Christians to join the work of youth evangelism.
15Siew Nyok: Pray to God to lead the Christian students to attend “Project Serve 1” training in November till December. Pray to God to help them be renewed and challenged by scriptures so that they are willing to join and work with us in evangelism in school – to encourage Christians to share the gospel to non-Christian students.
16Jia Yun: Please pray for a Christian student, Kevin. He is struggling whether to join the next year’s “Project Serve 2” training or not. He is thinking of working to saving money for further studies. Pray that he can think clearly, have a discussion with his family and make the right decision.
17Pei Jun (Mal Volunteer studying in UUM):
Pray to God to give 10 University Students who have burden for Children ministry to join us to plan for April 2018 Children Camp.
18Kok Siang: Please pray for KL “Project Serve 1” training. The staffs will be in charge of different training and sessions. Pray to God to grant us wisdom to prepare and teach the students.
19Peter: Please pray for “Project Serve 1” training on 27/11-1/12/2017 in Johor. Pray to God to help these Christian students to learn well and for group leader to observe the students clearly to find out the problems that students face, so that they can deal with their problems.
20Mei Yann: Please pray for Johor “Project Serve 1” group leaders. Pray that they can prepare well to understand the main message; so that they are able to lead their group members to understand the message during the 5 days training.
21Pray for the YFC board meeting tonight to discuss 2018 plan and other matters affecting the work.
22Wee Shyan: Please pray me as I am teaching “1 Thessalonians” in “Project Serve 1” training. Pray to God to help me so that I can teach God’s word clearly and correctly. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the Christian students to understand and apply the truth.
23Wee Shyan: Pray that my two daughters can cooperate obedient when I am teaching in Project Serve 1. Pray too for my whole family to have good health to attend the “Project Serve 1” training.
24Peter: Please pray for me to have strength and energy to accompany the students to learn for a week in the “Project Serve 1” training. Pray too that I can clearly convey the mission and commandment of Jesus Christ.
25Bee Bee: Please pray for my mother. She keeps vomit after eating. The doctor cannot find a reason for this after a body check-up but her body still does not feel better. We have visited a few doctors. Right now, a doctor has given her stomach medicine and if the problem continues, they would then have to carry out other tests. Pray to God to heal my mother, pray that she can have a healthy body.
26Mei Yann: Please pray for me as I am in charge of “Project Serve 1” training in JB. This is my first time to take charge of this training. There are a lot of things I need to arrange and communicate. Pray to God to grant me wisdom so that I know how to help the participants understand God’s word and apply into their daily lives.
27Pray Project Serve starting at all the YFC centers today. This training is important to develop ministry students, and the result of this training affects the manpower situation next year. Pray too that this training will serve to increase the number of young people reached with the gospel through the work of YFC.
28Nyet Lee: Please pray for the 2 Christian students, Julyta and Mayraini that I am following up. Their language and learning ability is weak, so I have to slowly explain things to them when we have bible study. Pray to God to help me to explain scripture clearly. Pray for them that they can keep growing in God’s word. Also pray that they can join the “Project Serve 1” training to learn to share the gospel.
29Nyet Lee: Please pray for me as I prepare for the English “Project Serve 1” training on 6-9/12. I need to supervise the publicity, teach lessons and conduct group leaders training etc. In the following weeks I am also in charge to lead a mission team on 12-15/12 to an Orang Asli village. Pray to God to help me know how to arrange time to do all these.
30Pray for the university student work. The first aim of equipping individual university students to be equipped in bible study skills is ongoing. The next 4-day intensive training and study is planned for 27-31 January 2018. How to carry out the second aim of enabling the students in evangelism is harder as each situation is different. Pray for Piang Hong as he meets the university students and for God’s guidance to develop the right strategy to do this.