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Prayer Digest: June 2016

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for June 2016. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest June 2016 here: English中文

DayPrayer Items
01There are 214 people in this E-Action8: Pass it on camp at Malacca. Ask God to give these campers the heart to learn and rely on God to share the gospel in the event. Ask God to enable the speakers to share the message clearly. Also pray for the group leaders to lead the students to learn and apply what they learn, and take part in evangelism.
02Pray and ask God to lead the mass evangelistic event “The Revolt” today. Ask God that the organizing committee can prepare well for the event. Pray to God to give us good weather and that the students can have fun and be safe. Pray for these 400 non-Christians would be willing and ready to listen and respond to the gospel. Also pray that after this event these students who accept Christ and express interest to know more about Jesus would be willing to attend the follow up event and be followed up.
03Please pray for the follow up after the E-Action. Pray that the Christian students from each area would have been equipped by God’s word and be willing to continue to share the gospel with us in grassroots ministry. Pray for the staffs as we follow up the students and continue to mobilize them in youth evangelism.
04Nyet Lee: Please pray for futsal evangelistic event on 11/6. Egbert (volunteer) is the person-in-charge. Pray that he can arrange his time to carry out this plan. Pray for the 8 teams coming for the competition and the ministry students that they can learn how to share the gospel to non- Christians.
05Peter: Recently my back has been painful and my body has been feeling tired. Please pray for me that I can change my sitting position, have enough sleep and take care of my body to fulfil His will.
06Mei Yann: Please pray for the evangelistic event “Xscape” which will be conducted on 24-25/6. Pray to God to give the organizing committee wisdom to plan. The target for this event is 64 non-Christians. Right now there are 27 non-Christians signed up for the event. Pray to God to prepare more non-Christians to join the event so that they can listen to the gospel.
07Bee Bee: Please pray for my health. I have been having episodes of migraine, vomitting and sinusitis inflammation lately. Currently I am taking traditional Chinese treatment; I hope it will help and I can recover soon.
08Kai Boon: My sister, Hui Zhen is disobedient and this led to her breaking her relationship with my parents. My parents have decided to send her to a youth detention centre. Pray for me as I am struggling to find a Christian youth detention centre. Please pray for me.
09Kent (Mal PS2 Student): Please pray for my grandparents’ health. He had injuries when he fell at home. Thank God he is now all right and has just been discharged from hospital. Pray to God that he can rest well at home.
10Ask God to lead us in tomorrow’s futsal event at Malacca. Pray that the organizing committee can prepare well for the event. Pray that the group leaders can overcome any fear about sharing the gospel to the non-Christians and for God to prepare the non-Christians to listen to the gospel. Also pray for the event to run smoothly and that all of us will not face any problems.
11Han Kee: Please pray for the 3-on-3 Basketball competitions. The event is only two weeks away but thank God that we have finally found the venue for the event. Please pray for the preparation and also the cooperation with Singapore YGOS.
12Kok Siang: I am in charge of the gospel sharing part of the 3-on-3 Basketball evangelistic event. I need to mobilize 16 Christians to be group leaders to share the gospel to non-Christians. Pray that God will provide our needs and pray that we would be able to find more Christians to help as group leaders.
13Jun Hong (JB PS2 Student): Please pray for the Christian student, Jia Hao that I am following up. He is English-educated. Pray to God to give me wisdom to use the English Basic Christian Living (BCL) to follow up on him. Also pray that he have a learner heart’s to learn God’s word.
14Pray for more people to join YFC to serve full time. We are thankful for volunteers but we need more capable and willing workers willing to serve full-time.
15May Kuan: Please pray for a non-Christian, Chen Ee that I am following up. We already finished studying “Discovery Journey” but she has decided she does not want to become a Christian. She think that to attend church every Sunday is a waste of time. She is unwilling to pay the price to follow the Lord. We will keep meeting each other for bible study. Pray to God to touch and change her unwillingness through the book of Mark.
16Bee Bee: Pray for the new convert, Yan Ping that I am following up. Although her family is oppose to her believing in Jesus, thank God that Yan Ping understands why she wants to accept Christ and is willing to spend time doing devotion and praying. Pray to God to guide her to rely on Him by faith and also pray for her family that they will know and believe in Jesus.
17Kuok Han: Please pray for the new convert, Ken that I am following up. He accepted Christ in February. My ministry student Samuel (his friend) and I are following up on him together. He has started attending church consistently. Pray to God to lead and guide him so that his spiritual life can keep growing.
18Continue to pray for the volunteer Bible studies in KL at Petaling Jaya and at Cheras (we use Balakong Lutheran Church for this Bible study). Pray that the volunteers will learn through this study and also be reminded from God’s word to live obedient lives that glorify God.
19Wee Shyan: Please pray for my uncle. He is suffering the early stage of prostate cancer. He has to go to government hospitals for electrotherapy every Friday for a total of 37 times. Pray God to heal him and give him strength to face the process of the treatment.
20Pray for more new supporters for our staffs, that we will work to achieve personal targets and for our accountability to our supporters.
21Nyet Lee: Pray for me as I am following up two students, Sydney and Felicia for EBS. Pray that we can meet for the study and that they would have desire to know God.
22May Kuan: Please pray for the prayer meeting that I am having at SMK Kepong. Pray to God to help me to push and mobilize Christians to join the ministry. There are 3 Christians and 1 non-Christian joining this prayer meeting. Pray to God that I can know more new Christian students through this meeting.
23Please pray for the volunteers and students in YFC. Pray for them that they will work hard with us in youth evangelism and they will grow spiritually in God’s word and trust and obey God.
24Please pray for the “Xscape” event on 24-25/6 and “3-on-3 Basketball Competition” on 25/6. Pray for these events to run smoothly and that all of us will not face any problems. Pray that the group leaders can overcome any fear about sharing the gospel to the non-Christians and pray for God to prepare the non-Christians to listen to the gospel.
25Yick Ken: Please pray for Chun Hong. Recently we started to have bible study together. Pray for him that he can keep growing in God’s word and have closer relationship with God.
26All the YFC staffs will meet in KL for a staff retreat on 27-29/6. Pray for us as we discuss our plans for the 3 centres. Pray that through the planning we can equip and train more Christians to work with us in youth evangelism.
27Jia Yun: Recently I been busy in my work and ignored my relationships with some of my students and my family. Pray for me that I can know how to arrange time for them.
28Han Kee: Pray for my father’s health. His recent medical reports indicated his glucose level is high; the chances of developing diabetes is also very high. Pray too for my siblings and I to know how to help my father to change his diet to control his glucose level.
29Kok Siang: On 12/9, we will conduct an evangelistic event. We are targeting for 30 non-Christians to join. Please pray for me as I am the person in charge of this program. Pray that God will grant me wisdom to oversee the preparation. Pray also that this event will attract non-Christian students to sign up earlier.
30Pray for the work of Malaysia YFC as we review our work of the past 6 months so that we can make adjustments and improve our work in order that we can achieve our aim of mobilizing more Christians to evangelise to more non-Christians.