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Prayer Digest: August 2015

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for August 2015. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Siew Nyok: Thank God for the completion of our volunteers camp on 17-19 July at Port Dickson. 69 volunteers joined the camp. Now our staffs are following up on the volunteers who responded to serve with us in youth evangelism in YFC.
02Nyet Lee: My mother underwent an eye surgery on 31 July. She is resting at home. Pray that she will recover soon.
03Mei Yann: Please pray for my sister. She had an eye cornea surgery on 20 July. Now she is resting at home. Pray that this operation will not affect her daily life and that she would be careful to take care of her eye and not overwork her eyes.
04Kai Boon: I will undergo nose surgery on 26 August. This is the 8th time I have this surgery. Pray that the surgery will go well and I can recover quickly.
05Jia Yun: Please pray for my mother. Her knee has been in pain recently and this affects her ability to walk, which makes things difficult for her. Ask God to heal her so that she can rest well.
06Siew Nyok: Please pray for my uncle. He is non-Christian, and is 80 years old now. Last year, he was diagnosed with colon cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy. These few months, he cannot eat, is nauseous and vomits. Pray for me for courage to share the gospel to him.
07Bee Bee: Please pray for the publicity on “Champion Trophy’s” on 14 August. Recently the progress has been slow and the response is bad. Pray for us as we try different ways to improve our publicity and that the Christian students in the colleges would take the initiative to bring their non-Christian friends along.
08Chin Nee: In July, Johor YFC had our half year ministry evaluation. Thank God that He provided Christians to serve with us in youth evangelism. Thank God for giving us creative ideas to conduct different types of events to attract the youths to come to hear the good news. Pray for us that we will continue grow.
09Pei Jun (Malacca Volunteer): University admission list will be published on 11 August, please pray for me, asking the Lord to lead me and help me get into a good university. This is my last month of serving in Malacca YFC. Pray for me that wherever I go and what I do, I will still serve Him faithfully.
10Gerald (Malacca Volunteer): I will start my work as a photographer in a studio this month. Pray for me that I will to continue serve God wherever I go and what I do. I am helping in the youth fellowship in my church. Pray for me as I depend on God to help them and understand how to be a good leader to guide the youths in the word of God.
11Wee Shyan: We will conduct “Champion Trophy’s” for Form 6 and college students on 14 August. Pray that our Christians will share the gospel clearly to the non-Christians, and bring them to the Lord.
12May Kuan: I will push on personal evangelism in KL ministry. I realize some of the volunteers and students are afraid to talk to strangers. I will mobilize some volunteers to come to the office and have some small activities when the non-Christians come to the office, and then share the gospel with them. Pray for me that I can plan it well and the non-Christians would come.
13Kok Siang: We will conduct Mid-Autumn Cafe evangelistic event on 16 Sept. We will have a short skit about the story of Chang Er. Pray that we can engage some of our volunteers to act in the skit. Kenny (volunteer) will be the event emcee. He will also need to prepare the gospel link. Pray for him to have wisdom and ideas to prepare well. Pray also that this event will reach out to more non-Christian youths, especially those who have not heard the gospel before.
14Pray for the staffs as we develop different approaches to youth evangelism. We need to develop different methods to reach the different types of young people today, using methods that suit their interests and needs.
15KL YFC is working with the youth fellowship of Jinjang Chinese Methodist Church to equip their youths in evangelism. Today, a group of the church youths will come to be introduced to the work of YFC, and then later go on street evangelism. Tomorrow, Chin Nee will speak at the church youth worship on “Missions”. In October, there will be a creative evangelism sessions. Pray that the youths will be challenged to commit to evangelism.
16Pray for the follow up after the “Champion Trophy’ event”. We need to plan and know how to follow up Form 6 and college students as they are busy in their studies. We hope that some churches will do the follow up with us.
17Jia Yun: Please pray for Jing Yu. She learned a lot in the volunteer camp. Pray for her that she can face her struggles and apply the lessons learned in her daily life.
18KL YFC has already started planning for TOUR8. One main reason for planning this early is our hope to increase the number of Christians involved in the work of youth evangelism, and that this will indirectly also help us to mobilize more Christians in the ministry.
19Sze Ern: I will serve in YFC until December. Pray for me that in these few months I can develop the Christians in Cheras and mobilize more volunteers to continue to serve in youth ministry.
20Jia Yun: Please pray for a Christian student-Yi Xian. Recently when she walking home, she was attacked by someone. She has still not got over her fright Pray for her to rely on God to face her fears.
21Kai Boon: My church, Machap Baptist Church will conduct an evangelistic event call “Champion Trophy” on 22 August. Pray that this event will attract more youths in Machap to join and hear the gospel. Pray for me to have wisdom to plan and work on it.
22Sy Wei: I am preparing for YFC mission trips for the end of the year. Thank God that three churches has been confirmed - Labis Methodist Church, Kota Baru Chinese Methodist Church and helping Word Place Ipoh in their work with some Ipoh churches. We still looking to confirm 2 more churches. Ask God to help us and prepare churches for us.
23Chin Nee: Thank God that I can attend a course on “Exegetical Preaching” in July. In October, I have the opportunity to preach in a church. Pray for the preparation these few months as I apply what I have learned in this course.
24Siew Nyok: Thank God that my mother and 4 nephews have been attending baptism class since April. Pray for them to desire to know God and understand their salvation. They will be baptised on 25 December.
25Pray for new supporters for the ministry and that our staffs will continue to pay attention to achieving personal targets and for our accountability to our supporters.
26Nyet Lee: Malacca ministry will conduct 2 months of a personal evangelism campaign on August and October. Lydia, Egbert and I are in charge of English ministry; Kai Boon and two staffs are in charge of Chinese ministry. Pray for us that we know how to encourage and help Christian students to share the gospel in school. Pray for our supervision because it is our weaknesses.
27Sze Ern: Please pray for a volunteer Harvey. He will continue his studies in September. He is now following up a new convert who accepted Christ in an evangelistic event. Pray for him to know how to arrange time in his studies and be involved in ministry.
28Siew Nyok: Pray for me to have wisdom to arrange my time to help the staffs and the leader of volunteers and students to understand Malacca ministry goal, so that we can work together in youth evangelism.
29Pray for Siew Nyok as she leads the staffs to plan for e-Action 8 camp on 31 May-3 June 2016. Most of the main speakers and topics for the camp is confirmed. Pray that this camp will enable us to mobilize more Christians, especially youths, in youth evangelism.
30May Kuan: Please pray for Zi Tong. She shared the gospel to her friend but her friend is not interested to know God. Recently, she invited 2 non-Christian friends, Zi Ying and Wei Liang, to come to YFC. We play and also going through Discovery Journey lesson with them. Pray for Zi Tong for love for lost souls and God will touch her friends to know and accept Him.
31Today is Independence Day, but Christians ought to be reminded of the many Malaysians who still do not even have the chance to hear the gospel. Pray for Malaysian Christians to be urgent in preaching the gospel.