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Prayer Digest: May 2019

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for May 2019. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Wee Shyan: Please thank God for the creative evangelistic training that Rob George conducted in Johor Bahru on April 11-12. A total of 65 Christians attended. Ask God to help these Christians apply the creative evangelistic methods they learned to share the gospel with more non-Christians around them.
02Siew Nyok: Thank God for my recovery after a surgery in February. I am now back serving in the ministry with the other staff, volunteers and students. Thank you for your prayer and continue to pray that God will to use me to serve Him better.
03Bee Bee: Please pray for the “Next Station 10” counselling briefing on May 4. Ask God to help Christians understand their roles and prepare themselves to share the gospel during the event.
04Nyet Lee: Please pray for Melissa (volunteer), Hui Jie (student) and I who are overseeing our evangelism efforts during the evangelistic event - Fun Max Hunt on June 1. This is going to be a big evangelistic treasure hunt. We hope to mobilize 100 Christians to share the gospel to 300 non-Christian students. As we are responsible for the evangelism department, we need to come up with a creative yet biblical gospel link and what evangelistic tool to use. Pray that we can mobilize 100 Christians to be involved as group leaders. Pray also that we can equip and train these Christians well.
05Sy Wei: After the end of the Project Serve 2 training, our manpower has decreased. The student contacts, including new converts and those indicating interest to know more about Christ from events are now under staff supervision. Please pray for us to continue to follow-up with these students even though we have limited manpower.
06Bee Bee: Ask God to let me know what I need to do to prepare for “Next Station 10” clearly and to supervise all departments and maintain a good line of communication with and between all the committee members involved.
07Siew Nyok: Pray for our event - Fun Max Hunt 1 June’s publicity. We hope to mobilize 150 Christians to share the gospel to 300 non-Christians. Pray that God will prepare these students to hear His good news.
08Mei Yann: Please pray for me as I oversee the program aspect of "Next Station 10." Ask God to give me wisdom as I plan the various details for the event. Pray that I may also know how to mobilize Christians to participate in this evangelism work.
09Sy Wei: Malacca YFC will run a mass evangelistic event on 1 June. Currently, the event preparation is underway. I oversee publicity. Thank God for these two students – Li Song and Cecilia who are helping to publicize this event with me. Please pray for our partnership and pray also that God will provide 300 non-Christian students to attend this event.
10Mei Yann: Thank God, the student, Ze Shen, who Simon followed-up with has come to believe in Christ. He knows that his family would object to this, so please ask God to strengthen his mind and help him rely on God to overcome this difficulty.
11Wee Shyan: Please pray for me as I will be head of the game stations in the “Next Station 10” evangelistic event. I am responsible for supervising the station ICs and logistics. Ask God to help me to have the ability and strength to do the job well.
12May Kuan: Please pray for the student, Ethel, that I am following. She is a high school student. She is very busy with her studies and she even has classes on Saturdays. If I want to mobilize her to participate in ministry, she only has time during the evenings or holidays. She has set herself a goal to proactively preach to her non-Christian classmates. Pray that I can continue to maintain a good relationship with her and supervise her to conduct evangelism.
13Peter: All thanks to the Lord for the three offices YFC has. Pray that I might know how to manage and promote youth evangelism. Ask the Lord to give me strength.
14Nyet Lee: Over the past 2 months, my mother’s knee has been constantly in pain, which affects her from walking normally. After a body check-up, the doctor says it may be caused by uric acid in her body. The doctor gave us some suggestions and reminded my mother to aware of what she eats. She feels very depressed and often grumbling. My mother really needs Jesus to be her Saviour and Lord. I firmly believe that if my mother has Jesus, her life would not be so painful, because he can give her true peace, joy and comfort. Please pray for her salvation and health.
15Jia Yun: Please pray for me and the Christian student Liu Ting. We will be responsible for counselling aspect of “Next Station 10” on May 25. Pray that we can have work well together and communicate clearly to get our parts planned well.
16Mei Yann: Please pray for the cooperation between Xiao Xuan (also the “Next Station 10” program committee) and me. She is currently studying in Singapore University, and she also needs to arrange her time to plan for this event. Pray that God will allow us to communicate well.
17Kok Siang: A few difficult experiences have kept me constantly rethinking the motivation of my ministry. What am I doing? For whom am I being busy? The work is seemingly endless, and I often feel I’ve fallen into a bottomless pit. I have not served God, nor approached Him well. Please pray for me, I need to renew my relationship with God, spend time to come close to Him, and ask the Lord to help me to regain my first joy and passion for serving him.
18Peter: Please pray me to have good communication with Wee Shyan and my two daughters. I feel that I have not spent enough time to accompany them and talk to them.
19Jia Yun: Please pray for the counselling part of “Next Station 10” on May 25. We are using Gospel songs as gospel links. Please pray for Jojo, Shun Yee and Kenny who will be performing, that they can have enough practice. Please pray that Jojo can share the gospel clearly as well.
20May Kuan: Please pray for the SMK Sinar Bintang school ministry. Chai Lin is willing to participate in the school ministry before starting college and participate in the prayer meetings with the Christian Daphanie. Pray for Chai Lin and Daphanie to have hearts which loves lost soul and take the initiative to preach to non-Christian students and invite more Christian students to join us.
21Kok Siang: Please pray for the KL ministry. We need more manpower, especially young people who are willing to commit themselves to be equipped to participate in the field of youth evangelism, to contact and to accompany students to grow into Christlike maturity.
22Sy Wei: Please pray for my personal health. My left leg gets painful sometimes and it takes quite a long time to recover. This has made moving around impractical, and hampers my work, especially because I need to go to school or to an event. Because of that, I take painkillers to relieve my leg pain. However, I am scared that it might cause side effects such as damaging my kidneys. Pray that God will heal me.
23Siew Nyok: Please pray for the “Fun Max Hunt,” that our event committee will have wisdom to prepare and organize this evangelistic event well. There are 16 of us in this team. Pray that God will grant us good health and unity to advance gospel work together.
24Peter: Please pray for me as I often travel back and forth between Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Johor Bahru. Ask God to give me energy to drive and arrive safely at my destinations.
25Bee Bee: Ask God to lead today's event “Next Station 10” to run smoothly. Also ask God to prepare the non-Christian participants’ heart to hear the gospel.
26Yick Ken: The ministry in Kuala Lumpur is facing a lack of manpower. Therefore, over the past few weeks, we went to the 5 schools we previously targeted to contact Christian and non-Christian students in different ways. Pray that we can keep knowing and mobilizing Christians to preach the gospel in their schools.
27Nyet Lee: Please pray for these students – Chang Zee and Wei Wen whom I am leading. They are Christian Fellowship (CF) committee members. Currently, I am teaching them Mark’s Gospel and they plan to teach this book to their CF members. This will be their CF’s plan for the second half of the year. Pray for the two of them to be committed to take up the role of teaching in CF, especially since they are very busy, and it is hard to meet up together for this Bible study.
28May Kuan: Please pray for the SMK BSD School Ministry. At present, Jia Qi, Jia Wei, Jia Yu and Hui Qing are attending prayer meetings consistently. They are not very clear about their salvation. But they are very willing to participate in prayer meetings to learn to pray and to establish their commitment to Christ through Bible study. Ask God to give them a heart to pursue growth.
29Yick Ken: Please pray for my personal health. I don't sleep well, I often get up in the middle of the night. That makes me always feel tired. Ask God to help me have a healthy body to serve Him.
30Kok Siang: Thinking of my life in Kuala Lumpur, I leave home early and return late. I also need to send my daughter to a child care centre when I go to work early in the morning. Pui Pui is responsible for sending my son to my mother-in-law’s house. In the evening, after work I need to pick up my daughter from the centre and have dinner at my mother-in-law’s house. By the time we reach home is already late. This habit has lasted for more than three years, and it has also affected our family life. Please pray for me and Pui Pui, asking the Lord to help us know how to build this home according to His will.
31Yick Ken: Please pray for my work. Recently, the Kuala Lumpur staff go to different secondary schools to contact students. Besides dealing with student ministry, I also need to take care of administrative things. This leaves me unable to finish my work on time. Ask God to help me to intelligently arrange my time to take care of all my work. Also ask God to arrange for more people to join us and have new staff to join the administrative ministry.