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Prayer Digest: August 2018

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for August 2018. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Bee Bee: Liew Qi will go to Nilai for further studies in August. Pray that she can adapt to life at the university and keep influencing people and witnessing for God with her own life.
02May Kuan: Please pray for the Christian students I am supervising - Zi Xian, Grace, Anna, Ai Ni and Chai Ling. They are willing to participate in the ‘Never stop’ Personal Evangelism Campaign, which is to encourage Christian students to continue to evangelize during the exam period. Ask God to give wisdom and strength to the students to keep sharing with friends even when they are busy with their studies.
03Nyet Lee: Please pray for the health of my mother. She has started kidney dialysis. Currently she is adapting to the process. Every time after dialysis, she feels discomfort - such as dizziness, vomiting and nausea. Ask God to help her face this adaptation period. Also ask God to help me to share the gospel with her.
04Sy Wei: Please pray for my mother (Esther Gan) who underwent eyelid surgery (right eye) on July 16. Ask God to heal her so that her eyes can recover and restore good sight soon.
05Peter: Please continue to pray for the recovery of my brother. At present, his body has not fully recovered, and he still needs to continue to do physiotherapy. Pray that he can rely on God and he can recover as soon as possible and return to his ministry.
06Sy Wei: Please pray for the students Qian Min, Si Ying and Jia Xin (all are F4 female students from Cannosa Convent School) that I am following up. They heard the gospel through “Fun Max” and then expressed interest in knowing Jesus. I am currently in contact with and following up on them through WhatsApp. Ask God to give them the heart of hunger, that they are willing to know Jesus even though they are busy in their studies.
07Yick Ken: Please pray for the Christian students I am supervising - Khar Jian, Jin Yi, Qi Song and Wek Kang. They are willing to participate in the ‘Never stop’ Personal Evangelism Campaign. I hope that in this personal evangelism campaign, they can be encouraged and keep growing in evangelism, and also in their relationship with God. Pray for me to have wisdom to help them to plan to share the gospel with their friends.
08May Kuan: Please pray for our volunteer Sze Yin. This is the first time she is responsible for a Personal Evangelism Campaign. She needs to monitor the progress of the two regions (Kepong & Cheras). Our theme is “Never Stop” with the goal of mobilizing 20 Christians to preach to 60 non-Christians. The date is from July 21 to August 25. Thank God, a total of 15 staffs, volunteers, and students attended the opening. Ask God to give the volunteers and staffs wisdom to plan and run this Personal Evangelism Campaign.
09Jia Yun: Please pray for me as I am responsible to promote media evangelism in JB Personal Evangelism Campaign. Pray that I can teach Christians to use the media to evangelize.
10Han Kee: Please pray for the students I supervise - Wei Jie and Jia Ci. I hope that in this personal evangelism campaign, they can be encouraged to participate and be enthusiastic in evangelism.
11Nyet Lee: Please pray for the English evangelistic event "Wild Wild Wet" in Malacca. We hope to mobilize 40 English speaking volunteers and students to evangelize to 60 non-Christian students. Ask God to help the Christian students and volunteers to participate in the publicity. Pray too that we can have good preparation.
12Kok Siang: Thank God for His leading to develop Cheras ministry further. In the “Survival 2” evangelistic event on June 30, we mobilized 24 volunteers and students to be group leaders and crew. A total of 36 non-Christian students participated, 2 accepted Christ and 9 expressed interest in knowing Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to lead and keep the evangelistic ministry at Cheras to continue to grow.
13Hui Ling: We have begun to publicize “Project Serve 1 & 2” training to different churches this year. Ask God to lead both sides to work together to promote the evangelism ministry.
14Kuok Han: Please pray for the students from SMK JJ1. They are trying to share the gospel to their friends. Ask God to lead them to keep preaching the gospel with their friends.
15Wee Shyan: Please pray for me as I will teach Matthew 5-7 in “Project Serve 1” training. Ask God to help me and other staffs to prepare for the Bible study.
16Jun Hong (JB Project Serve 2):
Please pray for the “The J’s Magic” evangelistic event on August 17. This event aims to mobilize 10 Christians to share the gospel to 20 non-Christians. Ask God to prepare non-Christians to attend and hear the gospel.
17Mei Yann: Please pray for the live version of “Avalon” evangelistic event on August 18. This event is for the students from the school, SMK Taman Daya that I supervise. Ask God to prepare non-Christians to attend.
18Siew Nyok: Ask God to help every staff remember the first call to serve, and have sufficient time to establish an intimate relationship with the Lord every day. Pray that we can always have a heart that fears God and in constant prayer.
19Jia Yun: Please pray for the Christian student, Hui Wen I am following up. Currently we have Bible study together. Pray that she can learn in the process and I can build relationship with her step by step.
20Siew Nyok: Ask God to keep the mind of Christian ministry students to not be attracted to the world. Ask God to guide and motivate them to rise up and pray. Ask God to help them live holy and victorious life every day.
21Bee Bee: Please pray for the baking evangelistic event on August 22. Ask God to prepare non-Christians to attend and hear the gospel.
22Kuok Han: Please pray for me to adjust after my child is born. Ask God to grant me wisdom to arrange my life.
23Han Kee: Pray for the 3 on 3 basketball competition on September 15. Thank God, we finally got approval to use the basketball court in a school. We don't have to worry about the event being affected by the weather. Please pray for the planning of this basketball competition. We are now organizing the program's process, because for the first time, the program is being held for a whole day. Also pray that we can mobilize Christians to participate as group leaders and crew.
24Peter: Please pray for the Matthew Bible study that will take place in September. The staffs from 3 areas who will take part to teach in “Project Serve 1” training will study the Scripture and discuss the lesson plans together. Pray that the staffs can be prepared in advance and can have a smooth discussion in these few days.
25Pray for the bible study in Ipoh that Piang Hong is having with some teachers that this will help mobilize these Christian teachers to influence other Christians in their Christian walk and witness.
26Praise God that YFC has been financially stable for some time despite the economic uncertainties in the country. Pray that the staffs will continue to focus on the work of evangelism and trust in God for the financial needs of the ministry.
27Pray for the Bible study groups meeting in KL – in Cheras, Kepong and PJ – that these different bible study groups would be a means for the volunteers to grow and that this would be an opportunity for develop more volunteers to join the ministry.
28Thank God for the work He has been doing in and through YFC. As the board members and staffs begin planning for the 50th anniversary plans in 2020, pray for the staffs to continue to focus on the work ahead as we also thank God for His faithfulness.
29Pray for the board members as they meet tonight and decide on some important future direction for the ministry that we would be sensitive to God’s direction to plan for the work.
30Pray for the need to develop more variety of approaches to evangelism in the ministry, as the staff explore media and other possibilities and opportunities.
31Pray that as the nation commemorates 61 years of independence today that God will be merciful to the people in Malaysia that every people from every ethnic group can have the opportunity to hear the gospel and respond to His good news of salvation.