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Prayer Digest: March 2014

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for March 2014. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest March 2014 here: Chinese English

DayPrayer Items
01Today we have an evangelistic event at Kepong. Thank God 27 non Christian students signed up. Pray that God will open their hearts to hear and accept the gospel.
02Please pray for the follow up after the Kepong evangelistic event yesterday. Pray that the students who accepted Christ or are interested to know God will meet the staffs and Project Serve students to have evangelistic bible study.
03Pray for the publicity among churches regarding e-Action7: Disciple GPS camp, we have sent the letter and camp brochure to churches. Pray that the churches would see the importance of encouraging their youths to join this training. Pray too for the evangelism that will result from this camp.
04Pray that all the staffs, volunteers and Project Serve 2 students will serve God with a good attitude and ask God to search our hearts and that we will depend on Him. May our work and attitude glorify God’s name.
05Jia Yun: Thank God that the personal evangelism campaign of one and a half months in JB is over. Thank God we have shared the gospel with 141 non Christian students. Please pray for the follow up. Pray too that the Christians students will still share the gospel in their schools.
06Shuet Zhen (Kepong Project Serve 2 student): Pray for me to have wisdom and love to follow up the students that I shared the gospel to - Min Yi, Xiao Hui and Xue Xin. Pray that they would want to know God and be able to meet for bible study.
07Please pray for the preparation of TOUR6 evangelistic event to be held on 30 May. We have some ideas how to start the games, but we are still at an early stage of planning. Pray for us, especially Piang Hong, that God will grant us wisdom and strength to think creatively and do it well.
08Today we have an evangelistic event at Cheras, KL. Pray that the Christian group leaders can build friendship with the non-Christian team-mates while playing the games and that they can share the gospel clearly to them.
09May Kuan: Please pray for new convert Hui Sheng. He doubts God and is thinking about stopping, but at the same time, he is still willing to meet for bible study. Pray for him that the word of God will convict him that God is the only true God. Pray for me to have wisdom to help him understand God’s word and may God lead me to serve Him joyfully.
10Sy Wei: Pray for God to help me know how to teach the students to help them understand the word of God.
11Siew Nyok: The Project Serve 2 students will get their SPM and STPM exams results soon. Pray for them to accept their results thankfully. Pray for them as some of them apply for college or university that they will seek God’s will.
12Ee Ling (Kepong Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for me to reach my goal of sharing the gospel to 10 people per month. Pray that God will give me the heart to share the gospel and have love for the souls of the lost sheep.
13Jia Yu (JB Project Serve 2 student): My brother will study in KL soon. Pray for him to be able to adapt to the environment and continue to serve God. Pray for me that I can arrange my time to follow up the non Christian students.
14Yoong Yitt (Kepong Project Serve 2 student): Ask God to give me passion and right attitude to hunger for God’s word. Pray for me as I study the book of Acts that I will have wisdom to learn and apply it into my daily life. Pray for me to have courage to contact and share the gospel with the non Christian students.
15Kuok Han: I am in charge of the mass event in JB on 28 March. Pray for me to have wisdom to work on it with the organizing committee members. 40 non Christian students have signed up. Continue to pray for the publicity and that the students would sign up faster. Pray that the Christians will be enthusiastic as they invite their non Christian friends to join so that they can hear the gospel.
16Siew Nyok: I am busy in the ministry. I need to supervise the staffs, volunteers and Project Serve 2 students and carry out the ministry plan. Pray for me as I depend on Him in this busy time and maintain a good relationship with God.
17Kok Siang: I thank God for that our website problem has been solved. Thank God for some volunteers who helped in this project to put up our website. Pray for me that I will know how to utilize this website fully and meaningfully.
18Soh Yin: Since January, we have started a fortnightly prayer meeting at SMK Menjalara. The purpose of this prayer meeting is to mobilize the Christians in the school to do the work of the gospel with us. Pray that this meeting will encourage the Christian students to see the importance of the gospel. Pray that they will have burden for their friends in their school.
19Pray for our plan for e Action7 camp to be held on 28-31/5/2014. Pray for God to prepare the people to help us plan and run this camp. Pray that this camp will achieve the aim of mobilizing Christians in evangelism and get them to actually carry it out.
20The e Action7 camp speaker- Dr Lee Mee Onn will give us a briefing about his message on 24 March. We need this briefing because it will help us understand his message better and this will help us know how to lead the group. Pray that this briefing will let us think how to lead the groups and how to apply it in our daily lives.
21Jun Hong (JB Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for my brother Jun Jie. He likes to play basketball. Ask God to help him use his hobby to share the good news with his friends.
22Pray for Soh Yin as she speaks at the youth fellowship of Ulu Yam Chinese Methodist Church. She will speak on the Lordship of Christ (BCL Lesson 2). Pray that the youths will respond to Christ and submit to His Lordship.
23Christopher (Malacca Project Serve 2 student): Pray that I can have a good relationship with God every day. Pray that I can have the passion and desire to serve Him whole-heartedly and that every day, I will seek Him and put Him first in my life. Pray for my studies too that God will show me the way in everything I do.
24En hui (Malacca Project Serve 2 student): Pray that God will give me a clear mind and a better understanding on the course to take in my future after the SPM results is release. Pray that I can continue to pursue my studies and get the course I want to take. Pray that it’s always God’s will when I make any decision.
25Patricia (Malacca Project Serve 2 student): Pray that God will use me fully to serve Him during these 3 months that whatever I learn, I can apply it in my church youth fellowship. In May, I will be joining a mission trip organized by my church (Tampin Methodist Church) at Perak. Pray that God will grant me good health and prepare my heart to serve Him wholeheartedly during that time.
26Jing Wei (Malacca Project Serve 2 student): Pray that the Lord to remove the pride in me, and help me to not be arrogant while dealing with people and to remember the real reason for everything I do - not for praise but His glory. Pray for guidance in everything I do.
27Yi Zhi & Yen Yen (Malacca Project Serve 2 student): Pray that God will show me what to do for my future, especially in my studies, and what course I should take after getting my SPM results.
28Kuok Han: Today is our evangelist event in JB. Ask God to open the non-Christian students’ hearts as they hear the gospel and that they would be willing to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord. Pray that the program will run smoothly, and ask God to grant us safety and good weather too.
29Kelvin (Malacca volunteer): I will go for police training in April. Pray for me as I go through this training to be a policeman. Ask God to lead me all the way.
30Kok Siang: I have met Guo Liang a few times for bible study. Thank God that he has desire to grow in God’s word. Please continue to pray for him that he will continue to have good relationship with God and grow in Him.
31The Project Serve 2 training has ended. Pray for the students pray that they will faithfully serve God, disciple other Christians to follow Jesus Christ and teach the word of God to others carefully and passionately.