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Prayer Digest: December 2015

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for December 2015. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest December 2015 here: English中文

DayPrayer Items
01Kok Siang: Please continue to pray for the evangelistic event “C+ Investigator” on 2 December at Labis. Pray that the non-Christians will listen to the gospel and be willing to accept Christ. Pray for the Christians who share the gospel and are in charge of different departments that they can learn and grow from the process of running the event and take evangelism seriously.
02Sy Wei: Pray for Jia Yun and me as we lead the mission team on 30/11 till 6/12. We will conduct some training and an evangelistic event. 7 volunteers and students are going with us. Pray for us that we will complete the mission as one body.
03Please pray for the follow up after the Project Serve 1 training in JB, Malacca and Kepong centers. Pray that the students would come to have intimate relationship with God through studying the bible, prayer, fellowship and witnessing. Pray that they will know the importance of walking closely with God.
04Kenny: Please pray for Jun Hong, a new convert that I am following up. He wants to tell his parents about his belief in Christ but he is scared and struggling. Pray for him for courage to share.
05Bee Bee: Pray for me as I lead the mission team to Serdang. Pray for wisdom to arrange things properly and make the right decisions to settle different kind of things.
06Jia Yun: Recently, my father hurt his waist. Pray for him that he will recover soon and be able to get back to work.
07Pray for the English Project Serve training in Malacca on 7-9 December. Pray that some of the students in this training will be prepared to stand up and commit to join our staffs to mobilize English speaking Christians in youth evangelism. Pray for a breakthrough for the YFC English ministry in Malacca.
08Kai Boon: We will go to Ipoh for mission trip on 10-14 December. We will conduct 6 evangelistic programs. Ask God to give us strength and wisdom to prepare all the things.
09Nyet Lee: Please pray for the mission trip to Ipoh on 10-14 December; pray that the entire program will run successfully and we can share the gospel clearly to the primary school students. Pray for our journey and health.
10Sy Wei: Currently, my right foot is still in pain. When walking and if I stand more than normal, it is more painful and affects my sleep at night. Although the doctor said it may be because I walk too much, the real cause is still not known. Ask God to heal my foot.
11Bee Bee: Today we will have an evangelistic event at Serdang. Pray that this event will run smoothly and the Christians will share the gospel clearly. Pray for the follow up too. The youths from the church will continue to follow up any student who accepts Christ or are interested to know Christ more.
12Siew Nyok: My church at Macap Baru Baptist church will conduct a mass Christmas Eve event. Our target is 800 people. Pray for me and the church members to have a good partnership and ask God to open the non-Christians’ hearts to listen to the gospel.
13Continue to pray for the volunteer Bible studies in KL at Petaling Jaya and at Cheras (we use Balakong Lutheran Church for this Bible study). Pray that the volunteers will learn through this study and also be reminded from God’s word to live obedient lives that glorify God.
14Pray for planning for e Action8 camp to be heldoin 31/5-3/6/2016. Pray for God to prepare the people to help us plan and run this camp. Pray that this camp will achieve the aim of mobilizing Christians in evangelism and getting them to actually carry it out.
15May Kuan: Pray for the evangelistic program on 23/1/2016. Pray for me to have wisdom to plan it. We are thinking of conducting a baking workshop – possibly to make cake or bread. I hope the youths would be interested to join.
16Mei Yann: Please pray for a non-Christian Ming Yi who I am following up. She has been found to have hyperthyroidism. She is being treated at a government hospital. Pray for her that she will be assured that God is with her in her sickness and that she would accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
17Wee Shyan: Pray for the volunteer ministry in Johor. We have 4 groups meeting for bible study that are led by different staffs and volunteers. Pray that these bible studies will help, encourage and remind everyone to live obedient Christian lives and this will mobilize more Christians to serve God with us.
18Pray for more people to join YFC to serve full time. We are thankful for volunteers but we need more capable and willing workers willing to serve full-time. Pray too for Han Kee who will be joining YFC to serve in the ministry at KL in January.
19Jia Yun: Yi Xian, Jing Yu and I will plan a personal evangelistic campaign for next year. Pray for us to have creative ideas to do this. I will supervise the Christians to do that.
20Pray for more new supporters that our staffs will continue to pay attention to achieving personal targets and for our accountability to our supporters.
21Sze Ern: Thank God for leading me to serve in YFC for one and half years. Through YFC, I have grown a lot in knowledge and gained more experience. Pray for me that I will remember these lessons. Next year, I hope to get a job as an engineer in Johor Bahru. Pray for me that I can find a good job there.
22Please pray for the volunteers and student in YFC. Pray for them that they will work hard with us in youth evangelism and they will grow spiritually in God’s word and trust and obey God.
23Siew Nyok: In 2016, ask God to lead the staffs, volunteers and Christian students to be one in the gospel and that in the ministry, we will support, build, remind and love each other.
24Kuok Han: Pray for the mass evangelistic event we are planning for 2016. There are many things we need to discuss and plan. We need to consider many different aspects. Pray for me for wisdom to work these out with the organizing committee.
25Merry Christmas! We pray that this Christmas day, many non-Christians will come to know Jesus Christ and respond to Him as Savior and Lord from the sharing of Christians through the different evangelistic effort in churches.
26Siew Nyok: Pray for me to maintain my enthusiasm to witness for Him and be willing to suffer for gospel, to accomplish what God has entrusted to me.
27The YFC board, staffs and some volunteers and students will have the annual YFC gathering tonight. This is a good time to pause and thank God for His work in and through the ministry. May it spur us to do even more next year!
28Please pray for our board members. Pray for them as they work with us in youth evangelism and also pray for their service in their own churches. May their lives influence more people to know God.
29The preparation for some of the main evangelistic events (eg. TOUR) in 2016 has started. Pray for all the staffs and volunteers involved in all the preparations. Despite much uncertainly because of shortage of staffs, pray for the staffs to have faith and trust in the Lord as we plan.
30From January to March, we will have Project Serve 2 training in KL, Malacca and JB. This training is for students who have finished their SPM and STPM exam. Pray for these 3 months, that the students will learn more about God and be able to use what they have learned in their daily lives and in their churches.
31Pray for Christians in Malaysia that the focus on carrying the Great Commission to preach the gospel will remain despite all the problems and challenges from the past, the present and in the future. We need to remember God is in control, and He requires us to be faithful.