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Prayer Digest: June 2019

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for June 2019. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Sy Wei, Siew Nyok and Nyet Lee:
Please pray for the Fun Max Hunt event today. Ask God to keep the day's programme, weather, traffic, sound system, and the safety of everyone. Please also pray for the students who come to the event and ask God to prepare their hearts to hear the gospel. Pray for the group leaders and ask God to help them have the wisdom to share the gospel to their group members.
02Siew Nyok: Ask God to lead the students who believed in the Lord and those who are interested to know Jesus after the Fun Max Hunt event. When the staff and volunteers contact them, ask God to help them agree to meet for follow-up, and to participate in the church's Youth Fellowship and Sunday service.
03Bee Bee: Please pray for the follow-up work of the “Next Stop 10” and ask God to enable the staff to arrange time to follow-up with the students who accepted Christ and expressed interest in knowing Jesus Christ. Ask God to prepare their hearts to know God.
04Yick Ken: On 5 - 8 of June (during Hari Raya) some of the staffs, volunteers and I will join the training conference, “NextGen” In this conference, I will attend the third strand. Ask God to give me a heart that hungers and thirsts for His word so that I can keep studying the Bible seriously. Ask God to guide and help us to grow up in the word of God and to be more intimate with God and to lead Christlike lives.
05May Kuan: Please pray for my mother. I feel that my mother has fallen into the trap of the devil and the confusion of paganism. She always believes that my father and my brother's problems stem from being cursed. She is a baptized Christian and still has a misconception that money can be used to redeem her family. Ask God to let her truly understand the meaning of belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and that she will learn to entrust her family to God.
06Mei Yann: Please pray for my mother, she has not recovered from a long bout of coughing. Ask God to heal her.
07Simon (Johor Volunteer):
Please pray for my grandaunt as her face suffers from herpes zoster. Ask God to help her cope with her pain and to rely on medicine and that she can recover as soon as possible.
08Wee Shyan: Please pray for me as I will share the Bible in the staff meeting in June. Ask God to help me have enough time to prepare the Bible teaching.
09Sy Wei: My mother officially retired this year. She was originally a Word Place staff and will now be a volunteer. As a result, her economic resources have also decreased tremendously. Please pray for my mother and ask God to continue to supply my mother's needs and keep her healthy. Also ask God to give her wisdom and know how to use her time wisely.
10Kok Siang: I am following up a young Form 1 Christian student - Song Jie. He is young in faith. He is the second youngest among 8 other siblings. Only his sister and him accepted Christ in his family. Please pray for Song Jie that God will help him to take his relationship with God more seriously and to be assured of his salvation.
11Sy Wei: Please pray for me, my left foot has started to hurt again. This was caused by an injury to my sciatic nerve and the sequelae after I fell last year. Please ask God to heal me.
12Jia Yun: Please pray for the volunteer Jenny, who is currently transitioning to another academic discipline. Pray that she can adapt and have a close relationship with God.
13May Kuan: Please pray for me as I will go to serve in Malacca. Please also pray for the Christian students to whom I am responsible for following-up. There are 10 students I want to follow-up. They are Hui Ting, Hui Qing, Jia Qi, Jia Wei, Jia Yu, Shi Yi, Daphanie, Ai Ni, Zi Wei and Grace. I hope that there will be suitable volunteers or staff who can lead them to keep growing. My current plan is to return to Kuala Lumpur on weekends to continue to meet up with these Christian students.
14Nyet Lee: Please pray for me as I need to mobilize the English-speaking team to run an evangelistic football competition in July. Pray that I can mobilize some students from Christian Fellowships to be involved in the planning and running of the event.
15Xiao Xuan (Johor Volunteer):
Please pray for my school life in Singapore. Ask God to help me adapt to the environment and continue to spend time to draw near to Him even during busy periods.
16Please pray for the staff in the three areas from June 16 - 18. Pray that we can discuss about the plans for the ministry in the second half of the year and ask God to let the staff actively participate in the discussions and planning.
17Mei Yann: Please pray for my new contact Christian, Chen Fei, who has not been to church for a long time. Ask God to help her find a church to belong to so that she can continue to grow spiritually.
18Jia Yun: Thank God for the Christians - Joanne and Ying Shan from SMK Desa Jaya. They are learning to preach the gospel through participating in evangelistic events. Please pray for me to continue spending time to care about their lives and accompany them to grow in maturity.
19Kok Siang: Please pray for me; I feel excited because I am interested in media, but the challenge is that I can’t just rely on myself to complete different projects. I need to mobilize and nurture more people who have related skills to partner together. Another challenge is that it has been almost 2 years since I kept up-to-date with current media technology, development and practices. I have much to catch up and to learn.
20Yick Ken: Recently, I am thinking about should I continue to improve, or should I maintain? I have been thinking and struggling with this issue for a long time. Lately, many people around me have persuaded and encouraged me to keep improving myself and to lose weight. I want to make up my mind to improve myself and become a child with whom God is pleased. Please pray for me that I can discipline myself and not give excuses anymore. Pray that I will not give up easily, and not to be impatient to look for quick success.
21Wee Shyan: Ask God to give me strength and health so that I can help and support Peter so that he can focus on YFC’s ministry.
22Kok Siang: I have been constantly reminded to “never stay the same.” As times pass and eras change, I need to keep on renewing and improving myself through reading more spiritual books, keeping abreast with current affairs, and staying relevant in my knowledge and skills of current media technology, etc. Pray that I can arrange my time well and focus on learning and completing my work.
23We need a lot of Christians who have a burden for young people to join us as full-time staff. Currently there are only 11 staff in YFC.
24May Kuan: Please pray for my role and service as a cell team leader and a Sunday school teacher in my church. Ask God to prepare and move the right people to take up my position as a cell group leader. At present, the deputy leader of my group is not ready to serve as the cell group leader. I do thank God for the new Sunday School teacher who will replace me as Sunday school teacher in July.
25Simon (Johor Volunteer):
Please pray for me, that I can prepare myself and train my physical strength and discipline during June to prepare for my upcoming military training.
26Peter: I have a lot of things to do in these 5 months. Ask God to give me strength to know how to adapt to different challenges and make decisions, especially in leading my team in planning and thinking.
27Wei Xian (Kuala Lumpur Volunteer): Please pray for the student ministry in Kepong. We continue to build relationships with our students and help them understand their beliefs and develop them as student leaders. Ask God to help students value this ministry and be willing to participate in our ministry.
28YFC website needs to be improved to attract more people to visit, to understand our ministry and needs, and to get useful information from it. Ask God to give wisdom to the staff and volunteers in charge to creatively rebuild the site.
29Yick Ken: Pray for a Christian student, Boon Hong and Jing Yi that I am following-up. Ask God to help them continue to grow in Christ and serve God faithfully. Also ask God to give me wisdom to help them grow and know God.
302020 is YFC’s 50th anniversary. We want to mobilize 500 Christians to share the gospel to 5,000 non-Christians. Please pray for the entire preparation plan and ask God to prepare manpower for us.