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Prayer Digest: June 2018

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for June 2018. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest June 2018 here: English中文

DayPrayer Items
01Wee Shyan: I will teach the Scripture every Tuesday Staff prayer meeting in June and during the staff gathering in July. Ask God to help me so that I can complete the preparations in time.
02Peter: I recently have been feeling stressed till I have insomnia because of the preparation for the conference "Backpackers” on 11-14 of June and the mass evangelistic event on 13 of June. Ask God to help me know how to rely on Him.
03Wee Shyan: Please pray for my sister and aunt. Both of their left foot was injured at different times, so it is difficult for their mobility and this affects their daily lives. Ask God to heal them and recover quickly with the help of medical treatment and rest.
04Nyet Lee: Please pray for me as I am in charge of the 25 stations in “E-Action 9.” There are many creative approaches to evangelism, follow-up, events and so on. Mainly I need to encourage the campers to learn different ideas and help them to preach the gospel. Pray for me that I can prepare well for this section to help the campers to learn.
05May Kuan: Please pray for the students Jackson and Grace that I am following up. They are now having their exam. Therefore I cannot keep meeting with Grace. Pray for her that she can keep close with God when she is busy for exams and we can keep meeting after her exam. I have just started to follow up on Jackson. He has a burden for evangelism and hope to be equipped in evangelism. Ask God to grant me wisdom and strength to follow up on them.
06Siew Nyok: Please pray for “FunMax” on 23 June at Methodist Girl School Malacca, from 11am to 3pm. We aim to mobilize 120 Christians to share gospel to 280 non-Christian students. Please pray for the organizing team that God will help them to finish preparing for the event and pray for our ministry Christian students to invite their non-Christian friends to participate in this event.
07Sy Wei: Please pray for the Malacca Evangelistic event “FunMax” on 23 of June. Caleb, Yi Wei, Calvin, Sheng Hao, Jia Xuan, Winnie, Lyvia, Shu Pei and I are in charge for the program. Pray for us that we understand our roles well and get everything done so that the dry run on 2nd of June can run smoothly. At present, we still lack manpower to plan and prepare for this event. Ask God to grant us more Christians who are willing to serve Him with us.
08Nyet Lee: Please pray for Gerald and me as we are in charge of the Logistic in the Malacca evangelistic event “FunMax.” We need Christians to help as logistic members to help prepare for the game props. Ask God to help Gerald and me to have good partnership to complete our role.
09Sy Wei: Please pray for the students, Yi Wei, Winnie, Jia Xuan, Desmond, Charis, Shu Han, Cecilia, Julyta and Mayriani and volunteers Ivy, Jia Ying, Shu Pei, Lyvia, Shao Zhi, Soak Shuan, Calvin and Beston who will join the “E-Action 9.” Ask God to prepare them to have humble and teachable hearts to learn from the Theme message, workshops and evangelistic event.
10Yick Ken: I will be a group leader in “E-Action 9: Backpackers”. The role of a group leader is quite important as we need to lead the group members to learn, discuss, and help them to plan how they can apply what they have learned in this camp. And personally I look forward to learn 1 Peter from the speaker to know God better and know how to live a godly life. Pray for me that I can prepare well and be able to lead my group members to build closer relationship with God together.
11Peter: Please pray for us that we know how to share our mission and passion for evangelism with the Christians in “E-Action 9: Backpackers” on 11-14 of June. Ask God to use me.
12Bee Bee: Please pray for my health. My migraine attack is very frequent recently and it also affects my sleep and service. Ask God to heal me so that I can recover soon.
13Mei Yann: Please pray for the evangelistic event “Next Station 9: Escape from the City” today. Thank God that the non-Christians have the opportunity to listen and respond to the gospel and Christians can participate to share the gospel. Pray for the weather on the day of the event. Pray too for the audio equipment as we will use video and music to connect the entire game. Ask God to look after the equipment to function properly.
14Bee Bee: Please pray for the follow-up after the “Next Station 9”. We need to arrange to follow up the students who accept Christ and express interest to know Jesus.
15Please pray for the follow up after the E-Action. Pray that the Christian students from each area would have been equipped by God’s word and be willing to continue to share the gospel with us in grassroots ministry. Pray for the staffs as we follow up the students and continue to mobilize them in youth evangelism.
16Lily (KL Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for my application for university. Recently UKM is allowing me to have the video interview. Pray that God will let me go to university for further study according to His will.
17Kok Siang: Please pray for the evangelistic event “Survival 2” in Cheras and “Missing Frog” in Kepong. Ask God to grant the organizing teams to have wisdom and clear direction for the preparation. Ask God to prepare the Christian to become the group leaders and crews.
18 Pray for the university student bible study involving 5 new university students taking place in PJ from today until 21 June. Pray that the students would understand how to study and lead bible study, to evangelise and to train others to continue this work.
19Lily (KL Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for the Cheras event “Survival 2” on 30 of June. We need at least 12 group leaders and 10 Station ICs. Ask God to challenge more Christians that they can join us to share the gospel.
20Liew Qi: (JB Project Serve 2 student)
Please pray for the students, Chen Yi and Jie Sheng that I am following-up. Pray that they can keep their interest to have bible study with me to know God. Ask God to move their hearts to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
21Yick Ken: Thank God that Boon Hong joined the “E-Action 9”. I hope that after this conference, he will begin to take seriously his relationship with God, so that he will have the desire to study the word of God, take the great commission of preaching the gospel seriously and be committed to preach the gospel. Pray to God to help Boon Hong to take his relationship with God seriously and have a disciplined Christian life. And pray for me that God will grant me wisdom to know how to keep help and lead him to know God.
22Kuok Han: Please pray for my wife as she is expected to give birth at the end of July. Ask God to keep her and the baby and have a smooth delivery.
23Han Kee: Please pray for the location and organizing committees for the Basketball competition on September. There are still a lot of details that need to be discussed such as the number for the senior and junior group, Ask God to lead the event committees and the partnership with SYFC that we can have a clear concept and good partnership.
24Kok Siang: Please pray the KL ministry. Ask God to give staffs, volunteers and Christian students perseverance and commitment to accomplish what God has entrusted to us
25Yi Xian: (JB Project Serve 2 student)
Please pray for me as I will go to teach in Kindergarten on July. Pray that I can adapt wherever I go.
26May Kuan: Please pray for the prayer meeting in SMK Sinar Bintang. The target is to have 10 Christians and non-Christian students to participate. There are only 3 Christian students who show up recently. Ask God to grant me wisdom to rethink and prepare volunteers to plan for this prayer meeting with me. My initial concept is to do some baking or small activities to get in touch with new students.
27Jia Yun: Please pray for the non-Christian students, Zhi Ying that I am following-up. I am currently helping her to know Jesus Christ through studying the gospel of Mark. Pray that she can know Jesus.
28Pray for the bible study groups going on at different places – for staffs, volunteers and students. Pray that this can help our Christians grow and also be careful to do everything in obedience to God.
29Pray for the follow up with the students who responded to the gospel through the Escape from the City” evangelistic event on 13 June.
30Hui Ling: Please pray for the “Survival 2” today. The target is to have 48 non-Christian students. Ask God to prepare Christian group leaders to share the gospel clearly and non-Christian students’ heart to listen and respond to the gospel. Pray too that this event can run smoothly.