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Prayer Digest: August 2017

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for August 2017. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Siew Nyok: A few weeks ago, my back is raw a big sore. After seeing doctors and pain for a week, I went to Malacca Pantai Hospital. After surgery, I am on 11 days sick leave to rest. I need to go to the clinic every day to clean the wound. Pray to God to heal my wound so that I can go back to serve Him.
02Han Kee: Please pray for the follow up after the basketball competition. Every Thursday and Friday, Kok Siang, Hilary and I will go to Sinar Bintang basketball court to make contact with students to build friendship and share the gospel with them. Pray to God to lead us so that we have wisdom to know how to get to know them and share the gospel with them.
03Sy Wei: Please pray for Malacca ministry. 1 of our staff, Kai Boon has resigned and another staff, Siew Nyok just had surgery. Now she is on leave to recuperate. We now lack manpower. Please pray for Nyet Lee and me to have wisdom to lead the ministry. Also pray that Siew Nyok can recover soon and continue to serve God.
04Pei Jun (Malacca Project Staff):
Now is my university holiday, so I will serve 1 month in YFC. Please pray for my service in YFC. Pray that I will be able to learn this month and my spiritual life can keep growing.
05Siew Nyok: Pray to God to lead me during my sick leave so that I can enjoy my relationship with Him through spending time to study the scripture, prayer, evaluate myself and the ministry. Pray for me that I can continue to preach the gospel after this period.
06Jia Yun: Please pray for the non-Christians, Shi Yan and Shi Hui that I am following up. They just finished Discovery Journey. But they still have interest to know about Jesus Christ. Pray for me that I can keep meeting with them to teach and influence them well.
07Sy Wei: Thank God, at a time when we lack manpower, God has given us a volunteer to join us. Ezria is 22 years old and she just finished her degree. Before she starts to work, she will serve God full time in YFC for 3 months. She hopes to build her relationship with God in this period, so that she can know her direction in work. Please pray for Ezria as she works with youth in these 3 months.
08Bee Bee: Thank God that Yu Xuan and Yu Xin stay back every Monday to share the gospel and follow up their friends. Please pray for me to have wisdom to teach them how to conduct evangelism and follow up work in school. Pray for us too that we can mobilize other Christians to join us.
09Mei Yann: Please pray for my aunt, she suffers from uterine cancer. She had surgery to remove the uterus in a government hospital and is going through chemotherapy. Ask God to heal my aunt and pray for her that she can keep relying on God.
10Han Kee: Please pray for my grandmother. She is 93 years old. Her hearing and joints are gradually declining. Pray for her that she can keep relying on God and have faith in Him, so that she will not think that she is useless due to her body getting old.
11Jia Yun: Please pray for a Christian student, Wei Lun. He will take part as an assistant group leader in Project Serve 1 training. Pray for him that he can take responsibility and understand what he is doing.
12May Kuan: Please pray for the Christian student, Grace Wong that I am following up. She is in Form 2. She became a Christian about 1½ years ago. When we study the bible together, I observe that she is not familiar with the Old Testament. After that I found out that she only has the New Testament Bible. In her bible, she makes a lot of markings, lines and symbols. I notice that she has the desire to read the Bible. Pray for me to have wisdom to follow-up on her.
13Bee Bee: Please pray for Liew Ting, I am teaching her to use the “Basic Christian Living” to follow up. She is leading a new Christian, Wei Qi to have bible study. Pray for Liew Ting that she can prepare to teach and influence Wei Qi wisely.
14Pray for the staffs gathered in Malacca today as we evaluate the work and consider the implementation of changes needed for the ministry so that we continue to be “geared to the times”.
15May Kuan: Please pray for me as I am in charge of the evangelistic event during KL Project Serve 1. I plan to run a workshop to teach about Facial Care and Baking. Thank God that the speakers are confirmed. I need to keep following up on their teaching content. Ask God to grant me wisdom to have a clear mind to plan for the event and mobilize Christians to serve God.
16Kuok Han: Please pray for Wee Shyan, Jia Yun and I as we are preparing for the main message for Project Serve 1 training. May God grant us wisdom to prepare for the message so that the students can understand the bible.
17Kok Siang: In 16/9, we will conduct an evangelistic event, “Survival”. Our target is to have 10 Christians to share the gospel to 30 non Christian students. Please pray for Wen Feng, he is in charge for the program. This is quite challenging for him, because he has to use his free time after work to plan the details of the game. Pray for God to grant him wisdom to plan for the games. Please pray for the event committee members, Han Kee, Yick Ken, Shi Yun and Hilary. Please pray for us that we can prepare well and learn through the process.
18Peter: Pray for me that I can arrange my time for YFC’s ministry, my family (as a husband and father) and my service in Church.
19Pray for a university students’ training from today until 21 Aug. at Malacca which Piang Hong will conduct with the help of some staffs and volunteers to help our students who are now studying in small town universities to continue to grow in the word and in evangelism, and also to then teach others.
20Peter: Please pray for my preparation for the bible study that I can spend enough time to look at the content, understand the scripture and think of the practical application questions.
21Wee Shyan: Thank God that I could attend the “NextGen” training to learn the skill and techniques to prepare and lead bible study. Pray for God to lead me so that I can apply what I have learned in the ministry, especially in Project Serve 1 training.
22Wee Shyan: Johor staffs have just finished studying 1 Thessalonians. Jia Yun, Kuok Han and I will start to prepare the bible study material. Pray that we can have good communication and discipline to arrange time to prepare well to teach God’s word.
23Pray for the YFC board meeting tonight in KL as we review the work, and make decisions to steer the work to continue to be faithful in youth evangelism.
24Yick Ken: Please pray for a non-Christian, Jun Jet that I am following up. He expressed interest to know more about Jesus after his group leader shared the gospel with him in a 3 on 3 basketball competition. When I have the bible study with him, I noticed that he is really focused and interested to know about Christ. Pray for me that I can keep following up on him and lead him to know God.
25Kok Siang: This is the first time for me to be in charge of Project Serve 1 training. Please pray for our staffs May Kuan, Han Kee and Yick Ken. We will take part to teach different sessions in this training. We will also prepare to teach the students “1 Thessalonians.” Pray for us that we can understand “1 Thessalonian”, and be ready to teach the students. Please pray for the staffs and volunteers who are in charge of different training. Pray that we can prepare well and be clear about what we will teach. Please pray for me that I can have wisdom to oversee this training and have vision to lead the staffs to conduct this training.
26Wee Shyan: Pray for my daughters, Joyce and Grace to grow up healthily. Pray for them that they can know the Lord Jesus through the bible. Also pray that Peter and I can educate them wisely.
27Mei Yann: Please pray for SPM students, Zhen Yu, Yue Qi and Kai Wen that I am following up. Pray for them to have discipline to study and know how to glorify God through their studies.
28Kuok Han: Please pray for me as I am preparing for my wedding. May God lead Rui Wern and me so that we can keep trusting in God while we prepare for the wedding.
29Pray for the volunteer bible studies in KL – at Cheras, Kepong and Petaling Jaya. Pray for the staffs and volunteers overseeing these groups – Kok Siang and Siew Ling, May Kuan and Kenny, and Piang Hong and Siew Yoon respectively – to be able to help volunteers keep growing and serving in youth evangelism.
30Pray for all staffs, volunteers and students of YFC to keep the vision of youth evangelism clearly in focus, and to have the courage and creativity to keep sharing the gospel in changing circumstances.
31Pray for the volunteer camp starting today at Malacca – that everyone can arrive safely in Malacca, and that this camp will help reinvigorate and rekindle the volunteers in youth ministry.