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Prayer Digest: June 2020

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for June 2020. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest June 2020 here: English | 中文

DayPrayer Items
01Wei Xian: The epidemic in Malaysia has caused instability and uncertainty. May God have mercy on us, that the epidemic may end quickly so that people can slowly return to some semblance of normalcy.
02Siew Nyok: During the epidemic, MYFC specially set up different teams to plan and execute different initiatives. Among them are the Personal Evangelism group, Follow-up group, Creative Evangelism group, Event Planning group, Project Serve training group, and Devotion group. Ask God to help the staff, volunteers and students in different groups to be wise as they seek to serve God in these trying times.
03Wee Shyan: Please pray for my eldest daughter-Joyce. Because of the Movement Control Order, she has not been to school for more than two months. Ask God to help her catch up with her schoolwork and adapt to school life when classes resume.
04Siew Nyok: Malacca YFC will conduct two creative evangelism trainings and two online evangelistic activities in May and June. Our goal is to mobilize 40 Christians to share the gospel with 100 non-Christians.
05Nyet Lee: Please pray for the online evangelistic event scheduled for 6/6 and 12/6 in Malacca. Our goal is to evangelize 20 unbelievers. Pray that God will lead us to establish friendships with the participants and speak to them about the good news of Jesus Christ.
06Please pray for the "How to Preach the Gospel" training we will conduct for the Sentosa Chinese Methodist Church Youth Fellowship through Zoom today. May God lead us to conduct the session smoothly and to teach these youths the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection and how to proclaim it to others.
07Please pray for the "How To Preach The Gospel" training that the personal evangelism team will conduct for the Sibu Wan Ming Methodist Church Youth Fellowship in June. May God grant wisdom to the team involved so that it will be a fruitful time for the youths there.
08Jia Jun: Please pray for the devotion group that I am coordinating during the MCO. Pray that God will continue to inspire Christian volunteers and students to maintain pursue an intimate relationship with God through devotional reading of His word.
09Wei Xian: Because of the epidemic, we all need to use the Internet to contact students and hold different trainings and activities. I’ve realised that I’m not comfortable with sitting in front of a computer for a long time. Ask God to help me adapt to this way of working.
10Kok Siang: Since the MCO, my wife and I have been working harder and it has been difficult to take care of our children. We feel extremely tired. Nevertheless, we are grateful to have the time to play with them, to understand their thoughts and behaviors. This is something we could not do before. May God give us patience and love to know how to cherish every opportunity to teach our children and accompany them as they grow.
11Mei Yann: Please pray for the student I am follow up -Wei Xiong, who just had surgery on his arm. He is usually not cared for by his family, so he has a pessimistic streak. Ask God to heal him and allow him to see God’s love, especially in difficult situations.
12This epidemic has caused many to lose their jobs. Ask God to help us as Christians care for those who have lost their livelihood.
13Please pray for the creative evangelism workshop happening via Zoom today. Pray that God will help Pey Jun and Wee Shyan to teach clearly so that participants can learn effectively.
14May Kuan: Please pray for the student devotion group I oversee, which includes Zi Wei, Bi Tong, Hui Ting, Jia Qi and Hai tian. After a while, I’ve encourage Zi Wei, Hui Ting, and Bi Tong to lead our sessions using SPECS or inductive methods. They have made progress and have begun to share their learnings and thoughts. Please pray for them, asking God to lead them to keep growing and have a heart that thirst for God’s Word.
15Mei Yann: Please pray for the Christian volunteers I mobilized to participate in follow-up work. They are Jia Ying, Yile and Yu Xian. Ask God to help them understand that preaching is a process and be willing to take responsibility for following up students online. Please also pray for them to be able to arrange time to manage their studies as they do gospel work.
16Jia Yun: Please pray for the personal evangelism team for which I am responsible. Ask God to give me wisdom as I supervise and lead the group. Pray too that I can effectively mobilize Christians to see the importance of evangelism and participate in God’s great mission.
17Sy Wei: At present, there are a group of staff, Bee Bee, Sy Wei and Kenny, who are partnering with volunteers, Liew Qi, Jun Hong, Qing Kang and Shin Yi, to prepare the online version of two follow-up materials: “Discovery Journey” and “Studies in Mark’s Gospel”. These materials will be used to follow up on students who are interested to know Jesus Christ digitally. Ask God to give us wisdom to carry out this work.
18Yi Xian (JB Volunteer): Please pray for the committee members of my school's "Christian Fellowship." Pray for God to grant us wisdom to plan. Since we really cannot return to school this year, may we decide how to run the fellowship online.
19Yick Ken: Please pray for me and ask God to lead me wisely to help Jing Yi, Yik Hau and Caleb to know God. I also ask God to help me deepen my relationship with them as I meet them through the Internet. May I continue to care for them and accompany them in their Christian walk.
20Nyet Lee: Thank God that I can conduct Bible studies and devotions with students and volunteers through the Internet. Ask God to help me take this opportunity to challenge them to commit to evangelism. Please pray for me.
21Yick Ken: Please pray for Jing Yi's studies and ask God to keep him wise and intelligent during this period as he prepares for SPM. Pray that he will not forget to continue to rely on God and maintain an intimate relationship with Him during this period.
22Jing Yu (JB Volunteer): Please pray for my relationship with my family. Ask God to give me a loving heart, patience to speak gentle words as I communicate with them and care for their needs.
23Bee Bee: Please pray for the follow-up department I lead, asking God to give me wisdom to supervise and expand our follow-up work.
24Nyet Lee: Please pray for my follow-up with non-Christian student, Shannon and Hui En. Pray that God helps us communicate well as we spend time reading His word. Pray that He will help me teach them about the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.
25Shin Yi (JB Project Servant): Please pray for the students I am following up, Shi Ting and Xin Yao. Thank God for giving them hearts that are willing to know Jesus. Ask God to help me build a relationship with them and open the Bible for them to meet Christ in its pages.
26Yick Ken: Please pray for Yik Hau and Caleb's plans for further education. They are the volunteers I am following-up. Pray that they will be successfully enrolled in their ideal university and course. Also ask God to lead them to live a godly life as they face new challenges. May He give them hearts that love His Word and is eager to know Him deeply, growing in the their understanding of Scripture to become mature Christians.
27Jia Yun: Please pray for my uncle who lives in a health centre. He has gone through surgery on his bowels and is currently recovering. Pray that he can get well soon and believe in Jesus Christ one day.
28May Kuan: My brother Alex has entered a Christian drug treatment center. I hope he can have a fresh start there by encountering Jesus. Please pray for him and ask God to help him adapt to life in the center. May he understand the meaning of life during this period and find forgiveness in God. May he rely on God for strength to lift him from this pain of failure.
29Siew Nyok: May God have mercy on Malaysia and help us do our part to stop the spread of the coronavirus so that the people can return to work/studies. Ask God to help prepare the hearts of people across the country. After the MCO, we must be prepared for the "new normal."
30Wee Shyan: Please pray for my health. Sometimes I feel very tired and my back aches. Ask God to give me strength to cope with daily life.