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Prayer Digest: August 2014

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for August 2014. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

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DayPrayer Items
01Bee Bee: Please pray for the follow up after the Seowlympic event on 12 July. Pray that the staffs, volunteers, and Christian students will have the burden to follow up those interested to know more. 41 non-Christians heard the gospel, of whom 4 accepted Christ and 14 were interested to know more.
02Kok Siang: Today we have Discovery Journey evangelistic event at Bukit Nanas. Pray for good weather and that the non Christian students would be willing to hear the gospel and respond to the gospel. Please pray for the follow up work too.
03Kuok Han: Please pray for a Christian that I am now following up called Jian Hong. Although he has attended church since young, he has not understood his faith. Thank God that he has a heart that is willing to learn. Please pray for his studies and his growth in Christ.
04KL YFC is planning to conduct an evangelistic event during Project Serve 1 training. We will be meeting Agnes Chang today to discuss this project. Pray that we can have a good discussion and finalize as much details as possible.
05Nyet Lee: Please pray for my students I am following up using Discovery Journey - Jia Xin, Jing Yan, Wan Rou, Yi Lin, Xiao Jun, Shin Yee, and Kar Yi. Pray that God will maintain their interest to know the truth, especially for Xiao Jun (she has already reached the 4th/last lesson) that God will lead her to trust in Him.
06May Kuan: Please pray for the 3 non-Christian students that I am following up - Vin Kin, Siew Ting, and Hai Sin. During the lessons they would ask questions such as "Did God create dinosaurs?" and "Who created God?" It's a challenge to me because such questions require wisdom to answer. Pray that God will grant me wisdom to answer their questions and the Holy Spirit will move their hearts to receive Christ.
07Kok Siang: On 23 August, I will be teaching a session from Basic Christian Living about "Church" at Ulu Yam Methodist Church youth fellowship. Pray that I can prepare this topic well to lead the youths to understand the meaning of "Church" from the Bible.
08Sze Ern: Thank God that He has brought more Christian students to attend the fortnightly prayer meeting at Taman Connaught. We had 7 students last Friday when we met for the 2nd time. Please pray that we can use this opportunity wisely to build their faith and instil an evangelistic outlook in their lives. Please pray also that God will give us wisdom as we conduct the meeting as those who come are a mix of English and Chinese speaking youths.
09May Kuan: Please pray for my Christian students - Zi Yi, Huai Xin and You Jun as we have started studying the Sermon on The Mount. Pray that God will grant us hearts that thirsts for righteousness, that they will seek to grow in their Christian lives. Please pray for me also to have wisdom to cultivate a close relationship with all of them.
10Wee Shyan: My baby's delivery day is supposed to be 14 August. Pray that God will grant a smooth delivery and that my baby would grow healthily.
11Sy Wei: Thank God that I have a chance to lead bible study at the youth fellowship at my church once a month. I hope to establish a solid foundation of God's truth in these young people's lives through these bible studies. At the same time, I also hope to move them to take part in evangelism through the studies. Please pray for me. Also pray for the youths too as there are only a few people and their foundation is weak.
12Jia Yun: Please pray for my uncle, he has an abnormal growth in one of his body parts. He has lost so much strength that he cannot work and is going for a surgery. Please pray for his health that God will let him have a chance to hear the gospel and know Him.
13Nyet Lee: On Saturday 23 Aug, we will organise a small evangelistic soccer competition in Malacca. We are aiming for 8 teams of 7 students each. Please pray for the publicity and preparation and that God may help us get ready for the event.
14Jing Yu (JB Project Serve 2 student): Thank God that through Project Serve 2 I can grow and serve with other staffs. Please pray that I will continue to pursue a good relationship with God. Please pray for my plan to enrol in Southern University, that God will lead me the way to go and that I will obey Him.
15Pray for Sze Ern, Kok Siang and Piang Hong as today, they will speak at Kajang Yu Hua School Christian Fellowship on the importance of evangelism and also challenge the students to join Project Serve 1.
16Chin Nee: We will have Christian leadership training during the Deepavali school holidays in October for Johor area ministry. Our aim in to train and equip younger Christians. Please pray for the Christians to commit to participate and our staffs to be responsible to share and teach.
17Sy Wei: Rui Yong accepted Christ through Golden Straits 4 event, and is now being followed up by Wei Xian. He has started attending fellowship meetings, Sunday worship service and Sunday School at Malacca Presbyterian Church. When he told his father his decision to accept Christ, his father was very angry because he had not discussed this with him beforehand. Nevertheless, Rui Yong's father did not object much to his decision, even though his mother was extremely upset. Please pray for Rui Yong that God will protect and strengthen his faith, and at the same time that his thirst for God's Word will continue to increase.
18Sze Ern: Thank God for giving opportunity for me and Lerk Xue from SMK Kepong student to have one on one Bible study. Pray for him that he can meet me regularly to study the Bible.
19Chin Nee: Thank God, one of our volunteers Wen Liang (Benedict) he has been awarded a scholarship to continue his studies in Britain。He will be going to England in September. Please pray for his preparations.
20Jia Yun: Please pray for my dad, he is now handling my aunt's house ownership transfer. He faces a lot of stress because of this matter. Pray that God will grant him wisdom in this matter.
21Chin Nee: Please pray for Wen Hao, a volunteer who is going to Malacca MMU to study Mechanical Engineer in September. Pray that he will be able to adjust well to varsity life, be fervent in reading God's word and be a witness for Christ among his university friends.
22Kuok Han: Please pray when we plan for Johor ministry next year that God may grant me wisdom to organise evangelistic events that will attract non-Christian young people so that they may hear the gospel.
23Nyet Lee: Please pray for the ongoing personal evangelism campaign 100 PLUS (11/7 - 13/9 i.e. 9 weeks). Our target is to get 25 students and volunteers to join this campaign to share the gospel to 100 non-Christians. Thank God that up to date we have 11 Christian students. Pray that God will lead these Christian students to share to their friends and prepare the non-Christians to hear the gospel. Pray also for me and Kai Wen as we supervise the campaign that God may help us to be disciplined and give practical advice to students and volunteers to overcome obstacles they face.
24Pray for the financial needs of YFC that God will touch Christians to support the work as the staffs work on raising their support.
25Pray for the transition as YFC moves from under the societies act to the companies act, that everything that needs to be done will be done without major problems.
26Chin Nee: We will form mission teams at the end of the year. One of the places that we will be going to is Labis Methodist Church. We have already decided the date of the mission team. Next we will plan for events in order to preach the gospel, and to mobilize the youth. Please pray for the preparation and planning.
27Bee Bee: Please pray for me as I am in charge of the "Rock Bun Cafe" evangelistic event. I need time and creativity in preparing for this event. Please pray for the other organizing committee members too such as De Wei, Jing Yu, Yi Xian, and Yi Tian.
28We will send mission teams to serve at some churches in early December. Pray for the preparation, which includes discussions with the churches. Sy Wei is the person in charge, pray that she will have wisdom to plan and work it out.
29Pray for the staffs as we share with students and churches about Project Serve training at the end of the year that the Christians who are keen to grow and serve will join. Pray for the staffs at the different offices as we prepare the training sessions.
30Wee Shyan: My aunt Shirley returned to the Lord on 6 July due to colon cancer. Please pray that God will console my aunt's family and give them strength to face the pain. Please pray also that the Holy Spirit will move my cousin to come back to church and that her husband will come to know Jesus Christ.
31Today is Malaysia Independence Day. However, there are many problems in the country despite 57 years of independence. Pray for Christians to continue to trust in God’s sovereignty and be faithful to preach the gospel in the midst of a difficult environment.