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Personal Evangelism Campaign


Evangelism is every Christian’s responsibility. However, this does not mean that every Christian does it. As part of our effort to correct this situation, we conduct personal evangelism campaigns. In the last few months, we conducted campaigns at different centres. Each time we conduct these campaigns, there would be different themes. In Malacca and Johor, the theme was We Chat We Share, making use of the popular messaging app to share the gospel.

Besides sharing the gospel to non-Christians, we conduct personal evangelism campaigns to overcome problems Christians have with evangelism. For those who do not see the need for evangelism, we use campaigns to explain why we should share the gospel. During the campaign period, we conduct training sessions to further equip Christians in youth evangelism skills. This helps those who do not know how to share the gospel. Sometimes Christians say they do not know how to begin. So, we provide them opportunities by organizing events. We also bring them out for street evangelism.

An often unmentioned reason for the lack of evangelism is because Christians do not want to share the gospel – even if we may verbally affirm every Christian should evangelize. So, one of the aims of evangelism campaigns is to generate interest and encouragement from seeing other Christians carrying out evangelism enthusiastically.

One result we hope to see from all the evangelism campaigns is that Christians cultivate a burden and urgency for evangelism to the extent that they would want to do it themselves, be ready to do it anywhere and anytime, without being pushed to do so. This is our prayer.