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Prayer Digest: January 2021

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for January 2021. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest January 2021 here: English | 中文

DayPrayer Items
01Nyet Lee: In this New Year, please continue to pray for me to have good health, energy and lively spiritual life to serve God. Chinese Project Serve was just ended, pray for me as I follow-up the students.
02May Kuan: Please pray for ministry Christian student gathering in Kuala Lumpur today. We mainly invite students to participate this time. Pray that God will help us to build a closer relationship with them and to mobilize them in evangelism, Bible study and devotion.
03Siew Nyok: Please pray for my health. I got a sore on my butt on December 23, which was very painful. May the Lord have mercy on me and heal me through doctor's treatment. Pray that the sore can be removed and I will have a healthy body to serve God.
04Nyet Lee: Please pray for my mum. She needs to go for kidney dialysis in the centre even in this pandemic. My mum is considered a high-risk group. Therefore, please pray for mercy and safety upon my mum. Please also pray for her salvation. May the Holy Spirit work in her heart and accept Jesus Christ as Lord in her life.

05Bee Bee: Please pray for my mother. Her health is not good recently and she is also taking medicine because of stomach ulcer. Pray that God will take care of her so that she will have a healthy body and a joyful mind.
06Yick Ken: Thank God for His grace for leading 139 Christian students to participate in our 2020 "Project Serve 1" training. Pray that God will lead and help them to live an obedience Christian life after the training.
07Jia Yun: Please pray for the personal evangelism campaign organized by JB YFC in January. We will invite Christians to join in this campaign and encourage them to share the gospel in the new year. Please pray for the preparation of this campaign.
08May Kuan: Please pray for our one-week personal evangelism campaign in Kuala Lumpur starting from January 8-15. During this campaign, there will be a study seminar which encourage Christians to invite their non-Christian friends. Pray that Christian students will invite their non-Christians to attend and to share the gospel with them.
09Sy Wei: Thank God for His protection and leading me and my family through 2020 especially my mother. She is very old and belongs to the high-risk group. Every time she goes out, I worry about her safety. Thank God for looking after her. As for my sister, Sy Pey, she is a primary school teacher. Pray that God will take care of her, so that she can have wisdom to continue teaching online during the pandemic. Thank God for His grace!
10Jia Jun: Please pray for Kok Siang and I as we are responsible for the planning of evangelistic program in 2021. Pray that we will have wisdom to plan and develop the program ideas. Ask God also to prepare volunteers to join our team and would plan interesting programs to share the gospel with young people.
11Mei Yann: Please pray for my father. He recently fell from the stairs at work and hurt his waist. Currently, he needs regular massage to relieve his pain. Pray that God will heal him and let him recover quickly.
12Wei Xian: Thank God for His grace for leading me to serve in YFC in 2020. Now, I need to prepare myself to find a new job. Pray that God will lead and prepare a new job for me.
13Hong Liang: I will leave YFC ministry in 2021 and start my own film and television business. Pray for me to have a good testimony in the workplace.
14Kok Siang: Thank God for His grace and protection for me and my family in 2020. In this new year, pray that God will keep us safe and healthy.
15Wee Shyan: I have a new schedule in life in the new year because my child has started her school. Ask God to help me allocate and arrange time wisely as I need to meet the needs of family and ministry both.
16Wee Shyan: Please pray for my eldest daughter- Joyce as she has started her standard one in primary school and my youngest daughter- Grace in kindergarten. Pray that God will help them to adapt their school lives and to rely on God to face unfamiliar environments.
17Mei Yann: Please pray for volunteer- Jia Yin. She is about to finish her first semester of fourth year of university. She will need to find an internship next semester. Ask God to help her find a suitable internship so that she can complete her study.
18Siew Nyok: Please ask God to prepare my heart to enter the ministry in 2021. Pray that God will fill, touch and revive me and open my heart to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Ask God to remove my sin and self-centeredness and let God be Lord of my life.
19Jia Yun: Thank God, Jia Ying (non-Christian) that I followed expressed her willingness to continue to learn more about Jesus Christ after finishing "Discovery Journey" bible study. Please pray for our next Bible study and I can help her continue to learn more about Jesus Christ.
20Jia Jun: Please pray for my high school friend Zi Jie. I shared the gospel to him during Christmas. His response was that he would not resist Christianity, nor would he believe in that. But he might be interested in learning more in the future. Pray for Zi Jie to believe in the Lord Jesus one day.
21Yick Ken: Please pray for the volunteer Bible study group in Kepong. We are currently studying the “Ephesians.” Please pray for the volunteers and ask God to help them have the desire to know God and be willing to spend time growing in the Bible.
22Peter: I need to find suitable brothers and sisters in different fields to join the YFC board. Pray that God will prepare Christians who have a burden on young people to join us.
23Thank God that YFC have mobilized 267 Christians to preach the gospel to 1,868 non-Christians in 2020 even in the pandemic. Pray that God will help us to fulfil His mission in 2021.
24Siew Nyok: Please help the volunteers and students who are weak. I feel sad for their indifference, complacency, emptiness, spiritual poverty and lack of prayer. Ask the Lord to help them to confess all these offenses and ask the Lord to cleanse them so that they can continue to do youth evangelism with us.
25Yick Ken: This year I will have some new attempts in YFC and in church. I also pray that I can continue to learn, equip myself and improve so that I can continue to mobilize and equip young Christians to participate in the ministry. I also pray that my relationship with God will continue to grow.
26Bee Bee: Please pray for me to continue to mobilize Christian students to participate and do planning for school ministry in the new year. Pray also for me to find new Christian students.
27Kok Siang: May the Lord grant me and my wife, Pui Pui to have wisdom and love to teach and accompany our children so that they can know God and obey the Lord from an early age.
28Bee Bee: Please pray for me to continue to have an intimate relationship with God and have a healthy body to serve God in the 2021.
29Peter: Please continue to pray for the brothers and sisters who are working and studying in foreign countries. Ask God to comfort them for they cannot come back to Malaysia to see their families due to the pandemic.
30Under the new normal, YFC will continue to use different online methods to equip Christians and share the gospel to non-Christians. Pray that God will give staff and volunteers creative ideas in designing, preparing and implementing online activities.
31We need Christians who have the burden to preach the gospel to young people to join us. Ask God to prepare new staff and volunteers to serve with us.