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Prayer Digest: July 2020

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for July 2020. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Yile (JB Volunteer): Please pray for me as I prepare to further my studies. Pray that I will use my time wisely to do what’s right and productive rather than on entertainment.
02May Kuan: Please pray for YFC's upcoming personal evangelism campaign. From July 3 to July 31, we will run a campaign called "Unlimited Evangelism." Throughout the campaign, we will encourage volunteers and students to gather online every Friday night to pray for the people we want to reach with the gospel, and then we call them to talk about Jesus. Pray that God will prepare and move Christian volunteers and students to actively preach this good news to those around them.
03Wee Shyan: Thank God for the two creative evangelism workshops that were held in June which saw 83 Christian attendees. Ask God to help these participants apply the skills they have learned to their lives.
04Yick Ken: Since June, staff have begun to take turns working in the office. Since we are still under the RMCO, we need to pay attention to our health and travel. Pray for God to help me adjust to the way we work and grant us peace that only comes from God.
05Siew Nyok: Ask the Lord to help me adapt to the “new normal” lifestyle. May the Lord give me patience and creativity to learn to work online.
06Shin Yi (JB Project Serve 2): Please pray for the students, Shi Ting and Xin Yao, with whom I am following up. Thank God they have decided to believe in the Lord after they completed the "Discovery Journey" material. Ask God to give me wisdom to continue to help them know Christ.
07Siew Nyok: I am concerned about the gospel ministry of the Machap Baptist Church in my hometown. The church hasn’t met because of the epidemic. As a result, elderly brothers and sisters have been unable to participate in online Sunday meetings because they do not have smartphones. Pray that while at home, they will maintain a habit of reading the Bible and praying, preparing themselves for when we can gather together in worship of the Lord.
08Jia Yun: Please give thanks for the online training on "how to share the gospel via phone call" conducted by the personal evangelism for the Klang Methodist Church and Sibu Wan Ming Methodist Church last June. Pray that Christians in the youth fellowships will share the gospel with their friends.
09Jia Yun: Please pray for the personal evangelism campaign in July. May God help our personal evangelism team be excited about our Great Commission and actively challenge Christians to evangelise throughout this campaign.
10Sy Wei: This year's epidemic has affected many people's lives. Pray for the Lord to look after our family and friends and to supply our needs. May the Lord also keep us faithful, that we may see God's provision and protection despite these difficult days.
11Kok Siang: Please pray for my wife and I. Pray that God will help us re-adapt to the gradual resumption of regular work. I am also grateful that this period has allowed me to learn how to use biblical principles to interact with our children and teach them the way of the Lord.
12Hong Liang: Presently, I’m still working on number of videos for YFC’s ministry. Ask God to give me wisdom and creativity to make these videos.
13Yick Ken: Pray that God will look after us as we plan upcoming evangelism events, phone evangelisms, Christian gatherings and follow-up work. May God guide us as we develop the ministry and continue to mobilize more Christians to participate in youth evangelism.
14Kok Siang: Please pray for our media evangelism team as we start planning new online evangelism activities. May the Lord give us wisdom and creative ideas to plan a game which can attract more young people to play so that we may reach them with the gospel.
15Wee Shyan: Please pray for the creative evangelism team, which includes three staff, Nyet Lee, Wei Xian, and me, and two volunteers, Pey Jun and Shu Xian. May God give us wisdom and a direction as we develop the creative evangelism ministry.
16Jia Jun: Please pray for Zi Le, Zheng Kang and Jin Min, the students I am following up. They are non-Christian students aged 14 and 15. We finished the second study in the Mark series but decided to stop meeting, indicating their unwillingness to believe in Jesus. Please pray for their salvation, that one day they will put their trust in him.
17Bee Bee: Please pray for the student, Qiu Yan, I am discipling. We have just completed the "Discovery Journey" follow-up course. We will next study the "Basic Christian Life" material. Pray that God will lead her as she learns about Him and seeks to live in a godly manner.
18Jia Jun: Please pray for Qi Zhe, the student I am following up. He has now completed "Basic Christian Living." Thank God that he is willing to continue meeting online. I plan to read the bible devotionally with him and pray with him so that he begins to cultivate these habits. Ask God to guide him to learn what it means to live with Christ as lord.
19Ken (JB Volunteer): Please pray for me as I head to university on July 20th, asking God to help me adapt to the new environment and that I may be an effective witness to God.
20Wei Xian: I am leading a follow-up course with a volunteer, Alern, and three students. They are Hui Ting, Aaron and Yu Xin. Please pray for them, that God will give them hearts that long for His Word, that as they study it, they will learn to cherish it.
21Mei Yann: Please pray for Xiang Wen. She is a Christian but hasn’t gone to church for nearly two years because her tuition classes clash with her local church’s Sunday gathering. Please ask God to convict her of the importance of doing church and that He will lead her to one.
22Bee Bee: Please pray for the students I am following up, they are Yu Ming and Yu Hong. We completed a series of materials and I thank God that they were willing to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Pray that God will give them teachable hearts, and that He will give me wisdom to help them grow.
23Yick Ken: Please pray for my personal growth. Pray for God to give me a heart that thirst for His Word. I want to continually know deeply Him and grow in my understanding of the Bible, that I may become mature in Christ. Also pray that I may have a heart that loves lost souls and that I will continue to put in effort to lead others to know Jesus.
24Sy Wei: This year's Project Serve 1 training will take place earlier than usual, in October. A team has been set up to prepare and plan for it. They include May Kuan, Kenny, Wei Xian, Mei Yann, Jia Yun, Wee Shyan and I. Please ask God to give us wisdom as we plan.
25Mei Yann: Please pray for Yile. She will pursue further studies in a Singapore university, but she is not sure if her classes will be conducted online or physically. Please pray that regardless of how her classes are conducted, she will continue to be a faithful witness to God.
26We need bilingual Christians to translate documents and materials for us. Please ask God to prepare suitable people to support this ministry need.
27Shin Yi (JB Project Serve 2 student): Please pray for Jing Han, the student I am following up. Whenever we speak online, he doesn’t turn on his video and only uses text messaging to communicate with me. He seldom shares his thoughts and I struggle how best to help him. Please ask God to give me wisdom as I continue interacting with him.
28Wei Xian: We have reached the second half of the year. This means that I have half a year left in my full-time service at YFC. Please pray for me, asking God to guide me as I decide what to do next year.
29With your support, YFC has been able to use different methods to continue our evangelistic efforts during the epidemic. Pray that God will give us creativity as we develop more ways to reach Malaysian youths. Pray also that more Christians will be willing to participate in our mission.
30May Kuan: Please pray for my brother Alex, who has been in a rehabilitation center for 3 months. He wrote a letter to me, saying that he hopes our family can visit him at the center and help repay his debts. Pray for my family and I as we consider how best to support my brother and help him find his feet again.
31Kok Siang: Please pray for my friend Zhi Peng, I have shared the gospel with him. Pray that God will open his heart to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and the Lord of his life. Please ask God to give me love and wisdom as I walk with him in his journey of discovering the truths about who Jesus is, and what he has done for us.