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Prayer Digest: January 2019

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for January 2019. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Please pray for Peter, the new Youth For Christ Director. Ask God to use him to lead the staffs to promote the ministry and to share the gospel to the young people in Malaysia more effectively.
02Siew Nyok: Thanks to God for the students in “Project Serve 1” training. They expressed their desire to continue to grow in Christ and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. They hope to continue to participate in Bible study and personal evangelism this year. Please pray for them!
03Kok Siang: Please pray for the Christians who participate in “Project Serve 2” training. Pray that this training can help their lives be rooted in Jesus Christ, lives changed and to prepare to face the greater challenges of the future.
04Hui Ling: The student ministry in Kuala Lumpur will start to focus on Kepong and Bandar Kinrara, Puchong. Ask God to give wisdom and energy to the staffs, so that the ministry can take it to the next level.
05Yick Ken: From 2018, we see that staffs have much that needs improvement. Pray that the staff will keep equipping and upgrading ourselves in order to mobilize and equip young Christians into ministry. Pray too that I can keep learning, equipping and improving myself.
06Nyet Lee: Thank God for leading and keeping me into the new year. Please pray for me in the new year, that I can continue to grow and grow in God's word, preach the gospel, and keep improving in the relationships with my church members.
07Hui Ling: Starting this year, I will personally have bible study with Zhi Rong and Wen Han to help them read the bible. We will meet once a week, but the time is waiting to be coordinated, and I hope to start helping them soon.
08Wee Shyan: In the new year, ask God to help me to maintain a close relationship with Him and rely on Him to follow the path in ministry. Also ask God to give me healthy body to meet the needs of the family and ministry.
09Mei Yann: Please pray for the JJ1 school ministry that Jia Yun and I are responsible for. Ask God to help us to plan and mobilize Christians to share the gospel and to find new Christians.
10Yick Ken: The Administration will face a lot of adjustments this year and I need to adapt to the new Director. Ask God to give me faith to rely on God and obey Him. Also pray that my relationship with God can continue to grow.
11Wee Shyan: Thank God for preparing a suitable kindergarten for my daughter, Joyce. Ask God to help her to adapt to kindergarten life and learn happily.
12Siew Nyok: Julyta, Melissa, Dan Hong, En Hong, Caleb and Felicia will participate in “Project Serve 2” training this year. Ask God to help them to keep growing spiritually and to serve God wholeheartedly.
13Jia Yun: Please pray for the school ministry that I am responsible for this year. I need to find more new Christians to plan school ministry with me. Ask God to allow me to pray and trust God to plan.
14Bee Bee: Pray for me in this new year; pray that I can arrange time for devotion, prayer, and to read books. Also pray that I can continue to thirst for the Word of God and my life will keep growing.
15Han Kee: Please pray for me to be responsible for leading the bible study with “Project Serve 2” students and teaching the “Discovery Journey”. This is my first time to lead a Bible study during the “Project Serve 2”.
16Bee Bee: Please pray for the school ministry, SMKTPI and SMKTDT that I am responsible for this year. I need to accompany Christian students to plan ministry and need to find more new Christians to join us in school ministry. Ask God to let me accompany and teach Christians to participate in ministry.
17Hui Ling: Please pray for the Bible study that I am responsible for in "Project Serve 2". Ask God to lead us together to study Matthew 7:1-12. Ask God to help me convey His Word faithfully.
18Siew Nyok: Please pray for me. Ask God to give me healthy body to serve Him. Ask God to grant me wisdom to lead the Malacca ministry and to promote the work of the gospel.
19Jia Yun: I am grateful for the newly mobilized Christian En Hui. After she participated in “Project Serve 1”, she expressed her willingness to continue to participate in the ministry's Bible study and to share the gospel. Pray that I can know how to accompany her to study and share the gospel in the last year of secondary school.
20May Kuan: Please pray for a student, Gibson. He is 16 years old, from a Christian family. After learning the method of evangelism from the "E- Action" in last May, he began to preach to his friends. Among them, there are three friends who were invited to attend the "Food Hunt" evangelistic event last year. His friends responded by expressing their interest in knowing Jesus Christ. Also ask God to keep his life and school will not be affected by family quarrels because of finances.
21Mei Yann: Please pray for Christian students. Pray that they can continue to share the gospel with their friends at school and continue to read the bible and pray.
22Bee Bee: Please pray for the preparation of the "Next Station 10" and to find the venue. At present, we have not found a suitable venue. Ask God to prepare a suitable venue for us.
23Mei Yann: Please pray for my role in “Next Station 10” as I am in charge of the program. Ask God to help me and the committee members plan the games with creatively and fun to attract non-Christian students.
24Jia Yun: Please pray for my supervision of the personal evangelism department in 2019. This year, I will work with volunteers to promote personal evangelism in the volunteer group. Ask God to help me know how to mobilize and encourage volunteers to share the gospel.
25Kok Siang: The annual mass treasure hunt event - "TOUR" will be stopped this year. We will replace it with the concept of Escape. This is our new challenge. The work we are preparing is also in full swing. Please pray for the preparations of the event committees; ask God to give us the unity to complete the work of the gospel.
26May Kuan: Please pray for me to prepare to teach the Apostles' Creed. Pray that I can express my content clearly and explain it in a practical and interesting way so that students can concentrate on listening.
27Yick Ken: Please pray for the Christian student, Khar Jian that I am following up. Pray that he can continue to mobilize more people to know and serve God. Also ask God to give him confidence to obey and rely on God.
28Han Kee: Please pray for the student I led during the “Project Serve 1” training period – Wen Han. This is his third time to participate in “Project Serve 1”. He has made great progress in this training. I hope that the staff, Hui Ling who will be responsible for following up with him can have the opportunity to keep following up on him. His father (non-Christian) opposes his participation in the church and YFC ministry.
29May Kuan: Please pray for Hui Ting. She is having some problems now but she still believes in God. Every time a problem comes, she will look to God and continue to pray, read the Scripture and sing daily. Since December, she has moved to Jinjang, KL to live with her third aunt’s family. She is about to start a new life, new school and new church here. Ask God to help her grow spiritually.
30Nyet Lee: Please pray for the school Christian fellowship. Thank God, there are three Christian teachers (from different schools) who are willing to work with us to train and equip Christians to grow up in the Word of God and in evangelism. Pray that we can have a good understanding with these teachers to train, teach and mobilize Christian students to grow up in God's Word and in evangelism.
31Kok Siang: Please pray for the 2019 ministry plan. Pray that ministry can have more breakthroughs — more Christians can be mobilized, equipped and promoted, and the gospel can be spread more effectively. And for our staffs, volunteers and Christian students to be more aware of the needs of the gospel, experience God deeply and also willing to commit ourselves to the work of the evangelism.