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Prayer Digest: April 2018

Hello everyone! Here is our Prayer Digest for April 2018. Keep us in your prayer always!
Thank you for your continuous support and may God bless you.

Download Prayer Digest April 2018 here: English中文

DayPrayer Items
01Kok Siang: Thank God that He provided 62 groups of students to join Tour 10. 189 non Christian joined, 5 students accepted Christ and 60 students wanted to know more about Christ. Besides that, 42 Christian need follow up. Pray for our follow up. We have started meeting the students and ask God to give us clear goals to follow up on them.
02Kuok Han: Pray for the students who accepted the Lord and are interested to know God at a basketball competition recently. Pray that they can know more about God.
03Kevin (JB Project Serve 2 student):
I will go KL with my friend for an Education Fair. Pray for me that I can share the gospel with my friend along the way to KL.
04Siew Nyok: Thank God for leading Shao Zhi, Jin Xian, Xuan Yang, Lisa and Ivy to join the 3-month “Project Serve 2” training. In these three months, they received bible study and evangelism training in order to help them to carry out youth evangelism and lead more young people to hear the gospel, receive the gospel, and come to the church. Pray that they will continue their work of evangelism in their churches and schools faithfully after these 3 months.
05Peter: Ask the Lord to help the Project Service 2 students to continue to live a biblical life. Pray for them to maintain a consistent spiritual life and in evangelism.
06Jenny (JB Project Serve 2 student):
Thank God that my grandfather’s condition has not deteriorated. Now he can slowly walk using a walker, but if he loosens his grip, he will still fall. Pray that he can recover mentally and his feet can regain strength to walk again.
07Wee Shyan:
Recently I have not been able to get good sleep. My neck and shoulders easily get stiff and painful. Pray that I can have a good health to serve God.
08Jia Yun: Please pray for my mother. Recently she has back pain. Pray that she can recover soon after treatment by the doctor.
09Jia Yun: Pray for my sister to have good health to work. Her working hours are long but pray that she can still have time to rest and be close to God.
10Siew Nyok: I broke a bone in my hand and it needs to be in plaster for 3 weeks. Ask the Lord to heal me so that my hand can recover soon so that I can continue to serve Him.
11Reagan (JB Project Serve 2 student):
Pray for me that I can know what to study and what course is suitable for me.
12Alice (KL Project Serve 2 student):
Ask God to guide my future. Also ask God to give me the opportunity to learn Pre-school education.
13Han Kee: Please pray for Jing Wei, a Project Serve 2 student. Pray that he can continue to be involved in youth ministry and be our volunteer after the training.
14Kai Qi (JB Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for my future direction, whether to work or go for further studies; ask the Lord to lead me to know what He wants me to do.
15Han Kee: Please pray for non-Christian students’ (Ming Feng and Wen Keat) salvation. Ask God to give me wisdom to follow up on them and help them to know more about God.
16Pray for the staffs gathering in Johor Baru for 3 days staff gathering to prepare for different projects in the following months.
17Yick Ken: Please pray for a Christian student, Khar Jian, Jeremy, Jing Yi and Qi Song that I am following-up. Pray that Jeremy, Qi Song, Khar Jian and Jing Yi can build closer relationship with God by God’s word and become more like Jesus. Pray to God to give me wisdom to build relationship with them and wisdom to know how to teach them God’s word.
18Lew Qi (JB Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for a student call Hua Xian. I will meet her for bible study. Pray that she can open her heart and receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.
19Mei Yann: Pray for the “Next Station 9” publicity. Pray that God will prepare the non-Christians to participate in this event and have the opportunity to hear the gospel.
20May Kuan: Please pray for our new volunteer, Suzanne Lim. She is 20 years old and studying graphic design. She comes from a Christianity family. Every Wednesday she will arrange her time to learn how to follow up students by using “Discovery Journey”. She has started following up non-Christian who heard the gospel in “Tour 10”. Ask God to give her wisdom and pray for the student, Yu Qi to accept Christ.
21Kok Siang: Please pray for me. I need to monitor the development and progress of the KL ministry. Ask God to give me wisdom and lead me to lead the ministry. I also ask God to give me faith and obedience to serve Him.
22Kuok Han: Pray for the preparation of “E-Action.”Ask God to give me wisdom to plan it as I am in charge of the conference.
23May Kuan: Chen Yin Yan is our new volunteer and she is 21 years old. She joined Tour event when she was in secondary school. That time she did not accept Christ, but she accepted Christ when she studied in England. Benedict has invited her to join the ministry. She is willing join us every Saturday to learn how to follow up. Pray that she will commit herself in ministry.
24Yi Xian (JB Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for my re-examination of history in July. Ask God to grant me enough physical strength and spirit to prepare, and to balance my re-examination and ministry.
25Kok Siang: Pray for the “Survivor 2” event on 30/6 in Cheras and the evangelistic event on 7/7 in Kepong. Pray for Hong Liang and Wen Feng as they are in charge of the program. Pray for them that they can have wisdom to prepare it.
26Bee Bee: Please pray for students, Gao Hao and Wei Jun that I am follow up. They expressed their desire to know about Jesus Christ after the basketball competition. Ask God to prepare their hearts to know God.
27Pray for an evangelistic children’s event planned to be held at Changlun Chinese Methodist Church on 27-28 April, which Pei Jun is in charge of. (If the election is held during this weekend, then the date would be changed to 4-5 May) Pray for a team of staffs and volunteers helping to run this event.
28Lily (KL Project Serve 2 student):
Please pray for the students Ricci and Xin Hui that I just shared the gospel to. Ask God to touch their hearts and pray that I can keep meet with them.
29Pray for the e-Action (11-14 June) camp publicity and preparations of the students to join this training. Pray for the interview of camp participants that is ongoing, that it will help prepare the campers to think about what they should learn and achieve by coming for this training.
30Pray for the financial situation in YFC as God provides through His people, that the staffs would take this opportunity to develop key supporters and friends to have burden for youth evangelism.