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Prayer Digest: July 2018

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for July 2018. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Sy Wei: From 29/6 – 5/7, Kok Siang, Mei Yann and I are attending a FlyYoung summer camp for secondary students in Taiwan. Our purpose is to observe and learn from FlyYoung how they conduct an evangelistic camp. Please pray for us that hopefully we can learn different things and think how to apply into YFC ministry. Also ask God to grant us wisdom and protect us.
02Yi Xian: (JB Project Serve 2 student)
Please pray for me as I will be an assistant teacher in a kindergarten starting today. Pray that I can adapt to the new working environment that I can happily get along with other teachers and share the gospel to them.
03Peter: Please pray for my brother as he went to hospital from 14/6 until now. Pray that the doctor can find the cause and treatment. Ask God to heal him soon.
04Bee Bee: Please pray for the follow-up of “Next Station 9.” We have already contacted the students to meet them for follow-up. I hope that we can meet them as soon as possible and follow-up on them. Also pray that the non-Christians would be willing to spend their time to meet with us to know Jesus Christ.
05Siew Nyok: Thank God that the Mass evangelistic event “FunMax” on 23/6 went smoothly. Thank you for your prayer. There were a total of 213 non-Christians and 42 Christians who showed up that day. Please pray for the follow-up. Among them, 8 students accepted Christ and 50 students expressed interest to know more about God. Ask God to help us in the follow-up work so that these students are willing to meet with us to study the “Discovery Journey” to know Jesus Christ.
06Wee Shyan: Ask God to help me to prepare to teach the Scripture in July staff retreat. I will be in charge to lead the devotion on the three mornings. Ask the Holy Spirit to help the staffs and me learn God’s Word.
07Yick Ken: Please pray for the evangelistic event –“The Detective” today. Ask God to prepare the non-Christians to listen to the gospel. Also pray for the event to run smoothly and that all of us will not face any problems.
08Siew Nyok: Thank God in “E-Action 9: Backpacker”, we had the opportunity to equip 135 Christians to participate in youth evangelism. (Thank God that 30 people from Malacca attended). At the same time, the campers had the opportunity to share the Gospel with 271 non-Christian students during the evangelistic event. Ask God for the staffs, volunteers and ministry students to have the opportunity to meet with the Christian students, new Christians and students who need to be followed-up.
09Kuok Han: I thank God for my assistant group leader, Xi Ming from Johor area. E-Action 9 was the first time for him to become an assistant group leader. In the process, I observed his progress and growth. Ask God to lead him to keep growing.
10Hui Ling: Ask God to grant wisdom and strength to TOUR 11’s event committee members today as we will start to plan for the “TOUR 11.” Ask God to help us to be able to plan a creative event.
11Mei Yann: Please pray for the ministry students, Xiao Qing and Lin Hui from SMK Taman Daya and me as we are planning a small evangelistic event. Ask God to help these two girls to commit themselves to serve God and understand the importance of preaching the gospel.
12Lily: (KL Project Serve 2 student)
Thank God that I can invite my church teenagers, Mee Ann, Xing Hui and Zi Kee to join the E-Action. Ask God to help me that I can keep following-up on them and grow in Christ together.
13Nyet Lee: Please continue to pray for the condition of my mother's diabetes. She has now quit her job and is resting at home. Ask God to heal her. Also pray that my mother can come to know the Lord.
14Jia Yun: Please pray for the Personal Evangelism campaign on July. Pray that Yi Xian and I can have creative ideas to mobilize Christians to keep preaching the gospel in the next half a year.
15Kok Siang: I thank God that since I assumed the position of person in charge for KL ministry, God has made me see that I still have many shortcomings. I need to rely on Him to lead the development and direction of the ministry. Ask God to grant me wisdom, self-discipline, and perseverance so that I can be used by the Lord.
16Pray for all the staffs as we gather for 3 days of staff planning and discussions. We need to evaluate some projects and the work of the last 6 months while we start working on the direction of the work for the future.
17Wee Shyan: Ask God to help my husband, Peter to have a healthy body and energy to meet the needs of the family and the ministry.
18May Kuan: Please pray for the Christian student, Sy Yi. She keeps sharing the gospel with her friends after E-Action. One of them is Yu Heng. Yu Heng expressed his interest to know more about Jesus Christ. Please pray for Sy Yi that she can keep growing in evangelism and for Yu Heng’s salvation.
19Han Kee: Please pray for the Christian student, Wei Jie that I am following up. Recently he was busy helping his mother work at the stalls, so it was difficult for me to mobilize him to participate in the ministry during the holidays. But we still study the Scripture together every week. Ask God to lead me to help this student learn how to achieve a balance between ministry and work.
20Kuok Han: Please pray for my wife as she will give birth at the end of this month. Ask God to keep her and the baby safe.
21Kok Siang: Please pray for the development of ministry in Cheras area. Thank God for preparing a new staff, Hui Ling, for student ministry in Cheras. Ask God to help her with a clear direction and give her a firm heart to develop the ministry. Also pray for the Cheras volunteer team. Ask God to lead the team to have good teamwork and to mobilize more Christians to participate in evangelism.
22Pray for Piang Hong as he speaks at Balakong Lutheran Church service today – to preach the word and to share about the work of YFC.
23May Kuan: Please pray for me as I am in charge of KL Project Serve 1 evangelistic event. I hope to try other types of programs, not just workshops. Ask God to prepare suitable volunteers and students to join in the event committee Also ask God to lead us as we prepare for the event.
24Kok Siang: Please pray for YFC staffs that God will grant us wisdom and perseverance to develop the ministry. Pray that we can be rooted in the Word of God and have creative ideas and ways to preach the gospel to secondary students.
25Liew Qi: (JB Project Serve 2 student)
Please pray for me as I will continue my study in Southern University College in coming August. Pray for me that I can adapt my college life and keep working on evangelism and restart the bible study group in college.
26Lily: (KL Project Serve 2 student)
Pray for my future that I can learn and equip myself in University and glorify God.
27Jia Yun: Please pray for the volunteers, Jing Yee who is studying in China. Pray that she can keep attending the bible study at the church there and also keep preaching the gospel. Pray that she can keep influencing the Christians around her to join in evangelism.
28Nyet Lee: Please pray for me as I am leading the English ministry to organize an evangelistic event on August. Ask God to grant me wisdom to prepare and mobilize Christian volunteers and students to participate into this event.
29Pray for the university bible study groups that have started in UUM (Changloon, Kedah), UMP (Gambang, Pahang) and UTHM (Pagoh, Johor). Pray for Pei Jun (at UUM), Mee Jiun and Wei Xian (at UMP) and Jun Hong (at UTHM) as they prepare the next person to take over from them as all of them will start their final year in university when the new semester starts in September.
30Pray for the financial situation in YFC. Pray for all the staffs as they work on their personal support. Pray too for the operational costs and projects which need funding. Pray that the staffs will continue to be responsible to supporters and fearful of God so that we will always remember it is by God’s provision that this work can continue.
31Pray for the need for more staffs to grow the work so that we can reach more young people with the gospel. Besides the volunteers who give of their time and resources for the work, we still need people willing to come into YFC in a full time capacity so that the work can have continuity and stability.