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Prayer Digest: December 2018

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for December 2018. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest December 2018 here: English中文

DayPrayer Items
01Nyet Lee: Please pray for the English “Project Serve 1” training (3-5/12). Pray for the speaker and ask God to help him to teach. Pray too that the Christian students will learn well.
02Bee Bee: Please pray for the follow-up for “Project Serve 1” training. Ask God to help these Christian students to apply what they have learn into their daily lives and to keep sharing the gospel.
03Kuok Han: Please pray for the students who joined “Project Serve 1.” They are Ken, Jin Hao, Pei Kang, Zi Yan and Evan. Pray that they can apply what they have learned in their daily lives and to glorify the name of God.
04Nyet Lee: Please pray for the mission trip to Ipoh from 6-10/12. We will assist Word Place in organizing a children's evangelistic Christmas party. Please pray for the team members and me. Ask God to let us practice the programs and performances that we have prepared. Also ask God to help us to share the gospel to these children.
05Thank God for the 42 Christians in KL and 46 Christians in Malacca who participated in the “Project Serve 1” training. Pray that this training can help these students to understand their relationship with God and continue to apply to their home, church and school after training!
06Han Kee: Please pray for Jia Chyi and Wei Jie. I hope that I can still have bible study with them during the holidays and continue to strengthen them in the Word of God. Pray too that during the holidays they will not neglect to get close to God because of their work.
07Yick Ken: Thank God, I am currently studying the Gospel of Mark with three Christians. They are Jin Yao, Neo Jun and Khar Jian. Pray that they can continue to preach the gospel to those around them. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and help them to grow in the Word of God and to grow closer to God and to change their lives to be like Christ.
08May Kuan: Thank God that my brother has found a job and is now working. Before that, he has been unemployed for 2 years. But he keep complaining that the current work is relatively inflexible – rigid work environment and salary is low. As a family member, we are very happy that he can have a job, At least he no longer needs to stay at home and have a source of income. Ask God to help my brother to persist and continue to work with gratitude.
09Sy Wei: We conducted the 2018 review and 2019 ministry planning in October. In the review, we saw the weaknesses of the ministry and the shortage of staffs. Therefore, please keep praying for the YFC ministry in 2019. Ask God to keep the minds of the staffs, let us continue to fulfil the mission of youth evangelism. In addition, ask God to give us enough staffs, volunteers, and students so that the ministry can develop more steadily.
10Mei Yann: Please pray for the "Picnic Fun" evangelistic event on December 12. Ask God to prepare for non-Christians to participate. Also pray that non-Christians can learn and know God through the structured experience games.
11Bee Bee: Please pray for us as we look for the venue of the "Next Station" event in 2019. We have seen a lot of venues, but these locations cannot be rented. We are currently waiting for the reply from JJ2 School. Ask God to help us to find a suitable venue.
12Kuok Han: Please pray for the volunteer, Kevin. He is in charge of different programs next year. Ask God to lead him to know how to arrange time to handle his studies and ministry.
13Jia Yun: Please pray for volunteers - Yi Wei. She is currently looking for a suitable college to continue her education in Early Childhood education. Ask God to prepare a suitable college for her.
14Please pray for the Christian students of SMKJJ1 next year. In the past two months, we discussed the school ministry for next year. Ask God to give us wisdom to know how to mobilize Christians to preach in school.
15Hui Ling: Thank God that the Christian student, Zhi Rong is willing to share his feelings with us because he trusts us. Ask God to comfort and repair his broken relationship and friendship. At the same time, I also want to thank God for him and his non-Christian friend are willing to go to church. Ask God to keep their minds and be willing to seek to know God.
16Mei Yann: Please be grateful with me for the non-Christian, Xin Yi that I am following-up. Although she could not decide whether or not to believe in Christ after she completed "Discovery Journey". But she is still interested in knowing Jesus Christ.
17Hilary (KL Volunteer):
Please pray for several of my classmates at the university. They are Chao Jie, Wen Xiang, Ivy, Zi Ning and Jie Xian. I intend to share the gospel with them. Please pray that I can find a suitable opportunity. Also pray that I will have a good testimony in university life, so that they can see the glory of the Lord through my life.
18May Kuan: Please pray for a young volunteer who has been defrauded. She has reported the case and she feel very sad and guilty. I need to help her with the problems of money and emotions. Ask God to comfort her injured heart and help her stand up from this.
19Jia Yun: Please pray for the Christian student, Zi Xiang that I am currently following-up. He just participated in the ministry's Bible study group and pray that he can adapt and learn.
20Yick Ken: Please pray for my parents. My father's health has declined in recent years. A few months ago, one of his ears suddenly could not be heard. At the same time, he didn't sleep well at night. My mother's body is often very tired and her hands often feel paralyzed. Ask God to give my parents good health. Also ask God to help me to have the opportunity to share the gospel with my parents. Pray that they can hear the gospel and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
21Lily (KL Volunteer):
Ask God to give me wisdom to discuss the views of various current issues with friends and stand firm in faith. At the same time pray that I can maintain a good relationship with them.
22Wee Shyan: Thank God, my sister-in-law, Karen who just gave birth to a baby girl on October 30th. Ask God to help her have wisdom to educate her children.
23Kok Siang: Please pray for the KL ministry. Ask God to give the staffs and volunteers a passionate heart and perseverance to serve.
24Mei Yann: Please be grateful for my church, Chaah Christian Church. Our church has a new pastor to shepherd us and lead the church’s ministry.
25Pray for the salvation of non-Christian friends around us. Ask God to let us pass on the good news of the birth of Jesus and continue to pray for them.
26Wee Shyan: Please pray for the volunteers. Ask God to lead them to constantly pursue and grow in the Word of God and to respond to God through evangelism.
27Kok Siang: Please pray for the TOUR 11 evangelistic event. Thank God that have we set the theme as “Escape 180” after the meeting. This time it will be carried out with the concept of escape game. Please pray for the event committee and ask God to give us wisdom and ability to prepare for the event. Also ask God to prepare the resources that we need such as manpower, venues, funds, and game props.
28Wee Shyan: Please pray for my older daughter, Joyce as she is attending the kindergarten next year. Ask God to help her adapt to school life and be able to learn happily.
29Jia Yun: Please pray for Jing Yu, a volunteer who is studying in China now. The church she currently is involved in is facing government inspections. Pray that the church’s pastor is able to respond with wisdom. Also ask God to help Jing Yu to face it.
30Peter: It will be very busy in 2019. There are many changes in the ministry. I have to take more responsibility and pray for me to keep relying on Him to handle everything.
31Siew Nyok: 2018 is ending. And there were many equipping training and evangelistic event implemented in November and December. Ask God to help us to prepare our staffs, volunteers, and ministry students to have passion to approach in youth ministry. Pray that we can continue to work together in evangelism in 2019.