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Prayer Digest: May 2018

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for May 2018. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Wee Shyan: Please pray for my father as his diabetes has caused his left eye to be bloodshot and affects his vision. Ask God to heal my father.
02Peter: Please pray for a student, Wei Hao that I am following up. He is interested to know God but he is busy in basketball training. Pray that I can meet with him to help him to know God.
03Wee Shyan: Please pray for me as I am starting to lead the devotion every Tuesday’s JB staff meeting. Ask God to help me to prepare well and pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the staffs to consider and apply His word.
04Nyet Lee: Please pray for my mother’s kidney problem as her condition has gotten worse lately. Her legs are swollen and she finds it difficult to walk. Pray that her legs can recover soon and she will accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.
05Xuan Yang (Malacca Project Serve Student):
I am starting to study music (major in piano) in UCSI University this month. Pray that I can manage to get a full scholarship to lessen my parents’ burden.
06Bee Bee: Please pray for a student, Mei Wei that I am following up. She is interested to know more about Jesus. Pray that she will be willing to believe and accept Jesus Christ.
07Kok Siang: Please pray for a new volunteer Xin Hao. Ask God to guide and help him so that he will be committed and be equipped in youth evangelism. Pray too for the student that Xin Hao is following-up. Ask God to help them to continue to be interested to know Jesus Christ and be willing to accept Him as Lord and Saviour.
08Sy Wei: Lisa and I are following-up 3 students, Pei Yun, Pei Ling and Jolin. Thank God that Pei Yun has decided to accept Jesus Christ. Please pray for her to keep growing. Pei Ling and Jolin have not yet make their decision. Please pray for them that they can understand and know God.
09Han Kee: Please pray for students, Ming Feng and Wen Jie that I am following up. Wen Jie mentioned that he wants to believe Jesus after we finished “Discovery Journey”. But because of opposition from his family, he has not accepted Jesus Christ. Ming Feng mentioned that he can supply for himself and control his own future. Both of them are still willing to have bible study with me. Pray for their salvation that they will accept Jesus Christ one day.
10Kuok Han: Please pray for Christian students, Ken, Nichloas, Timothy, Samuel, Isaac, Emmanuel and Chuan Sheng studying in a Christian school, CCEM. We have bible study and conduct the evangelism together for about 2 years. We are mobilizing new Christians to join us in evangelism now. Ask God to lead them to mobilize Christians and to know Him.
11Yi Xian (JB Project Serve Student):
Please pray for 6 students in Ulu Tiram. There are non-Christian students that Jia Yun and I contacted and shared the gospel in SMK Ulu Tiram. They are interested to know about Jesus and are willing to meet with us to know God. Ask God to help them to know and understand who Jesus is.
12Liew Qi (JB Project Serve Student):
Please pray for the students, San Xuan and Jie Xin from Seri Alam that I am following up. They cannot come out to meet with me because of their family, so I will follow-up on them via letter. Ask God to grant me wisdom to know how to help them know God through this different way of follow up.
13Jia Yun: Please pray for students Shi Yan and Shi Hui that I am following up. They are non-Christians who are interested to know more about Jesus. We are studying the Book of Mark now. Pray that they can know Jesus Christ.
14Ivy (Malacca Project Serve Student):
Pray for my studies so that I will know which course to choose and that I can finish the course after choosing it. Also pray for my spiritual life so that I will spend more time to get closer to God and to live a God-centered life.
15Lisa (Malacca Project Serve Student):
Pray that I will continue to thirst for God’s word after Project Serve training and be rooted in it so that I can preach the gospel earnestly and show compassion towards others.
16Lisa (Malacca Project Serve Student):
Pray for God’s guidance so that I can get a scholarship to lessen my parents’ burden.
17Mei Yann: Please pray the dry run for the “Next Station 9: Escape from the City” on 19/5. Ask God to lead this dry run to run smoothly and all the group leaders and crew can understand their role. Pray that all of us can work hard on the event for the sake of the gospel.
18May Kuan: Please pray for Jason, he is 15 years old now. He expressed that he want to serve God during “TOUR10.” Please pray for him that he can arrange his time to meet with me to have evangelism training and to evangelize while he is preparing for the PT3 exam.
19Jin Xian (Malacca Project Serve Student):
Pray that God would guide me to choose a suitable course to further my studies. Pray that God would lead me to keep growing in His word and serve Him enthusiastically.
20Yong Sheng (Mal Project Serve Student):
Please pray for my 3 months service in YFC. Ask God to grant me wisdom and strength to serve. Also pray for my spiritual life so that I can keep growing and stand firm in my faith.
21Lily (KL Project Serve Student):
Please pray for the Cheras, KL event - “Survival 2”. Pray for 48 students to sign up for this event and listen to the gospel.
22Nyet Lee: Pray for the English Ministry in Melaka as it has run into a bottleneck lately. Pray that God would help me to serve earnestly in the English ministry.
23Sy Wei: Pray that I can maintain a close relationship with God and be sensitive to sin and keep myself from sinning.
24Peter: Please pray for me as I am preparing for the “E-Action” and “Next Station 9.” Pray that I can supervise all the committees to finish they tasks.
25Han Kee: Please pray for the 3 on 3 Basketball Competition. As the event person-in-charge, I am still trying to form a committee and find a suitable place to hold it. Pray that God will prepare Christians to join and plan for this event.
26Jia Yun: Please pray for Christians in Desa Jaya as we are mobilizing different Christians now. Pray that we can keep relying on God and ask God to move in their hearts.
27Kok Siang: Please pray for me as I notice that I still have a lot to improve since I start to be in charge of KL YFC ministry. I need to use every minute to supervise, plan, promote, and mobilize the ministry actively and with discipline. Ask God to help me to learn meekness and humility, and depend on God in everything.
28Siew Nyok: Please pray for the Malacca Mass Evangelistic Event “Fun Max” on 23/6. Pray for the event committee that God will grant them wisdom to prepare for this event. The target for this event is to mobilize 120 Christian to share the gospel to 280 non-Christian students. Ask God to help the Christian students to invite their friends actively.
29Bee Bee: Pray for me as I am in-charge of the logistic in “E-Action”. Ask God to make things clear regarding what I have to do and arrange, and to mobilize people to accomplish the tasks with me.
30Siew Nyok: Thank God for granting me good health to come back to serve Him. There are many ministries’ plans that have been delayed because of my health. Ask God to grant me strength to keep mobilizing and helping staffs, volunteers and ministry students to serve God and to serve in evangelism.
31Pray for the university student bible study to be held on 18-21 June. There are some new students who we hope will come for this training and can take up the responsibility for this work when the present batch of university student graduate in the next 1-2 years’ time.