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Prayer Digest: July 2015

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for July 2015. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest July 2015 here: English中文

DayPrayer Items
01Gerald Yee (Malacca Volunteer): Recently I follow up two students. Anson is a new convert. His family opposes his meeting with Christians. The evangelistic bible study with him has stopped at lesson 1. Pray for Anson to turn to God. Another student is Andrew, he is a strong Buddhist. He is interested in everything. We will have our final lesson of the evangelistic bible lesson on 3/7. Pray that he will come to know the love of God and respond to God.
02Nyet Lee: This month, my mother will have an eye surgery. Pray that the doctor and his team can carry out the surgery well. Pray for my mother to recover soon.
03Siew Nyok: Please pray for Xiu Qi, Bee Ting and Jun Jie, they will finish serving in YFC at the end of June. Xiu Qi will help her father in business. Bee Ting and Jun Jie will continue studying. Pray for them to walk closely with God and testify for God in their daily lives.
04Wee Shyan: On 15/8, we will conduct the Champion Trophy’s evangelistic event in Johor Baru. Our target group are Form 6 and college students. Pray that through this event, we can make new contacts and get to know new volunteers.
05Jia Yun: Please pray for the 3 months personal evangelism campaign in Johor Baru from 13/6 till 5/9. I need to supervise this project. Ask God to give me discipline to do this.
06Bee Bee: Please pray for my sister. Recently, she has pain in her foot. This affects her ability to walk and spine. She has gone to see a doctor. Ask God to heal my sister and that she can recover soon.
07Kuok Han: Please pray for me as my physical condition is not very good these past few months. Ask God to give strength and that I can continue to serve Him.
08Mei Yann: I am involved in the organization of two evangelistic events. Ask God to give me wisdom to do all the work. Pray that in the midst of busyness I can still walk closely with Him.
09Nyet Lee: Please pray for our English ministry at Malacca. In the second half of the year, we need to focus on mobilization and follow up the School Christian Fellowship Christians students. Thank God that He has provided many volunteers to help us. Please pray for the volunteers to know how to be effective in doing these.
10Siew Nyok: Please pray for the staffs, volunteers and Christian students as we follow up students after our evangelistic event. Pray that the students who accepted Christ and were interested to know more about Jesus Christ would grow in their relationship with God.
11Pei Jun (Malacca Volunteer): Please pray for my brother. I hope he will know Christ and accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord.
12Kai Boon: Please pray for my mother’s health. Pray for her salvation too.
13Sarah (Malacca Volunteer): Please pray for my uncle who is sick. Pray for his salvation, that he will recover physically soon, and I have love and patience to take care of him.
14We will conduct a volunteer camp at Port Dickson on 17-19 July. 93 people has signed up. We pray this camp will lead to more volunteers serving with us, and for the growth of our volunteers in their personal lives and in their abilities and commitment to youth evangelism.
15Siew Nyok: We have the opportunity meet new Christian’s students in past evangelistic event. We have contacted them and challenged them to join our personal evangelism and event evangelism, Pray for our staffs and volunteers to have wisdom to mobilize them.
16Jia Yun: Recently Jia Mei and I need to deal with different things that has been happening in our family. Pray for us to be able to face and solve them properly.
17Pray for the YFC volunteer camp starting today. Pray for the safe arrival of every camper as it is also Hari Raya first day, and traffic will be heavy. Pray too for Meng Poo as he speaks, that the messages he speaks will help every one walk closer to God and serve Him.
18Kuok Han: I am following up a new convert called Ting Hao. I have contact him before and now he has become a Christian. His family opposes his decision to believe in Christ. Pray for his growth in Christ and that he will know God and have the courage to tell his family about his faith.
19Nyet Lee: Please pray for Yan Li, Yin Xin and Jing Si. I am following up on them. They have completed the first lesson of basic Christian living. Pray for them to know God personally.
20Pray for the mission teams that YFC plan to send to work with some churches in December. Pray for the planning, discussion with churches and work on the details of the trips being carried out now.
21May Kuan: My brother will work oversea at Hong Kong for one year. Ask God to take care of him and that he will walk closely with God and depend on Him he when he faces difficulties and stress.
22Kok Siang: KL YFC will conduct Mid-Autumn Cafe, an evangelistic event on 16 September 2015. We will teach them to make “Snowy Mooncake". Pray for me as I need to oversee the whole process; pray that God will give us wisdom to plan and to communicate with each other.
23May Kuan: Please continue to pray for Zi Cen, a Christian student I am leading. She had set a target to share the gospel and have regular quiet time. She has shared the gospel to her friend. Now I need to encourage and help her to be consistent in quiet time.
24May Kuan: Pray for the prayer meeting in SMK Kepong Ulu. I am considering whether to continue this prayer meeting because the Christian students are busy. I will meet personally with the Christian students in that school to make this decision.
25Sze Ern: In July, I will start a bible study group with 3 to 4 Christian students; we will study the book of Mark. Please pray for this bible study that it will help them to know God.
26Pray for the staffs’ support and funding for all the offices and projects. The expenses have been increasing but the income received is not increasing as much.
27Pray for all the YFC staffs gathering at Johor Baru for 3 days of evaluation for the last 6 months’ work and plan for the next 1 year’s work.
28Ren Pheng (JB Volunteer): We will conduct Mid-autumn evangelistic program in September. Pray for the preparation, we need to find a suitable venue and plan the program.
29Please pray for our staffs’ health. Recently the weather is hot. Pray that we will have good health to serve our Lord and still have close relationship with Him in the midst of our busyness.
30KL YFC has already started planning for TOUR8. One main reason for planning this early is our hope to increase the number of Christians involved in the work of youth evangelism, and that this will indirectly also help us in mobilizing more Christians in the ministry.
31Pray for the staffs as we develop different approaches to youth evangelism. We need to develop different methods to reach the different types of young people today, using methods that suit their interests and needs.