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Personal Evangelism Campaign

PE Campaign

From 13 June to 5 September, Johor YFC ran a personal evangelism campaign to mobilize Christian youths to preach the gospel to their friend. The aim was to teach Christians to not only preach the gospel to strangers but also to the friends and people around them.

21 Christian youths joined in this campaign. Since the aim was on developing friendship rather than achieving big numbers, the goal set for the whole campaign was modest – to share the gospel to only 30 non-Christian youths in the 3 months period of this campaign.

At the end of the campaign, 6 students expressed interest to find out more about Jesus Christ. This response may seem disappointing, but what was more important was that the Christians learn to care genuinely for their non-Christian friends.

Jun Hong preached the gospel with 3 of his friends. Before this campaign started, his friends all knew that he is a Christian. He preached the gospel to a few of his friends before this.

With this campaign, he seized the opportunity to preach to other friends who have discussed Christianity with him. Jun Hong shared that it was not that tough to preach to friends, as long as Christians have been consistently showing and telling them about Christianity. Through our testimony, sometimes our friends will be curious and take the initiative to ask about Christianity. He shared a very important point – the gospel is not only preached by word but also witnessed through our lives.

Chin Nee, Johor YFC ministry coordinator