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Prayer Digest: December 2017

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for December 2017. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Kuok Han: Please pray for a Christian student, Zi Yi. From November 15 to December 15, he is in YFC to learn how to carry out youth evangelism. Pray that he can apply what he learn into his daily life.
02May Kuan: Pray for the follow-up work after the “Perfect Workshop.” Ask God to touch the non-Christians who expressed interest to know more about Jesus Christ. Hope that staffs can keep meet them for the follow-up after the event.
03Bee Bee: Please pray for the follow-up work after the evangelistic event in Project Serve 1. Pray to God to prepare the students for the follow-up.
04Hannah: Pray for Project Serve student, Joshua. He has ended his short-term service at the end of November. Ask God to help Joshua to carry out what he learnt in these 4 months in his daily life and that he will continue to have the burden for evangelism. Currently, he is still unclear about his plans - whether to find work or to go to church or an organization to be a full-time staff.
05Nyet Lee: Pray for the English “Project Serve 1” training (How Fit Are You Really) on 6-9/12/2017. Pray to God to help the Christian students who join this training to learn God’s word and preach the gospel. Pray for Piang Hong (KL Staff) for God to help him to prepare for the 4 lessons bible study. Besides, we will have a small Evangelistic event on the last day. Pray that there will be non-Christians to join this event. Pray too that the Christian students can share the gospel with them.
06Kuok Han: Pray for the evangelistic event “King’s of Glory” Championship on 8th of December. Pray to God to lead the entire process of the event and prepare for the non-Christians to listen to the gospel.
07Kok Siang: Please pray for my mother in law's health. She has become very weak recently, and she coughs frequently. She went to see a doctor a few times, but still has not recovered yet. Pray that God will heal her.
08Yick Ken: Pray for the Christian Gathering In Kepong YFC on December 9. Pray that we can spend time with the Christian students and mobilize them into youth evangelism.
09Bee Bee: Pray for the follow-up after “Project Serve 1”. There is a “Discovery Journey” follow-up training on December 13. Ask God to prepare these students to come back to learn.
10Nyet Lee: Please pray for my mother’s health. Thank God, my mother’s blood test last month showed no worsening of her renal function. So the doctor did not ask my mother to go for dialysis temporarily. The doctor said that she still needs to observe and ask my mother to take care of her diet. For this reason, I thank God and ask God to keep my mother's condition. Please continue to pray for my mother's salvation.
11Jia Yun: Please pray for a group of Form 1 students we met at SMK Desa Jaya. They are Jia Hong, Wei Qi, Wen Feng, Yu Hang and Wen Le. A volunteer, Shi Cheng and I are planning to meet them again to preach the gospel to them in December. Pray that we still can continue to maintain the relationship and care about their lives through the social network.
12Jia Yun: Please pray for the two Christians, Hui Ling and Wan Ni in SMK Desa Jaya. They can come to the office to play board games and participate in prayer meetings. Currently, I plan to meet with them in December. Pray that these two Christians will come out to meet with me and be keen to know God.
13Han Kee: Pray for my uncle who is deaf. He has been living with grandmother, so he has a hard time accepting her death. Ask God to lead us so that we know how to help him and know how to share the gospel with him.
14May Kuan: Pray for a student, Xin Yu. Thank God that her mother allows her to meet with me. During the follow-up with Xin Yu, she believes that Jesus is 100% God but only believe 20% that Jesus is human. When I asked her why she cannot 100% believe in Jesus is human, she do not know how to answer me. She is 13 years old, so she may not know how to answer the question. Pray to God to grant me wisdom to follow-up Xin Yu according to her situation.
15Hannah: Thank God for healing me. The wound on my back is fully healed. Pray for discipline to have healthy diet and discipline to exercise, because I need a healthy body to serve God.
16Kok Siang: Other than ministry, I also need to take care of my family. My daughter just started to attend class in a day care centre. She goes twice in a week and she is still getting used to it. We made this arrangement to lessen the burden on my mum-in-law as she has to take care of our 2 children. Pray that God will grant us wisdom and patience to teach and nurture them to grow to know Christ.
17Pray for the staffs and volunteers from all the centers gathered in KL for our annual thanksgiving dinner, that as we share time together, we will be constantly reminded of both God’s grace for the ministry and the challenges of the work ahead so that we always rely on God for His work.
18Mei Yann: Pray for the “Next Station 9” on next year in June. I have the rough program concept; it is related to Escape game. Pray that this type of game can attract non-Christians to be able to listen to the gospel.
19Han Kee: Pray for the partnership between Benedict (volunteer) and me for the evangelism department in Kepong. Now we are planning how to promote evangelism in 2018.
20Kok Siang: In order to mobilize more Christian to share the gospel in 2018, we have set up 2 teams – Kepong team and Cheras team which include volunteers and staffs. Siew Ling (volunteer) is the main person in charge for Cheras ministry while I am in charge of Kepong ministry. Please pray for the partnership among our staffs and volunteers to work as a team. Pray that God will guide us and prepare our needs to develop the ministry. Pray also that we can have a clear vision and understanding as a team.
21Kok Siang: TOUR 10 will be held on 21 March 2018. Our preparation is in progress. Please pray for our volunteer committees - Benedict is planning for the scavenger hunt details in a shopping mall, Jeremy is planning for the LRT routes and Hilary is planning for the station games at the final destination. Pray that God will help us to be clear about the concept and details before January 2018. Pray for me as I am the person in charge of this event. Pray that God will grant me wisdom to drive this event.
22Mei Yann: Pray for my church’s youth gathering on December 24 for BBQ and games. Pray that through this gathering they can bring their non-Christian friends to come and share the gospel with them.
23Wee Shyan: I will be in charge to teach Old Testament Survey in next year’s “Project Serve 2” in JB. Ask God to help me to have enough time to prepare, so that I can teach better than this year.
24Wee Shyan: Please pray for my health. I hope that in the new year I will be healthy to serve God both physically and spiritually.
25As Christians around the world gather to celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ about 2000 years ago, let us also consider that He came to “serve and give His life as a ransom”, and ask ourselves how we should respond to this.
26Peter: Ask God to help me to review God's plan in my life, and let me be clear that by 2018 I will continue to rely on Him to complete the planned projects.
27Peter: Please pray for me as I am looking for a team of volunteers who are willing to serve in YFC and take up the responsibility to plan and conduct the work of youth evangelism.
28Pray for planning for e-Action camp on 12-14 June 2018. Pray that this camp will be a breakthrough in terms of our cooperation with churches and that we can truly mobilize more Christians to youth evangelism.
29Pray for the university student ministry workshop planned for 24-28 January 2018. Thank God for all the progress so far, but there remains much to be done in terms of evangelism through this work. Pray for this coming few days that it will help everyone become clearer about what needs to be done, so that we can see more people reached with the gospel.
30Pray for the Project Serve 2 training starting at all the YFC centers next week that the staffs can train the students well and that the students would grow to have a vision for the need for faithful and responsible Christians in youth evangelism.
Praise God for all that has taken place in the ministry in 2017. However, it is clear that the work of evangelism is getting harder. Pray for every one of us that we will focus on the work of God, and decide to do our best for His glory.