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Prayer Digest: March 2019

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for March 2019. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Kok Siang: Thank God for Escape 180. Most of the program issues have been solved. Please pray for the dry run and briefing on 2 March 2019. Pray for Christians who are involved, that they will understand their roles and the game clearly. Pray that the whole dry run will be smooth.
02Qi Le (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Thank God, I saw many non-believers willing to trust in God after the evangelistic event - Survivor. Ask God to look after the follow-up work, let all the “Project Serve 2” students work together to follow-up on these non-Christians to know our God. Ask God to keep me and that I can be contented with my SPM results in March and be able to enter the university that God has prepared and continue to walk on the road ahead.
03Please pray for Siew Nyok, the person in charge of the Malacca Ministry. She had a sore in her stomach which was surgically removed. She is currently taking sick leave at home. Ask God to heal her and let her recover soon.
04Sy Wei: Please pray for my mother. She underwent a cataract surgery on her left eye on 14/2 and she is currently at home recuperating. At the same time, she was sick during the Lunar New Year, and she has not fully recovered until now, coughing a lot, especially at night. Ask God to heal my mother, that her coughing and her eyes can be cured.
05Xi Ming (Johor Project Serve 2 student):
Ask God to look after the four students I am following-up. They are Ze Sen, Justin, Jun Ming and Si Jie. We are going through the "Discovery Journey" material together. They are interested in knowing God, but I need to study with four of them at the same time, so I have to be very familiar with the content of the "Discovery Journey" and be able to grab their attention during each session.
06Felicia Bong (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for the Christian Leadership Camp that we are going to organise in March. I will be in the Program Team. Also pray for my coming results, application and direction for further studies.
07Chai Lin (KL Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for my assignments during the “Project Serve 2” training. Ask God to give me wisdom to finish them within the limited time I have. Also ask God to give me a healthy body to continue serving well.
08May Kuan: Thank God that I can oversee counselling for Escape 180 so that I can correct my mistakes from last year. I don’t want to repeat those mistakes, which included an overcrowded venue and a difficult-to-control situation. I am grateful that the venue has changed and for the increase in the number of big group leaders to assist group leader to share the gospel.
09Jia Xuan (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for me as I am one of the program planners that I can prepare for the March leadership camp. Second, please pray for my SPM scores and my future studies. Third, please pray for my personal health.
10En Hong (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for all my learnings in the “Project Serve 2” training so that I can remember and apply it into my life even after the training ends. Also, please pray for my preparation for the upcoming Church History presentation (part of the “Project Serve 2” training) and for the Christian Fellowship Leadership camp as I’m involved with planning the programme. Lastly, please pray for my personal health as I lacked sleep this month.
11Julyta (Mal Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for my results coming out in March and for my studies. Pray that my father can be changed to be more responsible towards our family.
12Shawn Wong (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for me that I will have a place to stay in Singapore. My mom owned a HDB flat in Ang Mo Kio. My aunty Adeline, from my mother’s side decided to sell the HDB Flat. For the time being, I don’t have a place to stay in Singapore. Otherwise, I must stay in a hostel for the time being. Renting a room in Singapore is too expensive for us especially I will only stay in hostels over the weekend.
13Wei Wen (KL Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for my body and mind. Ask God to give me a healthy body to continue to serve Him, to have a close relationship with Him, and to live a life pleasing to Him and wholly dependent on Him.
14Dorcas (Johor Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for Hui Ling, a student from Ulu Tiram. She is interested in knowing God, but her school has a lot of activities that makes it impossible for us to meet and study the Bible. Ask God to let me have the wisdom to arrange time to follow-up on her.
15Yick Ken: Please pray for the final preparation of "Escape 180". Pray that we can prepare everything. Also pray that the group leaders can be prepared to lead their group members and share the gospel with them and ask God to prepare the hearts of participating non-Christians to listen to the gospel. Finally, pray that the program can be successfully carried out and completed.
16Han Kee: Please pray for the crew and game props of "Escape 180". This program requires a lot of materials to be prepared, and about 50 manpower need to be mobilized. Ask God to prepare enough people to assist and that I can find the right props so that the event can run smoothly.
17Xi Ming (Johor Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for the Christian student, Wei Lun. Because of his busy schedule this year, he has recently been very less involved in school ministry and church fellowship. I hope that he will not ignore God because of his studies. Pray that he can arrange his time wisely.
18Xiao Xuan (Johor Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for Wei Xiang. Ask God to lead him in the face of pressure in terms of his academic performance as well as his involvement in basketball. Please also enable him to arrange time to have a good relationship with God and family.
19Mei Yann: Please pray for the 5v5 Basketball Friendly Competition on March 22. Ask God to give us good weather and give our crew the spirit and strength to cope with a full day of games. Also ask God to keep the participants safe.
20Nyet Lee: Please pray for my mother’s health. She is undergoing kidney dialysis 3 times a week. After her dialysis, she will feel very tired and sometimes lose her appetite. Recently, she even feels her heart beating too fast and that makes her uncomfortable. Please pray for her health and emotion as she gets depressed easily. Pray that I will know how to comfort and encourage her.
21Mayvienne (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for my future. I am very confused about the future. I don't know which discipline to take and where to further my studies. After all, sometimes personal interest and reality cannot be combined. Ask God to prepare a path for me according to His will.
22Bee Bee: Please pray for Hui Ling. Ask God to lead her to face pressures from her academic and curricular activities. At the same time pray that she can arrange her time to maintain a close relationship with God.
23May Kuan: Please pray for the academic performances of Jia Wei and Jia Wei. Ask God to give them courage and motivation to overcome their inner problems and have a positive attitude to go for tuition and review their homework.
24Rong Ze (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for my church. At present, our youth fellowship is in the process of reorganizing itself. Our church has also set our theme – which is for us to be the light in this community. At the same time, we still have a lot of bad traditions and cultures that need to change.
25Kok Siang: Thank God for letting me experience different kinds of “hardships”. I also experience God’s grace and mercy which helped me to slowly understand the goals and principles of my ministry. Of course, I still face struggles and many things have yet to be completed. Pray that God will help me to rely on Him to complete the work He has entrusted me.
26Wee Shyan: Please pray for the creative evangelistic training in Malacca and Johor Bahru in April. Ask God to lead the speaker Rob George to have a healthy body and mind to teach and to mobilize and challenge more Christians to participate in the evangelism.
27Yick Ken: Please pray for the Christian students that I am following-up. They are Khar Jian, Wen Xiang, Qi Song and Jin Yi. Ask God to guide and help them to grow up in the Word of God, to be more intimate with God and to lead Christ-like lives.
28Jia Yun: Please pray for the volunteer - Jing Yu, who is currently applying for a scholarship in China to continue her studies. Ask God to open the way for her and lead her as she decides on the direction of her life.
29Jia Yun: Please pray for the Christian student I am supervising, Hui Wen. She has recently felt a lot of pressure from her studies. Pray that she can cope and be willing to continue to meet with me to study the Scriptures.
30Melisa Bong (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for further studies. Currently, I am not sure what course should I take - whether to take Form 6 or go to college. Pray that I will make the right decision to do what’s best for me. Also pray for the leadership camp for which I’m taking the role of publicity, admin and emcee. Pray that God can lead me as I fulfil all my roles.
31Please pray for students who participated in the “Project Serve 2” training from January to March. Ask God to lead them to continue to apply what they have learnt and continue to preach the gospel.