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Prayer Digest: May 2020

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for May 2020. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest May 2020 here: English | 中文

DayPrayer Items
01Thank God, during the MCO, YFC insists on employing different ways to evangelise and disciple. Please pray for our staff, Christian students and volunteers, asking God to lead us to adapt to the circumstances and continue to fulfil the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.
02Nyet Lee: Please pray for my mother. Despite the Movement Control Order, she still needs to go to the kidney dialysis centre three times a week. Please pray for her health and safety.
03Yile (Johor Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for the planning I am doing for May. Pray that I will be smart and use my time wisely to do the right thing without indulging in entertainment.
04Kok Siang: Please pray for Pui Pui and I. Although we have more time to spend with our children during this period, it is also a challenge. We need to work from home and take care of our children and arrange for them to study and play. May the Lord give us patience and wisdom to know how to teach and bring them up. Also pray that they can understand our instructions and be willing to follow them.
05Sy Wei: Although we are unable to meet students and volunteers during the Movement Control Order, we can still practice devotion and study the Bible with them through "Zoom". Ask God to help us value our relationship with Him and be willing to spend time reading His word. May He help us to avoid laziness, whether physically or spiritually.
06Mei Yann: Please pray for the evangelistic event department. Presently, due to the epidemic, we cannot engage in outdoor activities. So I need to come up with alternative ways to share the gospel as circumstances demand. Ask God to give the staff wisdom to plan.
07Xiao Xuan (Johor Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for my studies. In this semester studies will be conducted online. May the Lord give me self-discipline to arrange my time well. I also pray that I can have good interactions and communications with my classmates through this medium.
08Bee Bee: Please pray for my mother because she has been coughing recently and feels uncomfortable. Ask God to give her a healthy body and strength.
09Hong Liang: Ask God to give me wisdom to lead the devotion group to successfully complete our 20-day devotion plan.
10Xin Yee (Johor Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for me to follow up students using the internet. May God give me wisdom to communicate effectively with different people. Also ask God to give me a clear mind and a careful heart to accomplish what needs to be done.
11Nyet Lee: Please pray for my elder sister's family. Their income has been affected by their inability to work under the Movement Control Order. Her family is facing financial constraints. Pray that God will contain the spread of the virus so that those affected economically can experience relief.
12May Kuan: Please pray for me as I am leading Zi Wei, Bi Tong, Hui Ting, Jia Qi and Hai Tian in personal devotion. Pray for God to give them hearts eager to know Him, so that their life will gradually grow. Sometimes, Hui Ting and Jia Qi will miss our session because of irregular schedules. But I thank God because Zi Wei and Bi Tong are growing spiritually. They were once shy to share personal struggles but are now confident in leading others to read the Bible.
13Xin Yee (Johor Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for my follow-up students, asking God to help me have the wisdom to help them understand the gospel and accompany them in their walk with Christ.
14Hong Liang: Please pray that God helps me have the inspiration to plan and visualise the video to be produced next.
15Xiao Qhee (Johor Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for me. I am following up some students who are interested in knowing Jesus. Pray that God would help me build relationships with them using the Internet as I teach them more about His Son.
16Wee Shyan: Please pray for our volunteer Bible study group on Saturday morning. We are currently studying "Ephesians." Ask God to help volunteers to be strengthened and be reminded of gospel truths through our sessions.
17Xin Cheng (Johor Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for me. I am trying to be more productive with my time and want to be more focused on God. Pray that He will help me to desire His word more. I also pray that I can continue to equip myself and be reminded to live a godly life while serving Him.
18Jia Yun: Please pray for the campaign the personal evangelism department will launch in the second half of the year. May God give us wisdom to launch this campaign creatively amidst a difficult season.
19May Kuan: Please pray for my Bible study sessions on "Ruth" with Polly, Esther, Hui Xi and Hui Ke. Ask God to give us a heart eager to know God and to understand the Scriptures. I am very happy to study the Bible with them because the questions they raise often inspire me to think deeply about the meaning of scripture and its implications for everyday life.
20Ken (Johor Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for the non-Christians I am following up. Ask God to help them continue to be interested in knowing the Lord Jesus.
21May Kuan: Please pray for the volunteers I mobilized to participate in personal evangelism. They are Hui Xi, Polly, Song Xuan and Xiang Yu. Thank God, they all have the heart to preach the gospel and they are willing to preach the gospel to their friends and acquaintances. Pray that God will give them love and continue to join us as we evangelise through phone calls.
22Wee Shyan: Please pray for my two children - Joyce and Grace. Ask God to give me wisdom to teach and accompany them to grow. Also ask God to reveal Himself to them through His word, that they learn to love and fear Him from an early age.
23Yick Ken: Please pray for the volunteers and students I am discipling, they are Jing Yi, Yik Huo and Caleb. Ask God to lead me and grant me wisdom to equip them to grow in godliness. Please pray that the Spirit will work in their hearts, to transform them to become more Christlike.
24Xiao Qhee (Johor Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for my family, that that God will enable us to have family devotions and Bible studies together.
25Jia Yun: Please pray for my parents. Ask God to give them healthy bodies and continue to pray for my father's salvation.
26Kok Siang: Please pray for me. During this period, I also need to lead a group of staff, volunteers and students to think about how to talk about Jesus digitally. Because it is difficult for our ministry to have large-scale activities in the next six months, we must prepare for this. Ask God to give us wisdom and creative ideas to ideate and plan how we can conduct different activities and training using the technology available to us.
27Jia Jun: Please pray for my grandfather and thank God that he is willing to believe in Jesus. Ask God to strengthen him and give him peace and hope in his heart. Please pray for his health and ask God to give him good sleep and a good appetite.
28Yick Ken: Please pray for my cousin, Jia Hui. Thank God that I had the opportunity to call her and present to her the good news of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Although she finally expressed no interest to continue understanding Christianity, I am grateful that God gave me this opportunity. Pray that He will work in her heart, that as she continues to hear the gospel, she might one day accept Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior.
29Bee Bee: Please pray for me so that I can wisely supervise the work of the follow-up department. May God give me the wisdom to work with the other committee members to prepare suitable materials. Also pray that we can mobilize more Christians to commit to following up non-Christian students.
30Yick Ken: Please pray for my personal growth. Pray for God to help me continue having a heart that thirsts for His Word, that continually pursues Him and is eager to grow in my understanding of the Bible and become a mature Christian.
31YFC needs to conduct different trainings online. Pray for the team in charge, that they learn the skills and techniques needed to equip others to grow in Christian maturity.