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Prayer Digest: July 2017

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for July 2017. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest July 2017 here: English中文

DayPrayer Items
01Nyet Lee: Please pray for the follow-up work for the “The Revolt 2” event. Pray that these students will have the willingness to study “Discovery Journey” with us to know God.
02Siew Nyok: Ask God to help and provide YFC and staffs the resources and funding required for the ministry and all the activities.
03Peter: Please pray for my back pain. The condition has occurred twice. I am worried that it might occur again while I have to involve in different evangelistic events and Bible conference in June.
04Sy Wei: This month, I keep feeling pain in my left leg, especially at night. Besides pain killer, there is nothing else I can do to lessen the pain. This has been affecting my sleep and draining my energy. Ask God to heal me.
05Yick Ken: Please pray for the final preparation for the “Tour 9”. Pray that we can prepare and get everything ready. Pray for the group leaders to be ready to lead their group members and share the gospel with them. Also pray for the event to run and end smoothly.
06May Kuan: Please pray for the TOUR event today that it will run smoothly and for the follow up after “Tour 9.” Pray for us that we can meet the non-Christian students who need follow-up as soon as possible. Also pray that we can seize the opportunity to meet the Christians to mobilize them in evangelism and in the ministry.
07Pray for the Malacca and Johor YFC staffs and volunteers going to Singapore YFC to help in the running of their Playmax event that it will be a fruitful and encouraging experience for everyone. Pray too for the non-Christians coming for the event that they would respond to the gospel.
08Jing Yee (Johor PS2 student): Thank God that I am able to be admitted into Nanjing University to study Chinese Literature. Ask God to lead me for my future and help me to maintain close relationship with Him and keep sharing the gospel.
09Nyet Lee: Recently, my mother’s doctor told us to be prepared to accept that my mother may need to undergo kidney dialysis. It is because her kidney function dropped down by 80%. Please pray for my siblings and me that we can make the preparation for this. Pray for me that I may know how to comfort my mother and share the love of Jesus with her.
10Mei Yann: Please pray for my grandfather, his health is getting worse and he keeps sleeping now. Ask God to heal him and also pray for his salvation.
11Siew Nyok: Ask God to raise more Christians in Malaysia to bear the vision of preaching the gospel to Malaysia.
12Jia Yun: Please pray for me that I can have wisdom to oversee the PE department, and plan and supervise the Christian students in evangelism.
13May Kuan: Pray for me as I continue with the prayer meeting at SMK Sinar Bintang. The Christians who attend this meeting are Jia Ling, Chai Ling, Yi Feng, En Tong and Sherly. I am planning to get Yi Feng, Chai Ling and Jia Ling to be in charge of some roles such as song leader, contact person and small group leader for prayer. Ask God to challenge this Christians to take responsibility to serve. Also ask God to grant me wisdom and ability to oversee this prayer meeting.
14Kuok Han: Please pray for the Ulu Tiram volunteer bible study. Thank God that there are a group of brothers (Wei Han, Qi An, James, Ren Pheng and Guan Cheng) who are faithful to God’s word that has come together to know God. May God help them to testify for God in their daily lives.
15Kai Boon: Please pray for a student, Wei Yun. Thank God that he is willing to spend time to meet with me for follow-up. Also pray for him that he can have courage to admit to his family that he is a Christian. Also pray that his family will not stop him.
16Bee Bee: Please pray for a new believer, Nico. Pray that he will keep attending church and growing.
17May Kuan: Please keep a non-Christian student, Chen Yee in your prayer. She contacted me and shared about her life in the last few week ago. She thanked me for praying for her participation in a Chess competition. She won the championship. I noticed that she still is not ready to accept Jesus Christ. Please pray for her salvation.
18Bee Bee: Please pray for me as I am in charge of the Follow-up department. Pray that I can have wisdom to plan and oversee every follow-up situation.
19Jia Yun: Please pray for a new Christian, Jun Sing whom I just contacted. He is in Form 3 now. Thank God that he is willing to join me for bible study. Pray that the Christians in SMK Desa Jaya can know him and motivate him in evangelism.
20Pray for the YFC board members during their board meeting tonight. Pray too for each of the individual board members. Every board member has many other commitments and personal family issues to deal with. Pray for God’s protection upon everyone.
21Kok Siang: Please pray for the Christian students in BDP Christian Fellowship. On average there are 10 people attending each meeting. I thank God that 3 students have accepted Christ after follow-up. We are following up another 3 non-Christian students (Wei Hong, Xin Hong and Jian Hong). Pray for the fellowship that it can be a platform to preach the gospel and making disciple.
22Han Kee: Please pray for the preparation of the basketball competition. Pray for our partnership with YGOS team. Pray for Hilary (KL volunteer and former Project Serve 2 student) and me that we can plan and assign roles so that the YGOS team can know how to assist and support us.
23Wee Shyan: Please pray for Jia Yun, Kuok Han and me as we prepare the main message for November’s Project Serve 1 training. This year we will study 1 Thessalonians. Ask God to grant us wisdom to prepare the message.
24Wee Shyan: On 26-29/6, my family and I will attend the “NextGen” bible conference in Port Dickson. Ask God to help Peter and me to learn in this conference. Pray that our daughters will listen and cooperate so that we can focus on learning.
25Siew Nyok: Ask God to help Malaysian youths to have a close relationship with him. Also ask God to help churches to see the urgency and importance of equipping the next generation.
26Han Kee: Please pray for the non-Christian student, Ming Feng that I am following up. He is 16 years old. Ask God to lead me to follow up on him and that I am able to answer his questions about Christianity.
27Pray for many YFC staffs and volunteers who are now at NexGen bible study seminar at Ipoh (English) and Port Dickson (Chinese) that it would be a good learning experience for everyone. Pray that we can make use of the lessons learned to improve our ministry’s teaching of the Bible.
28Pray for the need for manpower and funding for the ministry. The recent mass evangelistic activities at all our centers have clearly shown that every center is still very lacking in capable manpower to enable us to carry out evangelistic events for more than 300 non-Christians. Pray for Christians to be challenged and burdened for youth evangelism to join us – for full-time or on voluntary basis.
29Pray for Peter and the other staffs working with him to plan e-Action to be held in 2018 in Johor. Pray for guidance as they decide on the camp that it will be a camp that inspires everyone to serve God and share the gospel.
30Kuok Han: Please pray for Jia Yun, Wee Shyan and me as we are preparing the message for the Project Serve 1 training. Ask God to grant us wisdom to know how to lead the participants to understand His word.