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Prayer Digest: February 2019

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for February 2019. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest February 2019 here: English中文

DayPrayer Items
01Hui Ling: Ask God to keep the staff, volunteers and students safe as they journey during the Chinese New Year holidays.
02Siew Nyok: Please pray for the Christian Fellowship of SJK (C) Yok Bin. There was total of 35 students who became members this year, and 6 of them are Christians. Ask God to help YFC and the Christian Fellowship teachers to have a good partnership. Ask God to establish the spiritual life of Christian students through the activities of the fellowship in 2019. Pray that non-Christian students will have the opportunity to understand the gospel and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
03Sy Wei: Thank God that 10 students participated in Malacca’s "Project Serve 2" training this year. Ask God to give them a humble heart in learning to serve God. The students I supervise are Qi Le, Dan Hong and En Hong. Ask God to help me serve well with these students, and ask God to give me wisdom to teach and supervise them.
04Kok Xiang: Please pray for Wei Hong, a Christian student I am following-up. I thank God for him that he and another Christian student, Jie Yong, agreed to spend time everyday together to share their spiritual notes through WeChat since last November. Ask God to help them continue to have devotion and to know God.
05Jia Yun: Please pray for the SMK Desa Jaya School Ministry. Ask God to allow us to reach new Christians and be able to equip and mobilize Christians in the school to share the gospel.
06Wee Shyan: Please pray for our volunteer, Jin Yang. He is currently painting an illustration for an article we have written. Ask God to give him wisdom, creativity and a right attitude while painting.
07Nyet Lee: Please pray for me as I am responsible for running the personal evangelism campaign - 100 PLUS (100 People Let Us Share). Ask God to help me supervise the staff, volunteers and Christian students to share the gospel with discipline. Also pray that we will have an urgent heart for the salvation of non-Christians and to share the gospel with them quickly.
08Bee Bee: Please pray for the Rubik's Cube event that will be held at SMK DT and SMK PI on 23/2. Please pray for our preparations and publicity and pray for Christian students to invite non-Christian friends to participate. Also ask God to prepare non-Christian students for us.
09May Kuan: Please pray for the SMK BSD2 prayer meeting. There are currently 5 Christian students participating in this prayer meeting. I hope to get to know other new Christian students that through these five Christian students, so that we can mobilize them to participate in youth evangelism. Pray for Khar Jian, Hui Ting, Hui Qing, Jia Qi and Jia Wei. Ask God to help them have a committed heart to value prayer and evangelism.
10Felicia Bong (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray that I will use the “Project Serve 2” training time in YFC to love God, focus on God, keep growing in God and be pure in heart for God. Pray that I may also discern His will for my life. Pray too for my continual learning and for my leadership skills to improve as we are helping in school Christian Fellowships, especially in our Bahasa ministry for the orang asli students.
11Han Kee: Please pray for the student Wei Keat's mother’s health condition. One side of the kidney is damaged. She has been scheduled to undergo surgery on March 6. Pray for Wei Keat as he needs to take time to go to the hospital to take care of his mother. This year, he also needs to face his SPM exam. Ask God to lead him to have spirit and strength to face his studies, serve and take care of his mother.
12Shawn Wong (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
I thank God for His guidance to know YFC and join Project Serve 2 training. In Project Serve 2, I learned to read the Bible and pray to God daily. Pray for me that I will grow to know His word more. Secondly, please pray that I can extend my National Service enlistment in Singapore and be able to find a place to stay in Singapore as soon as possible. Pray also for protection during my military training.
13Mei Kuan: Please pray for me as I am responsible for the Counselling part in "Escape 180". Ask God to prepare enough Christians to preach the gospel. Our goal is to mobilize 110 group leaders and 120 crew members. Ask God to give me wisdom and ability to conceive and plan for the gospel linking, evangelism method, and group leaders’ instruction before the deadline.
14Chai Lin (KL Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for Christian students and pray that I can mobilize them to join "Escape 180" as group leaders or crew members.
15Mei Yann: Please pray for the SMK Johor Jaya 1 school ministry. Ask God to let Christians in the school understand the importance of preaching and work with us in the work of evangelism.
16Qi Le (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for the "Survivor" event on February 23. Ask God to lead us throughout the preparatory process so that this event can proceed smoothly. Ask God to look after the publicity and to prepare non-believers for us so that we can reach our goal and share the gospel to them. Please pray for me as I oversee this “Survivor” event. Ask God to look after me so that I can be smart and intelligent to do my job well and monitor the other committee members. Ask God to give us a hardworking heart, to know what we must do and to work together to prepare for the evangelistic activity.
17Mayvienne (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Thank God for giving me the opportunity to grow in my spirituality through the “Project Serve 2” training. Pray for everyone that we can keep preaching the gospel in the next two months. Please pray for my future. I am very confused and have no goals. I don't know which direction to go after getting my SPM result. Ask God to prepare for me a path aligned with His will.
18Dan Hong (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
I was unemployed last year but thank God I came to participate in the "Project Serve 2" training. I am also grateful that I can learn about Church history and introduction to the New Testament and to share the gospel to young people through our two upcoming evangelistic events "Survivor" and "Escape 180". I am also grateful to have good contact with students at school. Ask God to allow me to continue maintaining that friendship with them. Please pray for me that God will give me wisdom to complete my introduction to the New Testament lessons, and share the gospel by the power of God.
19Melisa Bong (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Pray that I'll grow spiritually during this training and continue to serve Him. Also ask that God will guide and show me which path I should take: whether should I take Form 6 or go to college. Pray too for our school’s Christian Fellowship that we can help build them to grow in faith and in God’s word, especially among the orang asli girls. Also pray that we have strength and ideas to carry out our activities.
20Julyta Ong (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
I thank God that I can know God more through the “Project Serve 2” training and be connected to God more by reading the Bible and praying every day. Pray that I can grow in Christ and serve God more deeply. Pray for me during these 3 months, that I can share the gospel to my non-believing friends. And pray for my father’s side of the family so that they can believe God.
21Xiao Xuan (Johor Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for the student I am following up with recently. Ask God to let her know more about God and enable me to establish a good relationship with her.
22Jia Xuan (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Pray that I don't need surgery anymore and for God to heal my heart. Besides, I also hope that I can get good results for my SPM. Ask God to look after and watch over my future.
23Yick Ken: Please pray for me and pray that in 2019 I can continue to serve Him and continue to improve and grow in Christ. Also pray that I can live the love of Christ in my church, in my family and in YFC.
24En Hong (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for me in evangelism, asking God to give me the confidence and courage to preach the gospel and let me have good time management and wisdom to complete our assignments.
25Xi Ming (Johor Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for a student- Zheng Hong I contacted at UT. I am grateful that he is interested in the gospel and is willing to be friends with me. Ask God to open his mind so that he can understand God's Word when I am following-up with him and I can be friends with him and invite him to church.
26Wei Wen (KL Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for me as we study the Bible during "Project Serve 2". Ask God to give me a good memory to remember the Bible knowledge and evangelistic skills I learned so that I can apply those techniques to my life and to keep preaching. Also ask God to give me a healthy body and mind to continue to learn his words and to serve Him.
27Rong Ze (Mal Project Serve 2 student):
Whether it is my church’s family camp, youth fellowship, Church’s service, or serving in YFC evangelistic events, I can only rely on God to glorify Him and benefit people. Pray that I will not be disheartened by fatigue or disappointment. Instead, I must look up and rely on God to regain strength. Ask God to give me wisdom so that I know how to manage my time to take care of my spiritual life and manage my service in YFC and in church.
28Mei Kuan: Please pray for the Chinese Missionary Team in 2020. This will be my first time leading the team. Ask God to give me courage, wisdom, circumspection and eloquence to become a mature leader. This mission team is mainly involved in the Akha ministry in Yunnan. Ask God to lead our volunteers and staff as we prepare to participate in this mission trip.