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Prayer Digest: August 2020

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for August 2020. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Jia Yun: Please pray for the personal evangelism team. Pray for God to lead us as we encourage Christians to continue evangelizing in the “new normal” we all face.
02Bee Bee: Thank God, 12 Christians participated in the online "follow-up training" we organized. Pray for God to lead and help them to put into practice what they have learned and carry out the Great Commission Jesus has given to every Christian.
03May Kuan: Thank God, the “Evangelism without Limit” personal evangelism campaign came to a fruitful end. Please pray for the follow-up work, asking God to move non-believing students to be willing to meet online or in-person.
04Yick Ken: My uncle went to the hospital some time ago because his heart had stopped beating. Thank God he was treated and is recovering but remains in a coma. Ask God to heal my uncle’s body and for a gentler disposition. I also pray that my family will have the opportunity to hear the gospel and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
05Wee Shyan: On August 8th we have been invited to hold an online creative evangelism workshop for CBMC Malaysia. Pray for God to help us teach the participants smoothly so that they can apply what they have learned in the workplace.
06Sy Wei: I have been experiencing a persistent pain in my left foot for quite a while. On July 21, I went to University Hospital for a follow-up visit. The doctor said that my feet may have nerve-related issues and that I require physical therapy. Please pray for me and ask God to heal me.
07Bee Bee: Please pray for Xiao Qi who has started her university course. She has become busy and is often stressed. Pray that she will be able to adapt to college life and arrange time for spiritual disciplines and maintain a good relationship with God. Pray that she can make new friends and build friendships and spread the gospel to her coursemates.
08Siew Nyok: Please pray for Sheng Hong, a Christian student I am discipling. Pray for the Lord to give him a heart that yearns for God's words and is willing to establish a close relationship with God that he may lead a submissive Christian life.
09Kok Siang: Wei Hong and Jie Yong have already returned to school. Thus, they are busy with homework and time to do other things grow scarce. Pray for the Lord to help them adapt to school life. Pray that as they take their studies seriously, they will also be intentional about walking with God and to rely on Him in everything.
10Shin Yi (JB Project Serve 2): Please pray for my follow-up student - Jing Han. He has already started work, so there is less and less time to meet up. Pray that God will give me wisdom to care for him as I help him know Jesus Christ more deeply.
11Mei Yann: Please pray for Yu Xian. His university has started. Pray for God to help him adapt to university life and that he may have the courage to share the gospel with his university friends.
12Hong Liang: I hope to recruit a video production team for YFC. Please pray for me as I look for interested volunteers and students to serve with me in this area.
13Nyet Lee: Please pray for the online evangelistic program "The Contagion" the English Ministry will run on August 15. We hope this event will mobilize Christian students from local school fellowships to invite their non-believing friends to participate. Pray for wisdom as I introduce this activity to school teachers and work with them to make this event successful. We hope to mobilize 20 Christian students to share the gospel with 20 non-believers.
14May Kuan: Please pray for the training that Pastor Rosen Roy will conduct with us on the Preacher’s Card (a magic card used for evangelism) on August 15. Pray for God to be with him as he teaches us another creative method to share the good news about Jesus. I also pray for the participating staff, volunteers and students, that God gives us energy and understanding to quickly learn to use this new method in our own evangelism.
15Siew Nyok: Sheng Hong is a 15-year-old Christian student. His father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in July. His father is not a Christian, and this has caused Sheng Hong worry and anxiety. Pray for God to give him faith to pray to Jesus, and that his father will have the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.
16Jia Jun: Please pray for Wei Yuan, a 15-year-old Christian who has frequent moments of conflict with his non-Christian father. He wants his father to know that despite their differences, he still loves and respects him. Pray that God helps Wei Yuan honor his father so that they have a good father-son relationship.
17Kok Siang: Please pray for Hao Xian, a non-Christian student we (Hilary, Wei Hong and I) are following up. Currently, we are studying the Gospel of Mark to help him get to know Jesus better. Pray that the Lord will continue to work in his heart so that he can open his heart and accept Jesus Christ.
18Yi Xian (JB Volunteer): Please pray for me as I have 7 assignments and 1 exam due in August. Pray that I may arrange my time wisely to complete my assignments and prepare for my exam.
19Nyet Lee: Please pray for me and the primary school students of The Word Place ministry in our online reading sessions. Currently, another volunteer and I oversee 4 Standard 6 students. Every Thursday or Friday, we will read a storybook together online. Please pray for this reading programme, that God helps us build friendships with the students through this reading course that we may share Christ with them.
20Jia Jun: Please pray for the Christian student Wei Long who is Form 5 this year. Pray that his faith will be strengthened and that he will follow God’s way. Pray for his life goals after graduation this year. His current plan is to work rather than pursue further studies. Please pray for wisdom as he considers his future.
21Shin Yi (JB Project Serve 2): Please pray for the Christian student, Hui Lian. Thank God, she has a heart that yearns for him, and she is serious reading the Bible. As I accompany her in this journey, ask God to help her grow.
22Mei Yann: Please pray for Cai Xin, who will sit for her SPM exams this year. She is facing tremendous pressure because of schoolwork; at the same time, she serves in her church's youth fellowship. Pray that she learns to rely on God as she fulfils her various responsibilities and commitments.
23Yi Xian (JB Volunteer): Please pray for my brother Wei Lun, who graduated from high school last year. He started working this year to save money for university, but it has been difficult because of the epidemic. Please pray that he can find a job so that he can raise funds for further studies.
24Siew Nyok: Four months ago we started preaching and following up with students online. Now that school has resumed, the ministry needs to gradually resume its in-person approach. When I started doing physical contact work, I struggled and found myself lost at times. Pray for us as we discuss with staff, volunteers and Christian students in Malacca about the best way to continue our ministry in the “new normal”.
25Kok Siang: I’m thankful to God that resuming work in the office has allowed me to readjust my daily routine. I’ve found myself able to set aside quiet time before God, able to focus on work, and have more time to spend time with my children and wife. My wife and I are still adjusting our lifestyles. Pray that we might know how to build a family that loves God and loves others.
26Jia Yun: Please pray for Ying Shan, a new believer with whom I am following up. Thank God, that I’ve been able to meet up with her to read the Bible. Pray that Jing Yu and I can continue to walk with her and lead her into the life of fellowship with a local church.
27Wei Xian: Yu Xin and Aaron are the students that Alern and I disciple. They have made great progress and grow in their understanding of the Christian faith. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to make them hungry for God's word.
28Yick Ken: Please pray for Boon Kenn, a friend I haven't seen for a long time. Thank God that I caught up with recently and learned about his current situation. I also tried to share the gospel with him, but he still had objections about the Christian faith. Please pray for him, that God will enable him to understand his love, shown most clearly in the death of the Lord Jesus. Pray for me too, that in our friendship, I will reflect Christlikeness.
29May Kuan: Please pray for me as I prepare Bible study materials for this year’s "Project Serve 1" and a session on spiritual disciplines. Pray that I will be attentive to God’s words as I do this.
30Wee Shyan: Please pray for my personal spiritual life. Pray for God to give me strength to stay close to him and always remind myself that I am worshiping and serving God.
31Today is Malaysia's National Day. Together, we pray for gospel revival in our country. May Christians live out God's justice and mercy in their respective posts and cherish every opportunity to make Christ known.