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Prayer Digest: December 2020

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for December 2020. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Hong Liang: Pray that God will lead me to successfully produce a promotional video for the evangelistic program - "The Emperor's Edict."
02Siew Nyok: The 2020 epidemic has infected tens of thousands of people, causing panic and uneasiness around the world. Pray that God will give mercy and grace to people all over the world. Give us a heart of repentance to admit that we are sinners, and be willing to accept the Lord as the Savior and Lord of our lives. I also ask God to strengthen the faith of believers to trust that God is sovereign and he is with us in all circumstances.
03Kok Siang: Thank God, we have launched a new online evangelism game "The Emperor's Edict". Please pray for us so that our staff and volunteers can be equipped to know how to lead the game, so that we can train more Christians to preach the gospel.
04Mei Yann: Please pray for Yi Le. She is going to study in Singapore and needs to be quarantined for 14 days and undergo different tests. Pray for God to help her to be wise as she makes the necessary arrangements and as she adapts to her student life in Singapore.
05Jia Yun: Please pray for a volunteer, Jenny. This year she will serve as an assistant group leader in the “Project Serve 1” training. She feels stressed and scared. Ask God to help her rely on Him and learn how to accompany Christian students to learn God's Word together.
0680% of the current staff have served in YFC for more than 5 years. We hope that young Christians who have a burden on youth evangelism will join us as gospel partners. Please ask God to provide more workers because the harvest is plentiful.
07Yick Ken: We’re glad that on 21-22 and 28-29 December, all three areas will carry out “Project Serve 1” training for Christian students. Please pray for us as we study Genesis and ask God to give us wisdom and the ability to lead students to understand His words and to apply what they have learned after the training ends.
08Bee Bee: Please pray for the group leaders and assistant group leaders who will be serving at this month’s “Project Serve 1” training. May God prepare them to faithfully care for the lives of their team members as they walk with them throughout the training.
09Yick Ken: Thank God, I am currently doing devotions with 3 Christian students. They are Jing Hen, Jing Yan and Zi Yang. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and help them grow in the Word of God, build a closer relationship with him and transform their lives to be more like Christ. I also pray that they can continue to share the gospel to those around them.
10Wei Xian: Thank God for his grace, care and provision over the past year, allowing me to complete my one-year service at YFC. Please pray for God’s guidance as I consider my future and look for a suitable job.
11Zhi Yuan (JB Volunteer): I am now doing an internship in Kuala Lumpur. Please ask God to help me lead a vigilant life to as I face my weakness during the internship period.
12Wei Xian: I am currently training a Christian student, Jerome. He is 17 years old and is preparing to sit for his SPM exams. Earlier in the year, he was sent to live in his aunt's house in Malacca by his parents because of personal problems. After several meetings and conversations, he has grown spiritually. Ask God to help us make progress in our faith together through studying the Bible.
13Jia Jun: Please pray for the non-Christian students I am training, Yu Tai, Jian Zhe, Jun Liang, Ting Yi and a new believer, Wei Jie. Because of the school holidays, I have been unable to meet them recently, and they have been unwilling to meet online. Pray that they will have faith and willingness to believe in and follow Jesus.
14Jia Jun: Please pray for my brother Jia Qing that he can personally experience God’s goodness, and pray that his spiritual life will be awaken so that he will eagerly seek the Lord. He is currently busy making money and has no intention of pursuing faith.
15Wee Shyan: The creative evangelism team is preparing a project to share the gospel using Instagram Story. Pray for our preparations, and ask God to help us invest in creative channels, to continue spreading the gospel during this epidemic.
16Bee Bee: Please pray for Zhi Hui, the student I am following up. She is very interested to know Jesus Christ. I am reading Mark’s Gospel with her and she thinks and asks questions. Pray that God will continue to work in her heart, that one day she will trust in Jesus. Pray for her family too, because they oppose her desire to learn more about Jesus. Pray for God's care and protection on her, and that I can continue to follow up and care for her wisely.
17May Kuan: Please pray for Hui Ting and Zhi Wei, who will be serving as assistant group leaders for the first time. During the group leader training, we observed that they still need time to digest the theme messages and the other training. Pray that God will give them spiritual wisdom to understand and the eloquence to know how to lead group discussions.
18Mei Yann: Please pray for Christian students, most of whom now attend online classes or are assigned homework. Pray for God to help them not to indulge in entertainment, to have self-discipline to study and to be a good testimony among friends.
19Jia Yun: Please pray for me and the Christian student, Hui Wen, to follow up with her friend Xin Qi. We just finished the "Discovery Journey" follow-up material and she decided to lead a life where she is in charge. Our Bible study is over, but pray that I can continue to spend time caring for her.
20Nyet Lee Li: Please pray for me. I will train and teach a creative evangelistic method, Paper Gospel Bridge, at Project Serve 1. Ask God to help me prepare and teach clearly.
21Yick Ken: Please pray for the “Project Serve 1” training that is happening today. Pray that this training will help more young people to pay more attention to their relationship with God and the importance of evangelism. I also pray that group leaders can make sufficient preparations to lead their team members to establish a closer relationship with God.
22Jia Yun: Please pray for the volunteer, Shin Yi, who has just started college life. She is adapting to various online courses, and it is more challenging for her to take the initiative to meet new friends because there is currently no in-person element to her studies. Pray that she can adapt to the busy varsity life and make new friends and build relationships with them.
23We often do face-to-face contact with secondary school students and spread the gospel to them, but under the new normal, we must use different methods to accomplish the above tasks. Pray for God to help us be creative about how we reach secondary school students and share the gospel given the current circumstances.
24Wee Shyan: 2020 is coming to an end. Ask God to help me review my relationship with God and continue to pursue growth based on His words.
25Sy Wei: Thank God for leading us through the whole year. This year has been challenging, whether it is in the area of our personal life or in ministry. Thank God for taking care of and protecting YFC's staff and our families! Pray that God will continue to look after us and our families and that we keep trusting Him to provide for us.
26Siew Nyok: Pray for God to give me the confidence and ability to continue serving in YFC full-time. During the epidemic, I have been learning about how to lead my co-workers, volunteers and Christian students to share the gospel with more secondary school students, to teach and disciple them, and to lead them to commit to a local church.
27May Kuan: Please pray for me as my ministry focus is on helping Christian students grow. Ask God to give me wisdom to understand the current challenges Christian students face and have a clear direction as I make ministry plans for 2021.
28Kok Siang: We will be playing the evangelistic game "The Emperor's Edict" in today's “Project Serve 1” training. Pray that the Christian students participating in this training can invite their non-Christian friends to participate in this online evangelistic activity and so share the gospel with them.
29Yick Ken: Please pray for the follow-up work of “Project Serve 1.” Pray that the students who participated in this training can continue to apply what they have learned to their lives. I also pray that the staff will have wisdom to cultivate a desire to honour God in these students and mobilize them to participate in youth evangelism.
30Nyet Lee: Please pray for me and some volunteers who will do mission work in an Orang Asli village from 31/12 to 4/1. Please pray for our journey and for the people we will meet. Ask God to help us to be good witnesses to the transforming power of the gospel.
31Sy Wei: 2021 will be a challenging year. We cannot predict what will happen, including in our ministry. We do our best to plan, but there are still many variables next year. Therefore, pray that God will lead YFC's ministry next year so that we can continue to faithfully fulfil the responsibilities God entrusted to us in our mission to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to more youths in Malaysia.